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Beautiful DIY Wedding Reception Centerpieces

More and more couples are creating their own centerpieces. Some buy vases, candleholders, or glass bowls and transform them into fantastic centerpieces. Others create unique centerpieces that are like unexpected surprises for the guests. Whether you want a classic centerpiece or something unusual, these ideas for beautiful DIY wedding reception centerpieces may inspire you.

A gorgeous wedding reception centerpiece can be created with large, shallow glass bowls that hold water with flower blossoms and floating candles on the surface. Some people add stones or colored glass to the bottoms of the bowls. While this is a easy DIY reception centerpiece, the design is very common. If you want something new and exciting, you may want to consider other ideas.

Hanging centerpieces can be incredibly innovative and unique. While some people take the typical hanging flower pot and place them over the center of the table, some approach the hanging centerpiece in a whole new way. Tying flowers and twigs with ribbons so they hang from the ceiling along with hanging candleholders create a romantic fantasy atmosphere.

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Upcycled bottles are a popular choice for DIY centerpieces. The bottles can be painted, tinted with food coloring, or etched with the couple’s names or “LOVE.” Each bottle in the centerpiece can hold a single flower or small bouquet. Tissue boxes can be upcycled centerpieces by covering them using decoupage glue and newspaper or scrapbook papers. If you add printed photos of the couple, spray them with a fixative like Mod Podge spray so that the decoupage glue doesn’t smear the ink. Add plastic or styrofoam cups inside the tissue boxes to hold small flowers.

A vase decorated with black and white photos of the couple can be part of an interesting and fun centerpiece. The vase can be decorated with ribbon or craft embellishments as well. The vase can hold flowers in the wedding colors, white flowers, or a combination of both along with twigs or foliage.

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How about a centerpiece floating in the air above each table? Large helium balloons can be tied to a vase or champagne bucket in the center of the table. The string can hold table numbers or light decorations like a cluster of smaller helium balloons. Use balloons in white to reflect colored lighting or the wedding colors.

A bowl of fruit is an easy and unique centerpiece for wedding receptions. If there is in-season fruit that is the same color as the wedding colors, that would be the perfect choice. The bowl can be metallic or contrast with the color of the fruit. A bowl that matches the wedding colors and a fruit that contrasts well with that color can be used if fruit in the wedding colors cannot be found. A small cluster of leaves with a flower blossom can be a great little accent for the bowl of fruit.

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The DIY wedding reception centerpieces can be recreated as described or personalized by adding objects that reflect the wedding colors or theme. The internet is a wonderful resource for finding DIY wedding decor tips. Browse our blog at Best for Bride for more sensational DIY wedding ideas.

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  1. I have seen a bunch of tips for hanging upcycled bottles as decoration on Pinterest, it seems to add a unique look to the overall decor!

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