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Fashion for the Daring Bride: Sheer see-through bridal dresses

We thought we had seen them all: puffy, poufy wedding gowns, bridal pant suits, short wedding frocks and mermaid-inspired beauties. But, it looks like the wedding gown is still evolving, and this time in a daring direction. The newest buzz on the spring runways for 2016 are sheer see-through bridal dresses. The New York Bridal Fashion week in 2016 saw designers like Vera Wang, Marchessa and Naeem Khan bringing this idea to life with their designs. Ranging from lace-adorned wedding gowns to huge sheer cutouts, transparent, shimmery silhouettes rocked the catwalks.

Some dresses may be described as downright shocking. Entirely exposed backs and silhouettes were seen on the ramps in may designer collections. In fact, I am certain of finding many a wedding guest frowning at this unconventional choice, should a bride make this her wedding day choice. The Daily Mail aptly calls these wedding dresses as “Barely There.”

Most of these dresses are inappropriate for a formal church wedding, as the bride would feel overly exposed in the skin clinging and revealing silhouettes. However, they wouldn’t be out of place on a beach, or at a chic destination wedding. In fact, these choices would have the younger generation at your party swooning over your wedding dress selection. If you have always been the bold one, who enjoys revealing more than the modest cleavage, this new style which has found the likes of celebrities like Beyonce and Jennier Lopez may be worth a try.

So, what do you say? Is this style for you?

Check out these two-piece dresses we have at Best for Bride, that fit the bill. They may not be just as see-through as the collections of Vera Wang, but are splendid choices that blend sensuality with style.

Lady Almog

This stunner from the My Lady collection features a see-through bodice and a fit and flare skirt. The sexy bodice has a plunging sweetheart neckline. Vertical lines in silky lace spread all over the bodice and have sparkling embellishments to add that extra touch of finesse to the elliptical pattern. This dress is made of two-pieces, and the skirt is a simpler version of the pattern on the bodice. Perfect for a warm summer wedding, your guests will appreciate your choice.

Ladie Abbie

Now, what if you don’t feel like defying tradition entirely? The Lady Abbie dress from the My Lady collection offers you the balance between a shimmery see-through dress and one that isn’t too daring to offend anyone. This two-piece dress has a strapless bodice with pleated layers that wrap onto one side of the torso. The lighter fabric reveals the midriff in a sexy twist. The skirt then cascades down in layers of pristine white ruffles, completing the masterpiece beautifully. Finest Swarowski crystals embellish the bodice of this pretty couture dress, making it a work of art.

So, what do you say? Is this style that is being called the “sexification” of the wedding gown for you?

If it is, visit our My Lady collection at Best for Bride for more dresses that fit this style and find the one you love.

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Basque, Empire, Dropped, Natural and other wedding dress Waistlines

The waistline of your wedding dress is important in defining your overall wedding day look. It is one feature that can make all the difference between whether you look tall or short and slender or curvy. Picking the right waistline for your dress can help you balance your entire look.

Let us look at the various types of waistlines that appear on wedding dresses, and help you identify the ones that are right for your body shape.


via Best for Bride

This waistline lies close to the natural waist, but the seams from either side interconnect to form an inverted triangle in the front. It is usually found on structured ball gowns, where it defines the beginning of a layered skirt, and minimizes the size of the hips.

It looks best if you are pear-shaped or have an hourglass figure. The dip in the center creates the illusion of length and the pattern is slimming.

Avoid if you have a large waistline or if you are apple-shaped.


via Best for Bride

The waistline is defined right below the bust, and the skirt usually flows loosely to hide the natural waist, while drawing attention to the chest.

It looks best on shorter brides who wish to look lean and tall and brides with small busts. It is also a good choice if your tummy looks puffy despite using inner shapewear.

Avoid if you are large-chested, as the pattern draws focus to your chest area.

Dropped Waist

via Best for Bride

A dropped waist falls lower than the natural waistline. It creates the illusion of a longer and leaner torso.

It looks best if you have a small natural waistline, an hourglass figure or wide-hips.

Avoid if you are petite or if your natural waistline is already low.

Natural Waist

via Best for Bride

As the name suggests, the waistline of the dress coincides with your actual waistline, just above your hips. It creates an hourglass figure, while reducing your length by adding a seam at the centre.

It looks best if you have a slender waist or are hourglass-figured. When the dress is a ball gown it works for pear-shaped brides too

Avoid if you are apple-shaped.


via Best for Bride

Another more popular design is the asymmetrical waistline, where the seams drape the body asymmetrically, usually in a diagonal fashion. When it is done properly in a suitable fabric that holds its shape, it suits most body types.

