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Honor your parents on your wedding day with these great ideas


If you are like most couples, you are proud of your parents and would like to honor their love and support with a special gesture on your wedding day. It doesn’t take too much to show your appreciation for all that your parents have done for you, as you step into a new chapter of your life. Here are some ideas to include in your wedding, and show your parents how much you value them.

Add a family heirloom to your wedding

This can be your mother’s veil, a family ornament or even your mother’s wedding dress. You can use this as your “something old” and bring together tradition and something of sentimental value. If you do not want to use the same element as it is, consider upcycling it to fit your wedding theme and personal style. For example, you can take your mother’s wedding dress and restyle it to match your wedding dress vision. Or if the dress isn’t in perfect condition, you could pick some lace from it and add it to your bouquet or make a kerchief from it to carry with you on your wedding day.

Replicate something from your parents’ wedding at your own

Take a look at your parents wedding albums and find something that you would like to incorporate in your own. You could have your own bouquet designed in the same design as that of your mother’s, or choose a cake topper similar to the one on your parents’ wedding cake. You could also add precious family mementos into the wedding décor. If there is something that your parents have saved from their wedding, ask them if you could display it at your wedding and make sure you place it in a deserving spot.

Mention them in a special way during your wedding speech

On your big day, thank both sets of parents through a short speech. Spend some time to create a short and special note of thanks as a nice tribute to your parents. Rehearse it well, and surprise them with it on your wedding day. They will certainly appreciate the gesture.

Get them a meaningful token to cherish forever

Use this occasion to gift your parents a special wedding favor. Let it be one that they will greatly cherish and hold close to your heart. Photo charms with you and your parents can be added to your wedding bouquet, or you could wear it as a locket. Alternately, consider getting charms engraved with your names and gift it to them. You could also consider getting personalized favors for your parents based on their tastes and preferences. How about a personalized wine glass for the fathers and a bracelet or pendant in sterling silver for the mothers? Remember that it is not the cost, but the thought that counts. So, choose a gift that they will appreciate and hold close to their hearts. You could even do a handmade gift, as this will be the more heartfelt.

For more help with wedding favors and other gifts that will be perfect for your parents, visit our list of options on Best for Bride and find one that is just perfect for you.

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5 questions to ask yourself when planning an outdoor wedding

There is an unmatched thrill associated with an outdoor wedding. Unlike indoor weddings which are mostly predictable, an outdoor wedding keeps the excitement alive as there are many options to make it unique. Nevertheless, it is also equally challenging to plan a successful outdoor wedding, as you have to account for many extra factors when your wedding is to take place in a natural background.


Before you decide that you want an outdoor wedding, here are the questions you should ask yourself to help you understand whether you can pull it off.

Do you have a Plan B?

As romantic as getting married under a cloudless blue sky may sound, remember that Mother Nature may decide to throw up a challenge when you least expect it. You never know when the weather can give you a nasty surprise, and should be prepared for sudden showers in spring, snow in winter and temperatures that soar up or fall. As wedding planner Hariette Rose Kuz mentions on the Huffington Post, always have a backup plan, should this occur. You would have an alternate indoor venue in mind, should you have to move at the last minute.

Have you considered access to the location?

If the location is up a hill or in the middle of a huge open field, consider how your guests can get there. This is even more relevant if there are elderly guests who may find it difficult to walk the long route or drive so far. Consider whether you can arrange alternate transportation to make their commute to the site and back easier. If it is impossible, you may be better off looking elsewhere.

Will you be extra stressed thinking of unexpected weather?

Not all brides are cut out to take what comes with a smile. Are you the type of girl who feels disturbed when plans fail due to unforeseen circumstances? Or do you just take whatever happens in your stride? If you are the latter, an outdoor wedding shouldn’t be too stressful. But, if you are the anxious type, you do not want to spend the days leading up to the wedding poring over weather forecasts and worrying whether you will have to ditch your plans at the last minute.


Have you considered the additional costs?

