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Going on a honeymoon Safari in Africa

The countdown has started and friends and family are all very excited and have already RSVP’d for your big day, but it is the special time after the wedding day that should not be neglected by the bride and groom to be. Deep down all they really want for their honeymoon is this special time to just be about them as a new couple, entering the world together. Being on honeymoon is a special time to absorb the excitement of the past few months (or year!) and to cherish the reality of your future commitment to each other.


There are so many possible honeymoon destinations these days that it can be really hard to choose the perfect location. From beach resorts to tropical island getaways, sun, sea and sand do seem to be the popular attraction. The one underlying ‘thread’ for most couples going on honeymoon is to take themselves off to a beautiful place on earth that will inspire a lifetime of love, friendship and amazing memories.


I have just the location for any couple reading this and I pose the following question to you – have you ever considered going on a honeymoon safari? There is no doubt in my mind that this is truly one of the most romantic experiences for any ‘budding’ new couple and I ask you to give me just a few minutes of your time to convince you why a honeymoon safari in Africa will be the most romantic experience yet.

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To start off, ‘Love’ in the lingo of a safari honeymoon means “Loving our Outdoor Vibrant Earth’ and this is exactly what you will experience. From your first open air drive through the reserve to the safari lodge there is an immediate sense of adventure and excitement that fills the air. Hand in hand you will be welcomed by friendly staff and lodge hosts and with a sense of warmth and caring you will be given time to settle in and soak up the African atmosphere of your private and romantic suite that will be your little retreat for the next few days.


Enticing enough? Well, there is more. Most safari lodges have a communal deck area that overlooks the spectacular and breath-taking landscapes of the African bush or one that provides a bird’s eye view of a waterhole down below. It is here too, that you will find yourselves sipping an aroma filled cup of coffee in the early morning to watch the sunrise or dwelling in the enjoyment of the last rays of sun kissing the horizon with a cocktail in hand. There is truly no finer and more romantic place on earth to share in the magnificent wonders of Mother Nature on your honeymoon.

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Waking up to the sounds of the African bush is an indescribable experience and there is no better way to start  your day of African adventures than going one of the popular activities when on safari, an early morning game drive, to search and experience the awaking of the African bushveld and wildlife as the sun slowly rises up into the sky. Keep your eyes peeled for members of the Big Five traversing the landscape or heading down to a nearby waterhole. Cast your eyes to the skies to catch the silhouettes of some of the most spectacular species of African eagles. Your senses are truly going to tingle all over.

After a busy day, filled with exciting safari activities, enjoy a refreshing dip in the lodge’s pool and delight in the magnificent evening that approaches. Indulge in some of the highest quality of fine dining and African cuisine under the stars, while listening to the beat of the African drums that fill the night sky, a more capturing and memorable experience you could not wish for on your honeymoon.

You need only give yourselves a day or two before you are truly relaxed and soaking up the totality of this once in a life time experience. From the exclusive safari lodge accommodation and impeccable hospitality to the breath-taking scenery and experiences of the African bushveld, these few days away on your honeymoon safari will leave you loving life, the outdoors and most importantly each other, guaranteed!

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Paula van Breda is editor at Safari Guide Africa who arranges honeymoon safaris for couples from all around the world.  For more information about what options are available visit their website on or call them in South Africa at +27 (0) 21 880 0105.

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