It looks best on brides who are tall and slim, with an hourglass figure.

Avoid if you are short, as the diagonal drape of the waistline can make you look even shorter.

No Waistline

via Best for Bride

These dresses have no noticeable waistline. Instead it flows gently from the bodice to the skirt, fitting snugly along your natural body curves.

It looks best on brides with hourglass figures, or those who are slender with just the right amount of curves.

Avoid if you are rectangular or wish to camouflage any problem areas with the help of your wedding dress silhouette.

While these rules can help, a dress may still drape differently from what is expected. The best way to find out is to try it on and see for yourself.

To check these wedding dresses out, or to find more options in the pattern you love, visit us at Best for Bride.

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Wedding planning: 5 Mistakes you can avoid


You are bound to make mistakes when you attempt something for the first time. Your wedding is no exception. With so many details to look into, it is easy to make a few errors along the way. The sad part is, some mistakes can cost you dearly.

Here is a roundup of the common mistakes many brides make, and what you can do to avoid them at your wedding.

Doing it all yourself

You certainly want your wedding to be perfect in every way, but is it worth burning yourself out by doing every task yourself? Many brides find themselves dreading their wedding day, as they are overwhelmed with the number of things they have to tackle.

Instead of worrying yourself to death, it is best that you realize some things can be done better if you delegate them. Save your energy for important tasks like choosing the wedding dress, vendors and planning the dates. The sub-tasks can be handled by capable friends or assistants. Curb the temptation to micromanage, and leave out details that aren’t extremely important. You will enjoy your planning your wedding this way.

Blowing your wedding dress budget

via Best for Bride

When brides budget for their wedding dress, they should set aside a particular amount for the dress itself and distribute the rest for accessories and alterations. Do not exceed the wedding dress amount, by looking only at those that fit your budget. If you go over-budget with your dress, you will have to compensate by cutting down on accessories like shoes or jewelry, as you cannot skimp on alterations if you want to look perfect.

Not figuring in additional costs

You have planned your wedding budget, and you intend to stick to it when ordering things and booking vendors. However, have you figured in the overhead costs as well? There are additional charges for cleaning up, taxes and tips. Make sure you incorporate these into the budget and that your bookings are all within the limit. This can prevent you from receiving a shocking bill in the end.

Being fixated on a specific idea


This applies to your wedding dress, flower arrangements, wedding venue, décor, bridesmaids dress and all the other aspects of your wedding. If you are too particular about your choices, it is likely that you will be disappointed when things don’t work out exactly as intended. Keep yourself open to ideas and you may even be pleasantly surprised with what you find. When you go with your bridal consultant’s advice, you may discover a better wedding dress than you ever imagined; allow your florist to choose the flowers for your bouquet and you may receive a stunning but affordable one that complements your wedding theme.

Hiring family or friends who aren’t professionals

Unless your cousin is a professional photographer, or your aunt is used to baking wedding cakes, don’t hand the task over to them just because they asked for it. Whether you will be paying in full for their service or not, you will risk things going wrong on your wedding day by entrusting it to someone who isn’t capable of handling it on the required scale. Your wedding is not the occasion to take such risks, and you will be better off with a vendor who knows what they are doing, even if they charge more.

For more wedding related tips and advice, visit us at Best for Bride.

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Preserve your wedding memories forever with a wedding treasure box


Isn’t it interesting how your wedding day—one you looked forward to for months, and planned to the minutest detail—gets over in no time? Wedding days can seem so busy, that you later feel it passed too soon. Once it’s over, your photos and wedding video will help you recollect all that happened to a certain extent. Nevertheless, for the sentimentalists among you, a memory box is a treasure trove that will allow you to relive every special moment of your wedding.

After all, your wedding is not just about the day you got married. The excitement of the event is complete only when you consider all that went into the wedding planning, right from the very day you were engaged. Many of you reading this post will most probably will planning your wedding. So, start putting together your treasure box immediately, and you will save every detail that will help you remember your wedding day, once it’s over.

Here is a list of all that should go into your memory box; the various treasures you can hold on to and preserve your wedding memories for ever.

From your engagement


The minute you agreed to be together for ever—that magical moment has to be treasured forever. If you had an engagement shoot, add a picture of it into your treasure box. I like this idea on the Hitched website, of making a journal with the details of how you were proposed to, so you have a crystal clear reminder of how it was for the later years.

Did you host an engagement party? If so, save a sample invite and a few pictures highlighting the event. Another detail that will remind you of the beautiful moment is a picture of the place where the proposal took place. Make sure you get a snapshot of it as early as possible. You never know if it will change over time and you will lose the visual element of that special moment.