An outdoor wedding means extra charges for tents, transportation and outdoor toilet rentals. This may add extra thousands to your wedding budget. You should also consider the charges for air-conditioning or fans in tents to keep your guests cool and the flowers from wilting. There may also be extra charges for using the site or permits to be taken. Add all these to the wedding budget when accounting for the cost of venue.

Did you know that not all wedding dresses are good for the outdoors?

Yes, an outdoor wedding isn’t really suitable for a wedding gown with a long train. In fact, you will have to consider light breezy fabrics and shorter hemlines, to be comfortable and for the dress to remain clean. This doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style, as there are plenty of options out there. But, if you always dreamed of wearing an elaborate gown with a heavily layered skirt, you may have to drop the idea of an outdoor wedding.

To find out the dress that will be perfect for your wedding day, visit our online gallery at Best for Bride.

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5 Steps to Selecting a Wedding Dress at Your Local Bridal Shop


Selecting a wedding dress may seem simple, but when you are in a store filled with dresses that all have different styles, it can be a little bit overwhelming. With your maid of honor and a close family member at your side, usually your mother or sister, a wedding dress shop may not be as intimidating, and by following these five easy steps, we are confident you will find the perfect dress for your wedding day in a your local bridal shop.

Step One – Research Wedding Dresses You May Want to Try On

Looking online or through some bridal magazines will give you an idea of the kind of wedding dresses you may want to try on. If you want a specific designer, make sure to write down their name or save the photo to your phone. Doing a little bit of research online before going dress shopping will ease the feeling of being overwhelmed when you get to the shop.

Step Two – Research Prices for Dresses You Like

Price is an important factor, and this can vary from store to store. In order to get prices on dresses, it is always easiest to go to the designers website and see if the price is on there. This will help you stay within your budget so you aren’t trying on dresses you will never be able to afford. It is important to stick to your budget, especially when it comes to the dress.


Step Three – Research Shops in Your Area

Most shops will have social pages that provide reviews from other people who have shopped there. You can also see photos of the shop, or visit before making an appointment to make sure that this is the shop for you. Pay attention to reviews that talk about the service and reliability of the people who take care of hemming and taking in dresses as you may need to have something on the dress altered. A dress boutique with high ratings and happy clientele is definitely the place you want to shop.

Step Four – Make an Appointment at the Shop You Want to Buy From

With every bridal shop, you must make an appointment. Make sure to tell whomever you are bringing with you the date, time and location if you will not all be traveling together. Appointments are important to keep as some bridal shops take bookings weeks in advance, depending on how popular the store is.

When you are making the phone call, you can also tell the person booking the appointment if you have any specific dresses you would like to try on. This will give them time before your appointment to pull the dresses so you are not stuck waiting around for them to find them. Plan to arrive about fifteen minutes before your appointment and browse around a bit while you wait; you may find a dress to try on that you hadn’t considered before.

Step Five – Take Advice from the Salesperson but Listen to Your Heart

The salespeople at bridal boutiques usually aren’t that pushy about sales, however if you do not like a gown you are trying on, you have to be honest. The salesperson is there to help you find the dress that is right for you but it is always alright to accept some advice. They may even find a dress you love that you wouldn’t have looked at before. Make sure you absolutely love your dress before confirming that this is ‘the one’ because you will be looking at the photos for years to come!

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4 tips to help you decide who should go wedding shopping with you

dress shopping

Wedding shopping is an experience that every bride should enjoy. We, at the bridal shop, try our level best to pamper our brides like princesses, from the minute they walk in. Although we do our part to make it a positive experience that you will cherish, you should remember that your bridal entourage has an equally important role in determining how your visit goes. A supportive bridal party can make your wedding shopping exciting, while a group that disapproves or criticizes most of your choices can ruin the day.

It is always refreshing to see an excited and buoyant bride walk in our door, and equally apalling to find her disheartened and confused when her entourage criticizes her choices or tries to take over the appointment. This is why the bride should carefully choose her entourage, and make sure it has the people who will help her make the right decision. Here is how to make sure you take the right people.

