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Breaking wedding traditions: How to throw a fantastic wedding reception brunch


More and more couples are opting for wedding receptions in the morning, in place of the traditional evening affair for various reasons. Choosing brunch instead of dinner can considerably lower the catering and venue expenses. Or it could be so they want a unique wedding twist, or even so that they can set off on their honeymoon early and enjoy more time together.

Whatever be the reason, reception brunches work well when planned and executed properly. In fact, wedding reception brunches are convenient, and your guests will enjoy the function.

Here is a quick and easy guide to getting the little details for your wedding reception brunch perfect.

Keep the atmosphere friendly instead of formal

Unlike the formal plated dinner, brunches have a casual air. This allows you to have a more intimate gathering and enjoy quality time with your guests. The ideal location for a wedding brunch is outdoors, so plan your seating to utilize the beauty of the natural setting. Outdoor wedding brunches are ideal in spring or fall, when the weather is pleasant and the beautiful landscape adds a natural charm to your wedding. Plan the décor so it works well in natural lighting, and add elements like fresh flowers or vividly colored balloons that are casual, yet colorful.

Winter brides can also benefit from reception brunches, as the evenings are usually dark and depressing and daytime is more refreshing. Consider warming up your venue with a log fire and decorating with holly and mistletoe. Add to this, an enchanting white backdrop, and you will have a fairytale wedding to remind your guests of your lifetime event.

Plan your food choices wisely


A formal food service may seem out of place during the day. Opt for an interesting buffet instead. Include food choices that allow your guests to eat well, but not feel weighed down. The platter should include both breakfast and lunch-style dishes, so your guests can have their pick. Choose food that is great for late morning or early afternoon. Frittatas, cheeses, pancakes, pasta and sandwiches are good choices. You could also add a few exotic dishes like dimsums or chicken curry for a pleasant variation. Omelet and pancake stations, or s’more bars would be well-received and also add some action.

Don’t skip wedding cake or drinks


Just because you are getting married in the morning, you needn’t skip the wedding cake. Choose a light flavor like lemon or vanilla, and keep it fresh and welcoming with white frosting. Or you could replace the wedding cake with wedding cake cupcakes in multiple flavors instead. Since the portions are small, your guests will be tempted to try it. You could also get creative with a dessert buffet, and give your guests a variety of treats to choose from.

For drinks consider refreshing and lighter choices like cocktails, white wine, fruit juices, scented teas and fruit smoothies. If the weather is warm, fizzy drinks infused with lemon or ginger, or yogurt smoothies would be nice.

Doesn’t all this sound romantic? If you are smitten by this idea of wedding reception brunches, go ahead with it. Don’t forget to get the perfect wedding dress for the occasion; visit us at Best for Bride to do so.

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Wedding Traditions from around the world

Weddings are special in every country and community. It is perhaps the one joyous occasion in life, that the entire world deems worthy of celebration. Hence, there are traditional rituals associated with this occasion, that have been followed for ages, and continue to this day. Let us look at some wedding customs from various countries of the world, and understand how each culture solemnizes the union of man and woman.


China is a huge country with many ethnic groups. So, the wedding customs vary greatly from one region to another. The traditional style of matchmaking had matchmakers who took the proposal from the groom to the girl’s family. The wedding was fixed only after a fortune teller predicted whether the couple would have a happy life together. Traditional wedding attires of both bride and groom were in red. The bride and her party were expected to cry for days leading up to the wedding, as this symbolized her grief of leaving her home. After the wedding rituals, the guests were treated to a feast, that often had six or nine courses.




Indian weddings involve several rituals and take days to complete. The traditional bridal attire includes heavy jewelry, elaborate hairstyles with flowers and beautiful dresses with plenty of golden embroidery and embellishments. The bride is adorned with turmeric during the Haldi ceremony, and her hands and feet decorated with mehendi (semi-permanent tatoos) a few days before the wedding. The groom’s family arrives in a procession and are welcomed by the bridal party. The couple exchange flower garlands to symbolize their acceptance of each other. In some cultures, the groom ties a necklace called the mangalsutra, around the bride’s neck and this has to be worn by the bride at all times.The couple circle the holy fire, as they vow to love and care for each other.



In Ghana, the wedding ceremony begins with the groom and his family members knocking on the door of the bride’s house and making their wedding proposal. They hand over gifts to the girl’s family, and if these are accepted it means their proposal will be considered. On the day of the wedding, the elders discuss dowry arrangements and then the bride is asked if she agrees to marry the groom. Once she does, the couple exchange rings and prayers are said. The guests are treated to a feast during the reception.