You can also hold on to any special love notes, cards or tags from the gifts your beloved gifted you during your engagement. These will bring back the wonderful memories of the time you spent as an engaged couple.

Reminders of the wedding venue

How did your search for the perfect wedding venue go? Did you settle on the first one that you saw, or did you search for days to find the appropriate one? Save a venue brochure and all those memories of finding the place you were wed at, will stay with you. Save a picture of what stands out at the venue, the unique altar design or the perfect view of the outdoors from the window, and it will be a precious keepsake. If you had an outdoor wedding; at the beach or in a garden, pick a few mementos from nature itself, and save them forever. This could be pretty pebbles, shells or pine cones, that can conjure up the images of the day.

Invitations and Save-the-date cards

place card

This is something every bride normally does, even without any instruction. Every bride will save a copy of her wedding invitation for herself. While you do this, it will be a good idea to save any of the other stationery that you customized for your wedding day. Since you will be choosing the menu cards, wedding programs, table place cards and other details with so much effort, why not save a copy of each for your treasure trove.

Memories of your bachelorette party and bridal shower

Invites to both events, your bachelor party favors and any other physical items that will remind you of the big celebration you had. If your friends and family splurged on cake toppers, party buntings, customized napkins and more, you could borrow one of each to put into your treasure box. It will serve as wonderful reminders of the fun you had at these celebrations. Similarly, pick out a memento from your rehearsal dinner too. It could be anything like a menu card or a picture of the two of you on the day.

Food and drink


Think of the time you spent in choosing the perfect menu for your wedding reception? It certainly deserves special mention in your bridal box of memories. Drop in a copy of your wedding menu and beverage list, and also add a few pictures of the fare that was served on the day. I think it would be wonderful to add in few comments on why you chose certain dishes or small notes on what everyone especially loved. You can also save a wine bottle stopper or the champagne bottle corker to remind you of the toasts at your reception.

The special wedding dress moment

One of the most important decisions a bride makes for her wedding, is choosing her wedding dress. I’m sure it would have taken you hours of research, planning and shopping to finalize the one dress in which you were to get married. Plus, it is usually one of the most exciting and enjoyable parts of wedding shopping. Remind yourself of this over the years to come, by saving the tags from your gown into your treasure box, as well as a fabric scrap from the inside of the gown.

If you have a picture of yourself on the day you said “Yes” to the dress, this goes into your box too. Take a look at all the smiling brides who got their dress from Best for Bride. We make sure their shopping day is preserved forever with a wonderful photo keepsake from this special day. Make sure you get yours too.

Also, don’t forget to send your wedding dress to be cleaned and preserved professionally, soon after the wedding. This will be the most precious reminder of your wedding day, and you want to make sure that it is in top condition when you pass it on to the next generation as an heirloom. Read more about wedding gown preservation here.

Wedding accessories

Unlike the wedding dress, brides usually find use for their wedding accessories on another occasion, except perhaps the tiara and veil. If you have any accessories that you will not be using in the near future, save them into your treasure box. If you have customized your ensemble with interesting bridal accessories like shoe stickers, flowers or brooches, these can be saved as well. Another good item to store is your wedding perfume. If you chose a special new scent for your special day, how about putting it into your wedding box, and saving it for those special moments that are to come in the years.

Bouquets, boutonnieres and other floral creations


Imagine opening up a box, and the scent of potpourri wafting through your senses. Spellbinding, isn’t it? Make this possible by saving the flowers from your wedding in your treasure box. You can always have your wedding bouquet preserved professionally through freeze-drying and add it to your art work at home, and relish its beauty everyday. Read all about it on this article at Keepsake Floral.

However, if you do not want to opt for this expensive method, you can still hold on to your wedding flowers by drying them out and adding them to your memory box. Simply hang them in a dry ventilated place, till they dry completely, and then store them safely in a polythene bag. Or, you can make potpourri out of it, as detailed here.

Don’t forget to save pictures of your bouquet, the centerpieces and floral décor at the venue to remind you of the floral details that transformed your venue into a work of art. You can also press the larger blooms between the pages of a heavy book and add these to your collection.

Reminders of the ceremony


Capture the moment you got married by saving something used at the altar. Flowers used to decorate the altar, a candle that flickered beside you, the ring pillow or even your groom’s boutonniere would be a befitting addition to your wedding treasures.

Save your wedding favors

While you give your guests a keepsake from your wedding to take home and save, don’t forget to set one aside for yourself. If it is an edible favor, you cannot store it as such. In this case, save the packaging, and a picture of how the favors looked when they were given away. Non-edible favors like wine glasses, key chains, candles, photo frames or mirrors can be saved as such.

