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Five essential tips for choosing a fabulous mother of the bride outfit

Is your daughter’s big day approaching and you still haven’t found that perfect mother of the bride outfit? It can be a scary task and you’ll want to make sure that it not only complements you, but the style of the wedding too! Below you’ll find some tips to help ease the stress and narrow down your search.

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  1. Get the colour scheme right. Using a matching colour scheme can really help you all feel connected on that special day and ensure that there isn’t a clash of colours or styles. However beware of your daughter’s choice of dress. If your daughter has selected pale shades in the colour scheme for the wedding you don’t have to search for a dress in a similar shade. Find a close matching colour that is maybe a little brighter so you standout rather than blending in.
  2. Footwear. Believe me when I say, you’ll find yourself running around and on your feet for the vast majority of your day. You’ll want to find comfortable shoes that match your outfit. You will also want to make sure that you choose shoes that you like! Feeling confident in your image is an important part of having a good time, so bear this in mind. If you’re going for heels, make sure you choose the right height that will allow comfort whilst taking nothing away from style.
  3. Don’t forget a coat! Throughout the day you’ll find yourself in and out. Moving from one venue to another, photo shoots, dancing, standing, the day will have you up and down like a yoyo. You’ll want a light weight coat that will keep in the warmth and can easily be transported. You’ll also want to make sure that it complements your dress, so take time in choosing it and remember it’s going to be on and off all day so make sure it isn’t overly heavy.
  4. Put your thinking hat on. Choosing the right hat all depends on the dress you’ve decided on and the style of the wedding itself. Hats are generally considered to work with a traditional style and can hugely vary in style. A key thing to remember though is that everything is down to you. Don’t just wear a hat because that’s what other people are doing. Make sure you feel happy and comfortable with your decisions.
  5. It pays to shop around. Many of your usual wedding boutiques haven’t largely changed in style. They still offer the stiff traditional options that many people now consider to be dated. Remember to think outside the box and aim for contemporary fashion, such as a Condici mother of the bride dress. If you put time and care into shopping around, you’re bound to find something that’s up to date and affordable.

2 thoughts on “Five essential tips for choosing a fabulous mother of the bride outfit

  1. Great post. Mother of the Bride should consult with the Mother of the Groom when she’s selected her dress, informing her of color and formality, groom’s mother doesn’t have to buy something in the same shade, but it should echo the skirt and sleeve length. 🙂

  2. I got an ideas on what my dress looks, you made my day with these easy and fabulous post.

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