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Tips to choose the right Necklace for your wedding dress

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Once you have purchased the perfect wedding dress, it is time to start looking for matching accessories. This may seem like an easy task, but it is not too different from your experience of buying a wedding dress. While you do not have to research or plan for months, you must realize that there are plenty of options in wedding accessories, and that is all it takes to end up confused.

One fact you should remember when choosing any accessory, is that it should work with the wedding dress, not against it. Wearing it should enhance your wedding dress, and not distract from it. If you have chosen a dress with plenty of details like sparkling crystals and embellishments, go with simple accessories to avoid looking like a glittering maze. If your dress is relatively simple, you can choose bold accessories, and thus dress it up.

In this article, we will look at a very important wedding dress accessory – the necklace! Since a necklace will be displayed prominently, let us find out how to choose one that will properly complement your wedding dress.

Dress neckline and matching necklace

Not all wedding dresses need a necklace. If your dress has an embellished neckline with gorgeous detailing, skip the necklace altogether. Instead pair it with statement earrings or crystal drops to complement the look. Similarly, if your dress features halter straps or if the neckline is a high cut square, bateau or scoop, adding a necklace can make it seem crowded.

A strapless or sweetheart neckline, as well as one with spaghetti straps calls for a necklace, as your decolletage may seem a little plain without anything to adorn it.

Necklace that complements the dress color

If your dress is ornate and has plenty of details, choose a small and delicate necklace to match. If your gown is ivory, you can opt for gold or rose-toned jewelry. For diamond and white gowns, match it with silver, platinum or pearl jewellery. You can also choose colored stones with any of these options, as long as it is set in a complementary metal color. If your wedding gown is colored, you would have to pay more attention to finding a complementary neck-piece that doesn’t clash with the color of your gown.

Necklace designs that match your build

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When you choose your necklace, it should not only match your dress, but also look suitable for you. Lower the dress neckline, longer your necklace should be. Opt for rhinestones or colored gemstone necklaces for a polished, sophisticated effect, or a strings of pearls for a soft, feminine touch. Pearls are a perfect match for delicate lace dresses and vintage styles, while modern dresses would benefit from contemporary necklaces, pendants and statement jewellery.

If you have well toned shoulders and collar bones, don’t hide it behind a thick choker. Accentuate it with a long chain. A long necklace also works if you have a thick neck and you want to elongate your neck and torso. Don’t wait till your wedding day to try on your wedding jewellery with your dress. Make sure you are comfortable with how you look, and you are bound to be a beautiful bride.

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