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Say Yes to Mom’s Dress – Everything You Need To Know When Shopping For Your Mother Of The Bride Gown

Say Yes to Mom’s Dress - Everything You Need To Know When Shopping For Your Mother Of The Bride Gown

Your mom has always been there for you through thick and thin. She’s fixed countless scrapes and bruises with Band-Aids and kisses and has wiped your tears when your heart is broken. Now that it’s time for you to begin your life away from your mom, there is no better gift that you can give her this Mother’s Day than to spend the day with her selecting the dress that she will wear to your special day.

Your mom feels the same nervous excitement about your big day that you do and is probably pretty anxious about the dress that she will be wearing. Below are some ways that you can help ease this nervous tension and help her to enjoy the process better.

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How to Choose a Dress for the Mother of Bride

Wedding is a memorable occasion for not only the bride and groom, but also for the two families that are there to support the marriage and shower their love to the newly wed. Everything including dresses of both the families need to be perfect. One of the most important steps in dressing the wedding party is choosing a dress for the mother of bride.

Here are few tips on how to choose the perfect dress for the mother of bride so that she looks beautiful on her daughter’s most memorable day.


Concede Her Own Personal Behavior

The first step in picking a dress for the bride’s mother is conceding her own personal style and her dressing likelihood. If she is more conventional or reactionary, then a traditionally styled long dress with a formal jacket could be convenient. If she is more contemporary or edgy dresser, then she might look for a dress with a little more flamboyance.

Include Groom’s Mother

Include groom’s mother when you select a dress for the bride’s mother, because they should complement each other in the wedding party. If one of wears a long dress, the other one should also wear a dress of similar length. Hence, make sure both the members are comfortable with the style of the dress.

Imitate the Wedding Theme

Choose a dress for the mother of the bride according to the theme of the wedding. She should wear a modern, classy dress in a wedding themed with radical flower arrangements and modern wedding dress while an old-fashioned theme will require something classic and refined.

Blend Something She Loves


Make the mother of bride feel special in her daughter’s wedding by including something she likes into her dress. Pick one of her favorite color or a dress with a design that incorporates one of her favorite flowers. These unique details about bride’s mother will help her feel appropriate and beautiful.

Complement the Wedding Color Scheme

Select a dress for the mother of the bride complementing the color scheme of the wedding. Her dress should be identical to the bridesmaid’s dresses and any color trim on the groomsmen tuxedos with a different shade. This will allow her to emerge as a unique member in the wedding party.

Avoid Black and Grey

While selecting a dress for the mother of the bride, avoid colors like black and grey, as they are out of place at a wedding party. Select lighter, celebratory colors instead and use solids contrary to designs if she wants to look formal.

Use Minimum Ornamentation

Pick a dress for bride’s mother with some ornament, pearl or beadwork as special embroidery and make sure it has less embroidery than bride’s gown. You can explore more at

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Stylish dressing options for mother of the bride

Your mother has been there throughout the courtship and engagement. So, when it comes to choosing her dress, you need to check out the various options you have. Most importantly, you must make sure the mother of the bride has the best fashion options. The first thing you need to do is search through all the options to select a dress for your mother which suits her style. You can narrow down the search to the dress style, sleeves, designer as well as price range. This way it will easy to make the right choice.

Mother of the bride dresses don’t always need to be traditional, instead it can be a good combination of style and comfort. The ensemble should be reflecting her style more than anything else. Some of the options can be mermaid dresses, two piece dresses, dresses with laces, sequins and more. Here are some of the options that the mother of the bride can choose for her daughter’s big day.

Glitter lace gown with three quarter sleeves


This is one of the best choices for the mother who prefers to keep her look minimal yet stylish. In fact, this style suits almost all body type really well. The long length of the gown gives the body a good structure and height. The look is perfect for an evening wedding. The color selection depends entirely on the mother, of course.

Off shoulder belted sheath


This is a great option for the mother who can carry it off with style. Mostly, if the mother of the bride has a slimmer body and a good height, this dress is the best option to choose. It is a perfect choice for both a morning and an evening wedding. Apart from the dress, there is no need to accessorize it since the dress is enough to make a style statement.

Knee length dress with jacket


Mothers who want to carry off a simple, yet stylish look can choose a lace dress with  a jacket. In such a case, the color of the dress should be off white or something of a dark shade. Dark shades really work for this dress combination.

Bateau neck lace gown with sequins


Mother of the bride can also carry out this full length lace gown with bateau neck. It looks extremely stylish and perfect for the mother. Wearing a grey colored gown with sequins is all that is needed for the look.

The 3/4th sleeves ruffle detailed gown

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This gown is suitable for mothers of all ages. In fact, this is one of the best options to choose if the mother prefers something contemporary.


Lastly, depending on the body type, the mother can choose anything be it a ruched sheath or a peplum gown for her daughter’s big day. But there are other ways as well to flaunt the body. These include ruffled layers, cinched waistline and long sleeved dresses which runs across chest. Such dresses also hide the areas that one doesn’t want to be seen.

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Five essential tips for choosing a fabulous mother of the bride outfit

Is your daughter’s big day approaching and you still haven’t found that perfect mother of the bride outfit? It can be a scary task and you’ll want to make sure that it not only complements you, but the style of the wedding too! Below you’ll find some tips to help ease the stress and narrow down your search.

Mother of the Bride Dresses
Mother of the Bride Dresses

  1. Get the colour scheme right. Using a matching colour scheme can really help you all feel connected on that special day and ensure that there isn’t a clash of colours or styles. However beware of your daughter’s choice of dress. If your daughter has selected pale shades in the colour scheme for the wedding you don’t have to search for a dress in a similar shade. Find a close matching colour that is maybe a little brighter so you standout rather than blending in.
  2. Footwear. Believe me when I say, you’ll find yourself running around and on your feet for the vast majority of your day. You’ll want to find comfortable shoes that match your outfit. You will also want to make sure that you choose shoes that you like! Feeling confident in your image is an important part of having a good time, so bear this in mind. If you’re going for heels, make sure you choose the right height that will allow comfort whilst taking nothing away from style.
  3. Don’t forget a coat! Throughout the day you’ll find yourself in and out. Moving from one venue to another, photo shoots, dancing, standing, the day will have you up and down like a yoyo. You’ll want a light weight coat that will keep in the warmth and can easily be transported. You’ll also want to make sure that it complements your dress, so take time in choosing it and remember it’s going to be on and off all day so make sure it isn’t overly heavy.
  4. Put your thinking hat on. Choosing the right hat all depends on the dress you’ve decided on and the style of the wedding itself. Hats are generally considered to work with a traditional style and can hugely vary in style. A key thing to remember though is that everything is down to you. Don’t just wear a hat because that’s what other people are doing. Make sure you feel happy and comfortable with your decisions.
  5. It pays to shop around. Many of your usual wedding boutiques haven’t largely changed in style. They still offer the stiff traditional options that many people now consider to be dated. Remember to think outside the box and aim for contemporary fashion, such as a Condici mother of the bride dress. If you put time and care into shopping around, you’re bound to find something that’s up to date and affordable.