Wedding cake


The traditional practice of saving the top tier of the wedding cake, and savoring it on the first wedding anniversary is still popular. All you need to remember is to freeze it safely soon after the wedding, and make sure that the flavors you choose aren’t ones that spoil easily. However, you need your wedding cake memories to stay with you for much longer than your first anniversary. For this, save a copy of the drawing your baker created for your wedding cake. If there were non-edible items on it, like ribbons, figurines or flowers, box it.

Guest book and well-wishes

Your guest book is a valuable possession and deserves it’s rightful place in your treasure box. You can also make use of our beautiful petal wishes kit to save your well-wishers blessings for the future. This interesting novelty from Best for Bride, allows you to collect wishes from your favorite people on petals, and then snap them all together to form a beautiful flower. It makes a wonderful keepsake that you can frame or store for later, so try it out.

Wedding entertainment

The entire ambiance of your wedding reception is set by the music you chose for the evening. Create a CD of the songs that your DJ or band played at your wedding, and also save a written copy of the playlist. If you had a band playing at the wedding, don’t forget to include a picture of them performing at the event. Also, add in the details of all the important dances like your first dance, the mother-son dance and father-daughter dance.

Wedding cards, gift tags and notes

thank you note

Your wedding gifts will arrive beautifully wrapped and with tags on them. Don’t just throw away them. You can create a mini-scrapbook with the tags and notes. If you used special stationery to write your thank you notes on, save a card for yourself too. Put the wedding cards you received into your memory box, and on a later day, you will have a delightful time looking through them and remembering the people who made your day so special.

From your honeymoon


The getaway after the wedding is not to be forgotten easily. This is the time you enjoy your newly wed status as husband and wife. Assuming that you go on a honeymoon to a destination away from home, make sure that you pick a few things to stuff into your wedding treasure box. Collect shells from the beach, toiletry bottles from the hotel you stayed at or a souvenir. Also add a stash of photos from the days you spent there, and it will make a beautiful finale to the great celebration that was your wedding.

Once your wedding is over, you will be surprised at how much time you seem to have, all of a sudden.. After all that hectic wedding planning, this may seem a welcome respite. Use this time to linger over the beautiful days that led up to your wedding. Pull out your wedding memory box, sit back and run through the various treasures you’ve so lovingly put inside. Sort through it, enjoy it and relive the precious moments associated with each keepsake, it will make you smile with all your heart.

Make sure you make a list of all that you intend to save from your wedding, so you do not miss collecting them when the time comes. Delegate the responsibility of taking charge of things at the venue to a trusted friend, so you get it all even if you are too occupied on the day to collect it yourself. Add it to your bridesmaids list of duties, so it isn’t forgotten.

For more wedding planning tips, advice and all your wedding related needs, continue visiting us on Best for Bride. We have every aspect of your wedding covered.

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Your vow renewal checklist

Marriage is a mosaic you build with your spouse. Millions of tiny moments that create your love story.”

This quote by Jennifer Smith is an apt representation of what marriage means and entails. Every couple who has been married for long should know that they are in a special relationship that has stood the test of time. Such a marriage is definitely worth a celebration, and vow renewals are the perfect way to do it.


Whether you want to celebrate your love, or wish to reaffirm your commitment to each other, you can always have a vow renewal ceremony. It can be as small or as elaborate as you wish.

Although planning a vow renewal isn’t as stressful as wedding planning, there are a few things that can make it even easier. But before we look at that, let us first look at something that is very important when planning such an event: Vow renewal etiquette.

You may be wondering why this is important, since vow renewals are essentially personal and more intimate than a regular wedding. However,every celebration whether big or small calls for certain etiquette rules to be followed, and vow renewals are not different. The good news is that the rules are fewer, and more manageable than at a regular wedding. Let us look at what they are.

Vow renewal etiquette

Make your invitations matter

Although a vow renewal doesn’t warrant a proper paper invitation, make sure you plan yours with care. This is because your invitation reflects how serious you are about the entire event, and you want your guests to share the feeling. Whether you choose to go with an electronic invite or the traditional paper invitation, choose your vow renewal invitations with care. Pay proper attention to the text and design and send them out early to give your guests ample time to plan for it.

Forget the gifts

When you decide to renew your vows, you are hopefully at a point in your life where you are comfortably settled. So, forget the gift registry that you had the first time around. Don’t even think of registering at a store. We even suggest putting down “No Gifts” on your ceremony invitation. If guests wish to get you a gift out of joy, let them go ahead. But don’t create any compulsion or confusion in this regard.

Do hire a good photographer for the day

Trust me, it will be worth the money spent! A professional photographer is the right person to capture the special events of the day and document it for you to cherish in the years to come. There will be many meaningful moments, especially if your family has expanded to include more members since the day you were married. So, choose a talented photographer who can create magical memories as the events of the day unfold.

