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How to Use Color to Express Your Personality at Your Wedding

Every woman has her own distinct personality and style, and it often comes through in the colors that she chooses to wear.

If you’d like to express a touch of your personal style while planning your upcoming wedding, why not use your favorite palette as inspiration while you pick out flowers, centrepieces, wedding favours, wedding invitations, reception tablecloths and more?

Our Best for Bride team is standing by to help you choose just the right wedding decor ideas, and we have the designs that you need to make your fairytale wedding dreams come true…

Since you’re wearing white on the big day (at least, the odds are strongly in favor of you wearing white), express yourself with color by adding a personal touch to every other style element of your wedding.

From your groom-to-be’s bow-tie and cummerbund, to the color of your cheap bridesmaid dresses, you’ll adore the way shots of bright or muted color will add atmosphere and energy to your special day.

Here are some common color choices for wedding decor. Just choose your favorite tones and then begin to plan a cohesive look that is really you…

 Serene Blue…

If you adore blue and the serene, peaceful feelings that it brings, you’re not alone. Most people do choose blue as their favorite color, most likely because it evokes the timeless beauty of summer seas and summer skies…

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To accent serene blue wedding accessories, consider complementary cool tones, such as dove-gray, charcoal, navy blue, or pure white.

Blue wedding flowers may not be the best choices, but other pastel blooms arranged in blue glass vases will look elegant, yet fresh, on your reception table. Your wedding bouquet might also feature delicate grosgrain ribbon trim in azure or palest aqua.

Match your decor to your skin tone so you’ll glow all through your ceremony and reception. A palette that sets off your coloring will be very flattering for photo backdrops as well.

If you have a cool skin tone, opt for pale blue or blue-grey; if you’re skin tone is warm, go for blue-green or periwinkle.

Blue is stunning, and it will also look fantastic on wedding invitations and wedding cakes. To add a “something blue” to your white wedding dress, consider a blue silk sash that is narrow and designed to highlight your waist.

Many modern wedding gowns come with colored sashes in a range of hues, so brides-to-be may select their “best” color…if you have baby blues, your blue sash will make them “pop” on your wedding day.

Sunrise Orange…

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If you love the glow of golden light, why not pay homage to the stunning coral and orange tones you see at sunrise? The beauty of these warm tones will add vibrant positive energy to any wedding ceremony, as long as they are used correctly.

To get the right look, choose orange accents that have a pink tone, rather than pumpkin-orange or hunter orange tones that look Halloween-esque or garish. Pinky coral tones and pale, golden orange will look beautiful, whether you use them as your palette for wedding flowers, wedding decorations or bridal jewelry.

For example, if sunset or sunrise tones are your favorite colors, why not choose gemstone Feri jewellry or delicate drop earrings adorned with golden topaz or yellow citrine? Adding a touch of color to your bridal look is a great idea, and these warm tones will make women with yellow undertones in their skin look more radiant when they are worn close to the face.

Ladies with pink undertones should probably choose a cool color palette for their bridal necklace, sash, or drop earrings.

Rich, Ruby Red…

Red is such a lush and beautiful color, and it may be used it so many stunning ways. For example, lush crimson, when combined with other rich jewel tones, such as cobalt blue and intense violet, gives a painterly effect that is artsy and sophisticated.

When red is used alone, or with paler pastel hues, it may have a romantic and delicate quality (imagine Valentine hearts, and go from there…).

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How you use red is up to you…however, if it is your favorite color, you should definitely use this timeless symbol of romance and passion to express your personality at your wedding…

A lovely bouquet of red roses will be a logical choice; why not paint your lips a lovely ruby shade to match? Blot matte red lipstick with a tissue to dull the effect, so it isn’t too harsh. Then, apply a soft balm so you’re extra kissable. Add ruby drop earrings for the perfect finishing touch. Your wedding invitations and wedding decor may also feature vibrant touches of crimson, scarlet, and cerise…

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