Arab weddings

In Arabic weddings, the couple exchange rings on their engagement day. A day before the wedding, the bride’s hands and feet are decorated with henna and the groom gives the bride her mehr, or gold. The marriage ceremony or the Nikah begins with the religious representative reciting prayers and telling the group how husbands and wives should honor their relationship and each other. Legal documents are filled out and signed by the groom and the bride’s father, witnesses sign the contract and the marriage is official.



In Mexico, the couple’s Godparents sponsor their wedding. Flamenco-style ruffled dresses are the traditional bridal dress choice. The bride changes her outfit a number of times during the ceremony. The reception buffet includes traditional dishes like spicy rice and beans. The cake is a rich fruit cake, and almond cookies are an essential sweet treat served at the reception.


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Alternatives to Open Bar Receptions


Not every bride is interested in having an open bar at their reception. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fun alternative. Open bars are expensive and they can easily put your budget over the top. Instead of going for one of these lavish affairs, try out one of these options that are budget friendly. With the dangers that alcohol places on drivers, you will also be keeping your guests safe as well.

Juice Bar

Another fun option is a juice bar. With this, you can offer different types of juices and flavors for your guests to choose from. Offering a sparkling water option to mix with the juices can also be a fun way for guests to enjoy the bar. You can also offer water, coffee, milk and soda as well so that everyone will have something that they enjoy drinking.

Coffee Bar


Coffee is one thing that many people have in common. Instead of serving alcohol, try this option instead. You can offer different types of coffee along with special flavors and things that people can add to their coffee, like special creamers. Don’t forget about the kids that will be attending as well and add a hot chocolate option for them to enjoy.


Punch has long been a staple for parties and other events. You can easily make a punch that matches the colors of your wedding and display it in a pretty punch bowl. Don’t worry about buying a punch bowl that is large enough for all your guests, because you will be able to rent one from a part supply store. Just make sure that you have plenty to restock he punch bowl as it becomes empty.

Alcohol Options


For those who are still wanting to offer alcoholic beverages at their wedding, but do not want the expense of an open bar, there are many things that you can do. For example, you can only offer champagne when it comes time for the toasts. Another great idea is to only have the bar open during certain times of the reception.

You can also have a limit that your guests can consume from the bar. For example, you can give guests tickets that they can turn in for drinks or only allow alcohol to be served until a certain price is reached. Another option is to have signature drinks to choose from and if your guests want something different, they must pay for it themselves.


There are many options that couples can use to replace an open bar at a wedding. While many couples choose to have an open bar at their weddings, they are definitely not a requirement and you should never feel obligated to offer one to your guests. Instead, you should choose an option that fits with your budget and wedding style.

Don’t forget to check out all the great options that are available at Best for Bride. They offer a wide range of décor items as well as wedding attire for your special day.

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Planning a Wedding on a $5000 Budget

Weddings are expensive, but they don’t always have to be. If you have an extremely small budget of $5000, there are still some fantastic ideas that will allow you to have the wedding of your dreams without going way over budget. Try out some of these tricks below so that you can have a beautiful wedding on a $5000 budget.

Your Wedding Gown


While this is one area that you will probably want to splurge on, you can easily find a beautiful gown at a discounted price. Instead of looking for fully priced options, try looking at the discount racks at your local bridal store instead. You will be able to find beautiful options that won’t break the bank.


Décor can easily eat up a huge portion of your wedding day budget. However, you can also make some fantastic choices simply by making the decorations on your own. There are many ideas posted online that will help you and you can find tutorials on them as well. Supplies can be bought at any art supply store. Don’t forget to check out the clearance sections in these stores as well.



Ordering wedding invitations can be extremely expensive and can cost up to $1000 just by themselves. You should always look for discounted options or consider making your own invitations instead. There are many fantastic designs that you can print yourself using fancy cardstock and your printer. To find the cost savings, calculate the price that it will cost you to print them at home; including the price for ink, and compare that to the price you would pay to order them instead.


The reception is another place that can take a huge chunk of your budget. However, with some smart choices, you can easily knock down the amount of money that is taken up here. Consider having a simple reception where only cake and punch is served. If you are going for a full meal option, think about finger foods instead. For larger meal options, choose dishes that are made with chicken rather than steak because they are more affordable.

When deciding on drinks for your reception, you can also save money in this area as well. Instead of going for an open bar that will allow you to go way over budget, try some alternatives instead. By offering alcohol only during certain times, like the wedding toast, you will be able to save a great deal of money. Just make sure that you have some other options, like water and tea, prepared instead.



Another thing to keep in mind is the entertainment that you choose. While you can book a DJ for around $500, an entire band will cost closer to $1000. Making smart choices when planning your wedding, can allow you to have a beautiful wedding at a fraction of the average cost.

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