It isn’t a good idea to have a formal wedding party

It is indeed interesting to include children and family in your vow renewal party, but don’t make it formal like the first time around. You can always ask them as well as the members of your original wedding party to stand up for you unofficially, but it isn’t even necessary unless you really want it.

Don’t make it too elaborate or complicated to plan

If there is one thing you don’t want from your wedding day at your vow renewal, it is the stress! Leave it out, and keep the entire affair manageable and under your control this time. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a big bash, an over-the-top venue or stunning meal planning. All that actually matters is the sentiment, and the closer the crowd that attends it the more meaningful your ceremony is sure to be.

Now that we have covered the essential do’s and don’ts of vow renewal etiquette, let’s move on to the planning part. Here is the ultimate vow renewal checklist to help you along the way.

Vow Renewal Checklist

Fix the date and venue

You could plan your vow renewal close to your wedding anniversary, or on any random date. It is preferable to have it on a weekend for the convenience of your guests. Once you finalize the date, decide the venue. You could have it in a hotel or country club, or even your backyard. Decide on whether a big ceremony or a small intimate one would mean more to you and fix the venue accordingly.

Send out invitations

Whether you have a small gathering or an elaborate affair, it is always best to send out formal invitations. Include the date, venue and time, and if there is a dress code for the party, put that in as well. Send the invitations at least a month in advance, so you can plan according to the number of RSVP’s you receive.

Write your vows

You can either say your same wedding vows or make up new ones that are more appropriate in your current situation. If you can’t remember the original vows, take a look at your wedding video if you have one. Else, go with what you remember and add in a few lines that would be meaningful.

Book your vendors, entertainment and officiant

Once you know how many people will be attending, book your caterers and select the menu. For a casual function, you can have an afternoon tea or brunch. Since there are no legalities involved with the ceremony, you can have either a priest or qualified official, or a close friend conduct it. Don’t forget the flowers for the ceremony and also plan the venue décor.

Decide on what to wear and get it ready


If you want to recreate your wedding day memories, this would be the opportunity to bring out your well-preserved wedding gown. If it doesn’t fit any more, you could have it restyled to match the current fashion. Alternately, you could go for a new dress altogether. Decide on your hair and makeup to look great on the day and fix your boutique appointments ahead of time.

Follow up with your vendors so everything progresses as per plan. Hire a photographer or ask a guest to take your pictures.

At Best for Bride, we believe that your vow renewal is just as important as your wedding day. You deserve to experience the same excitement as when you were shopping for your original wedding dress. So, let us help you with the selection of your vow renewal attire to look gorgeous on this special day.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing your vow renewal dress.

Top tips to help you find the perfect vow renewal ceremony dress

Shop with plenty of time to spare

Just like with your wedding dress shopping, don’t wait till the last minute to go shopping. Your vow renewal dress should be special. Take your time to explore options and find the best choices. Browse through collections online and look up the latest fashion trends to be inspired. Narrow down your selection criteria and finalize your budget before you go shopping. Start shopping at least few months in advance. This will allow you enough time to have the dress altered to your exact measurements once it arrives.

When renewing vows, dress for the venue

Match your outfit to the tone of the event. An elaborate full-length gown would look good in a banquet hall or ballroom, but would be awkward at the beach. Lightweight gowns are better as vow renewal wedding dresses if the event is at the seashore.

Don’t overlook simple wedding dresses

If you didn’t have much say in what you wore at your wedding, or if your sense of fashion has changed since then, don’t hesitate to explore your options in wedding dresses. Many women are hesitant to choose a wedding gown as their vow renewal dress, considering it will be too flashy. However, it isn’t everyday you get to dress up as a bride. So, if wedding fashion still appeals to you, make your appointment with a wedding dress store. There is sure to be a simple wedding dress that is just perfect for your celebration.

Destination vow renewal wedding dresses call for extra care

If you are like most couples, a far away dreamy exotic location may be on the cards. If this is the case, pay special attention to the dress you choose for the occasion. You will have to consider practical aspects such as transporting it intact. Also, you should choose a dress that is suitable for your chosen destination. Lighter gowns in fabrics that hold shape and don’t wrinkle easily are the best. Discuss your needs with the consultant at the bridal store to find what is most suitable for you.

Find the best colors for your complexion

It will be easier to find a color that flatters your complexion than choosing the right shade of white for your wedding dress. So, make the most of it. You can choose a dress in a color that matches your party theme. However, make sure that the color of your dress highlights your facial features so you look stunning. You can even try different shade variants of the same color to find the one that flatters you most.

