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How To Predict Your Man’s Most Likely Stag Preference

We all know that before every wedding is the inevitable stag party and admit it or not, most women out there can’t help feeling apprehensive over these parties due to their reputation of being too wild. To help allay your fears, maybe these new data released by event agency,, can help you predict your man’s most likely behavior.

Included in the findings is the percentage of strip club bookings by email address. It was found out that males who use AOL the most have the highest proportion of strip club bookings with over 25%. Yahoo and Hotmail users follow with 24.62% and 21.8%, respectively.

Email provider choice was also linked with how much a guy is most likely to spend on his stag party. Men who used their work emails expended the largest amount with an average of £104.62 per person. On the contrary, AOL users spent the least amount with an average of £92.52.

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Relatedly, email provider use was also linked with how far a guy’s preferred destination would be. It turns out that Gmail users are the most conservative travellers of all with an average of less than 400 miles for their chosen stag party destination. At the opposite end of the spectrum are those who use their work emails who average at least 1,400 miles per person for each of their chosen bachelor party location.

These data definitely sheds light on a thing or two about men’s stag party preferences in general. Anticipating what his most likely decision is doesn’t have to be done through prying questions alone when you have the right data to back up your assumptions. To see the full summation of data, check out and get to know more about the link between technology use and leisurely choices.

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