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Engagement Photo Tips

Your engagement photo does not have  to be like those drab, sterile photos of the engagement announcements in the local newspaper. Many couples go to a professional photographers studio and get photos taken that are reminiscent of school pictures. Instead of choosing a color background and grinning, get engagement photos that reflect your personality as a couple. Here are some engagement photo tips to stoke the creative embers.

Many couples opt to hire a professional photographer for the engagement photos. Some couples who do their own engagement photos outdoors with the help of a photo-savvy friend end up with some great outdoor photos. When deciding whether or not to hire a photographer, consider your budget and if this is the best choice for getting the photographs that you want.

Natural daylight is beautiful light for an engagement photo. However, bright sun can be harsh and result in shadows and squinting in photos. Consider when the best light would be for the photo. Do you want the soft light of right before sunset? Are you having the photos taken in a wooded area and need more light? If you are using a professional photographer, the photographer should have some suggestions for capturing the perfect daylight shot.

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Dress to suit the setting. If you choose to have your engagement photos in a field, formal wear isn’t going to look right. It looks out of place and staged. Choose clothing that looks natural, like something you would actually wear in that setting. The engagement photo is about you as a couple, not about your ability to dress to impress others. Some brides-to-be wear a white dress for the engagement photo that is suitable for the setting yet hints at what is to come.

A common problem that couples have for the engagement photo is tension and stress. When you focus on trying to create the perfect photo, it brings heavy expectations. Instead, get close and enjoy the moment. Remember what the photo is about. It’s not about every hair being in place and perfect smiles. It’s about the love you share.

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Tell your love story. The engagement photo does not have to reflect how you met or where you got engaged or your favorite activity to share, but some of the most endearing engagement photos do just that. If you share a hobby, consider showcasing that activity in the photo. Share where you met or some place that is special for you as a couple.

Home is where the heart is, right? You’re comfortable at home and relaxed. If you tense up just thinking about a photographer taking your photo, you might want to opt for home. Why not have an engagement photo in the kitchen if you enjoy cooking together? In front of the fireplace is a classic choice. While you may feel comfortable in your bedroom, it can come across as creepy for an engagement photo.

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  1. Some engagement photos can be so odd. I guess it is up to the couple, but I think your tips would be anyone on the right track.

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