Choose the right fabric for the weather

You can have your vow renewal whenever you choose. It can be during the holidays, closer to your anniversary date or on any other day at all. However, take the time of year into consideration when making your dress selection. Vow renewal gowns that work in summer may not be the best choice for winter. Choose the fabric and dress style to stay comfortable at the time of your vow renewal. A satin or velvet dress and matching accessories like stoles or scarves is better suited for fall or winter. If the event is in summer, opt for short and light frocks or gowns with sleeveless or short-sleeve styles.

Don’t forget your accessories

No outfit is complete without the right choice of jewelry and accessories. Dress yourself up for the event with the right choice of jewelry that enhances the effect of your dress. You can keep it as simple or as elaborate as you like. If you have heirloom jewelry or special trinkets you acquired recently, wear these treasures and feel extra-special.

Choose the right dress style that helps you look and feel your best

Just like your wedding day, your vow renewal is likely a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. So, you deserve to not only look, but also feel your best. Don’t give up till you find the perfect outfit for the day. It should be a dress that feels just right in every way. Not only should it highlight your favorite features, it should also hide the less desirable ones. More importantly, the dress you wear should help you feel relaxed, comfortable and confident.

Keep looking till you find a dress that helps you feel like a better and more gorgeous version of yourself.

We hope these tips help you with your dress selection. Whether you prefer a simple wedding dress for your vow renewal or something different for this special day in your life, we can help you. Find inspiration from our vast gallery of bridal dresses and dresses for special occasions. Take a look at our evening dresses for special occasions at Best for Bride, and you are bound to find one that you love. Or browse through our collection of bridal dresses to shortlist your favorites.

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5 Things to Do after you buy your Wedding gown

So, you’ve finally found the dress of your dreams! Good job!

With one of the biggest decisions made, you may be relieved that you’re done with the most important part of wedding shopping. But, before you sit back and relax, you have a few more tasks to actually complete your wedding dress shopping. Let us look at what they are.

Get your wedding dress altered

It is highly unlikely that the dress you buy will fit you correctly. Alterations are key to obtaining a perfect fit. Check whether the store where you purchased the gown offers fitting services. Else, find a professional seamstress who knows her way around wedding dresses, to do the job. Plan your fitting schedules so that your wedding dress is ready well ahead of the date of the wedding.

Buy your wedding shoes

Now that you’ve chosen your wedding dress, it is time to accessorize. Your first stop should be the shoe shop as it is a good idea to wear your wedding shoes to your first dress fitting session and get the skirt hemmed to the correct length. You will also have to break your wedding shoes in, so they do not pinch or hurt your feet on your wedding day. The earlier you buy your shoes, the sooner you can accomplish this.

Choose your wedding jewelry

Once you buy your wedding dress, you should plan what you want to wear with it, to complete your wedding look. For a gown that has plenty of details and embellishments, go with simple jewelry. If you have chosen a simple wedding dress, you can opt for bold and big jewelry pieces. Buy them sooner than later, so you can see how they go with your wedding dress. You will also have time to change them if they do not go together. If you will be using a family heirloom, get it out, have it polished and ready for the day.

Get your accessories right

Apart from jewelry, you’ll also have to get all the other required accessories. Depending on the look you have planned, go shopping for your tiara, veil, headpiece, clutch or any other accessories you may require to complete your wedding look. Be flexible with your ideas on accessorizing and don’t wait till the last minute to go shopping. Every accessory you choose should work well with your dress, and not against it.

Buy the right innerwear

Invest in good innerwear to make sure you look and feel comfortable on your wedding day. If you want to hide any bulges, choose shapewear that will do the job. If your gown is strapless, make sure you find a well-fitted bra. If you don’t want your dress to cling to you, buy a petticoat that does the job. Buy your wedding day innerwear early, and wear them to your wedding dress alteration sessions. This will allow your tailor to alter it to your exact measurements, so you look perfect on your wedding day

Haven’t you found your wedding dress yet? Visit us at Best for Bride to browse through our vast collection and find the choices that are right for you.

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Tips to help you plan a last-minute wedding

5307-2_300pxWeddings take time to plan and perfect. But, what if you don’t have so much time?

You can still pull-off a superb wedding within the time you have, with a little help. Here are the planning tips that will help you with the various aspects of a beautiful wedding, and make it as close to perfect as can be.

Plan the legal part

The legal part of getting married, can take some time. So, get down to it, right after you decide to get married. Make a list of the necessary papers you will require and visit the courthouse as early as possible, to apply for your marriage license. Make sure the paperwork is done and you qualify to be legally married on the day you want to.

Fix your budget before you do anything else

1A quick wedding means you have to have funds ready at short notice. Plan your budget quickly, calculate the number of guests who will be attending and make sure you account for all the factors that will be involved. Choose a theme that can be executed without difficulty. You may not have time to search for vendors who fit your budget, while meeting your deadline. So, obtain references from friends and relatives, check for online reviews and contact a number of vendors to find one who fits the bill and can accommodate your wedding plans at short notice. A wedding planner would be very helpful for a quick wedding as a professional will know what to do. They can also direct you to the right vendors who fit your budget but will deliver on time.

Choose shortcuts to spread the word

For a quick wedding, you may not have the time to select invitation stationery, print them out and send them by mail. So, choose the practical route. Quickly sort out your guest list, create an email invitation, and send it out. Also, call and personally invite your guests. Ask them to confirm whether they will be attending the wedding, and mark their RSVP response off a printed list, so you can do the rest of your planning appropriately.

Enlist extra help

This is the time to turn to your friends and well-wishers for help. If you are a naturally organized person, plan and delegate the tasks to your helpers.

If not, get your MoH or mother to help you, so you don’t miss anything.

Go shopping asap

Keep your wedding dress dreams realistic, as you do not have too much time for elaborate shopping and alteration sessions. Be open to choices when you go for your bridal appointment, and you will not be disappointed.

windflower_2Try to look at dresses that are readily available in your size and will require minimum modifications. Make sure that you ask for a speedy delivery, and as far as possible shop for accessories and wedding bands, soon after purchasing your wedding dress.

Bridesmaid dresses

Consider the logistics of getting your bridesmaids dresses on time, when choosing them. Select from available stock, or consider paying extra for a quick delivery. Make use of mix and match options, as this will allow your bridesmaids to choose their dresses faster.

Party favors

Choose quick and easy party favors that do not require assembling.

Forget the small stuff, and keep your expectations simple. This is the best way to enjoy your whirlwind wedding. It’ll all seem like a dream later, and the little glitches won’t matter then.

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How to choose a wedding gown that makes you look slimmer than you actually are

On your wedding day, all eyes will be focused on you—the Bride! So, it is only natural that you want to look your very best. While you may make a sincere effort to stick to your workout regimen and diet to be in top shape on our wedding day, we know it is not always possible.

So, what do you do if you cannot make it? You fake it!

Here are some tips on how to choose a wedding gown that will allow you to look slimmer than you actually are, on your wedding day.

Choose a flattering silhouette

Certain silhouettes like the fit and flair style are naturally slimming. This pattern closely contours over your natural curves and gently falls all the way down to the knees, from where it balloons out into a cascade of layers. The result is that you look leaner and taller.

Another dress that works for almost any body shape is the A-line gown, as it fits till the waist and flares out from the hips, emphasizing just the required curves. Other factors to look out for in a gown are the neckline and waist. An angular neckline (like the V-neckline) or an off-the-shoulder gown work well. Choose an empire waist or one that falls below your actual waist based on whether you want to show off or hide your waistline.

Find the perfect fit

A gown that is an ill-fit looks uncomfortable, and can even add some dreaded extra pounds. When your wedding dress fits you correctly, the fabric drapes over your figure beautifully and doesn’t bunch up at places. So, you will look lean. Entrust alterations to a professional seamstress who knows her way around wedding gowns, and it will be money well-spent.

Consider corset-gowns

Corsets have two advantages—it pulls your upper body in and creates a tiny waistline. The elegance of a corset back is also an additional detail that will make your gown more interesting.

Corset gowns can easily accommodate your changing shape without difficulty. So, you needn’t worry if your weight fluctuates during the days leading up to the wedding.

Make sleeves work for you

If you aren’t fond of showing off your arms, choose a gown with sleeves. However, remember that not all sleeves are slimming.

Butterfly sleeves, fitted three-quarter sleeves and full-sleeves are the options that will achieve a slimmer look. These designs shift focus from your shoulder and upper arms, and instead emphasize the slimmest area, your wrists. If you go for a shorter sleeve, make sure the lines of the sleeve do not look tight against your skin, as this will only emphasize your arm’s thickness.

Tuck it in with good shapewear

Innerwear that fits you well and tucks in any bulges will help you look slim and feel more confident. Make sure you choose a well-fitted bra that keeps your cleavage modest if your gown is strapless. When you choose a fitted silhouette, get inner wear that will camouflage any bulges, and your gown will fall gracefully over your body.

Visit us at Best for Bride for more wedding dresses that fit these requirements and allow you to look as slim as you desire on your big day.

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What is a Wedding Dress Modesty Piece?

If you have been shopping for a wedding dress online, you may have noticed that some dresses come with optional modesty pieces. Since these are not commonly shown in a photograph, brides may not know what they are. The modesty piece and other options can be used to cover up or secure a low neckline.

A modesty piece is a piece of fabric that is sewn into the middle of the neckline to make it less revealing. The modesty piece is most commonly used for a dress with a V-neck. The V-neck may be lower than the bride would like. The modesty piece adjusts the neckline.

Modesty pieces are made from material to match the wedding dress. A modesty piece can have matching embellishments so that it blends in with the rest of the dress. The modesty piece is sewn into the dress, so the bride does not need to worry about the fabric shifting or falling.

Not all modesty pieces are used for the neckline. If the dress has a corset back, the bottom of the corset might have a modesty piece behind it. This is especially true if the corset opening goes down low. Without the modesty piece, the bride’s underwear may be visible through the lacing if the corset continues below the waist.

A modesty piece for a corset back may cover the skin behind the lacing whether the corset ends at the waist or continues lower. Some women prefer to remove the modesty piece behind the corset lacing. This is a personal choice. The bride should just check to make sure she is comfortable with how much skin will show and how low the corset falls.

Dresses may have other options like spaghetti straps. If a bride has a strapless gown that does not have a V-neck but shows too much cleavage for her comfort, some seamstresses will add a small modesty piece with straps. If a hem is planned, the seamstress may be able to use some of the material from the bottom of the skirt to create the modesty piece and straps if the entire dress is the same material.

In addition to modesty pieces, brides may use other covers to reveal less skin. Capelets and capes can cover the shoulders to below the neckline. A wedding capelet is often designed as a sheer panel with lace or embellishments that covers the shoulders and ends above the waist. Some are very short, covering the shoulders and chest to the neckline. Others are longer and may cover the arms down to the forearm. A capelet often does not have an opening in the front like many capes have.

Other types of wraps include faux fur stoles, wraps, shawls, or even sweaters. The bride should feel both comfortable and beautiful. With so many options, she does not have to spend her special day feeling uneasy about how revealing her wedding dress is.

Brides can feel overwhelmed when choosing a wedding dress and the various options. For helpful tips, visit the Best for Bride blog.

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How to choose the right veil length for your wedding dress

The wedding veil is a classic accessory that has the capacity to transform any woman into a bride. With time, the designs and lengths of wedding veils have changed. Despite this veils are still very much in, and it is one accessory that most brides turn to in order to complete their bridal look.


Veils can have different lengths: very short, shoulder length, elbow length, fingertip length, knee length, floor length and royal length. This brings us to a very important piece of advice: you should never buy a veil without first trying it on. A veil that is advertised as knee length may be finger length on some women, due to their height. The effect of a veil may also change depending on how high or how low you attach it. So check this out first.

A veil not only to completes your bridal look, but also highlights the most interesting features of your bridal outfit. By choosing the appropriate length for your veil, you can draw focus to the bodice, skirt or neckline of your dress. Let us look at which veil length will be most suitable for you, based on what features you wish to emphasize.

Very short veils

Similar to visors, these end at the chin. It draws focus to the upper half of your dress. If your wedding dress has an interesting neckline, this would be a good choice to consider.

Shoulder length veils

When the veil ends at the shoulder, it reveals the details on the back and neckline. It is a perfect choice for illusion back dresses. Shoulder length veils are not really traditional fare, so you may want to consider another option if you prefer a traditional bridal look.

Elbow length veils

As the name suggests, these veils skim the wedding dress at the elbow. The positioning near the waistline will draw focus to the skirt. If your dress has detailing on the back, it would be a good idea to go for one in sheer fabric so these details aren’t lost under the layers. It looks great with ball gown dresses and A-line skirts, with embellishments at the waistline and beyond.

Fingertip length

Fingertip veils fall below the waist and emphasize the details on the bodice. It goes well with fitted silhouettes and fit and flare dresses, but can be used with most wedding dress types. These veils create a dramatic bridal look and are perfect for formal weddings.

Knee length veils

Ending at approximately knee-length, these veils are good with dresses that end at mid-calf or those with a long train. You can dress up a simple wedding dress by choosing a veil that is textured and has elaborate embellishments.

Floor length veils

As the name suggests, these veils flow from your head to your toes and gently skim the floor. We suggest that this veil be considered if your dress doesn’t have a train, or you would lose the details on the train beneath this veil.

Royal veil

The most dramatic of veils, it spreads out to several feet behind you. Unless it is sheer, the veil can hide the back details of your dress. Consider it if your wedding dress is very traditional and has a noticeable train.

We have pretty veils in all lengths and in various designs at Best for Bride. Check out our collection today to find the one that is perfect for your wedding.