Take as few people as you possibly can

When the number of people accompanying you increases, so does the number of opinions. Don’t feel obliged to call all the people you think would like to go. Only ask those who can really help you. Two or three are good enough, as long as they can do the job well.

A good shopping buddy will be encouraging

How many times have we seen people make faces at the bride or say something horrible, when she comes out in a dress that she thinks is right? This is enough to cloud her mind, and make it certain that this isn’t the right one. It is best to avoid those who are too judgemental and make you miserable with their opinions. The last thing you want is to lose your self-esteem and confidence, based on their opinions.

They should be mindful of your budget

Your wedding dress budget should be sorted out before you go shopping, and your buddies should be those who can agree with dresses that fall within it. Don’t take along people who cannot respect your financial limit and force you to try a dress that is over-budget. If you end up liking it, it will only disappoint you that you cannot afford it.

Wedding dress princess seams
Image Credit: Wonderlane (CC BY 2.0, )via Wikimedia Commons

Your shopping companions have previous wedding experience

Renee Strauss, in her article on the Huffington Post mentions that brides can benefit from choosing someone who has been to enough weddings, to help you decide how practical any dress you wear, would be for the type of ceremony you will have. Having been to many weddings, it is likely that she will have a fair idea of how a feature may be helpful, or how it may cause difficulties if you were to wear it. Also, if there are cultural constraints on your wardrobe, this friend would be indispensable in helping you rule out features that won’t work, and those that will be right.

This has hopefully cleared the air on what you should remember when choosing your entourage. For more tips and information on wedding shopping, download our free e-book on What to expect at your Bridal Appointment.  Visit us at Best for Bride for all your wedding shopping needs, and we assure you the experience of a lifetime.

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7 Wedding dress shopping tips for brides who love their curves

Not every soon-to-be bride is a size 6 or 8. In fact, very few are! While most designers cater to most size ranges, it is a known fact that curvy brides have a difficult time finding wedding gowns that they love. Many of them complain of how they have to settle for ones that are available in their size, because they cannot afford to be too choosy.

However, we do not think this is necessary. If you start early and do your planning right, getting married in a wedding dress you love, is definitely possible. Our tips here are specifically intended for plus-size brides, who are on the search for their wedding dress.

First and foremost, any bride who goes shopping for her wedding dress should have a general idea of what she wants. So, let us look at the features in wedding dresses that look best on curvy women.

What to look for when choosing a gown

Knowing what will look best on you will help you narrow down your choices and make shopping a lot easier. The main factors that matter are

  • does the silhouette flatter your figure?
  • Does the neckline accentuate your facial features
  • does the color suit your skin tone?
  • Does the sleeve choice look good on you?
  • Does the fabric add more bulk to your frame?

Now, let us find the answers to these questions, when you are a plus-size bride.

Silhouette: Dress styles that look best on curvy women include A-line dresses and ball gowns. Empire waist gowns in fabric that won’t cling may also be considered. Silhouettes to be avoided are sheath and fit and flare, unless you have a well-toned stomach and hip area. You can however consider a partial sheath silhouette, if you have an hourglass figure and the bodice is differentiated from the skirt. In such dresses, only the skirt follows your natural curves.

Neckline: The impact created by a neckline will differ from dress to dress. In general, it is best to avoid designs like a high-neck, halter or strapless style that display the bust prominently, thus enhancing enhance the appearance of the cleavage. Instead, a tastefully designed V-neckline, scoop, illusion neckline or sweetheart will serve you better. One-shoulder necklines with ruched bodices are also a good choice for a chic and dramatic look.

Color of gown: There are different types of white, and choosing the right white will help you look slimmer. It is generally best to avoid stark white. Instead, opt for off-white, ivory or diamond white. You can also look at dresses with a hint of pink or blue in them. Black and white wedding gowns are not only fashionable, they can also camouflage trouble areas and emphasize your best features, when chosen appropriately.

Sleeve-length: You can choose sleeveless styles if you think your arms and upper chest look attractive in them. A good choice in sleeves for curvy women is cap-sleeves. Gowns with thick straps that support the bust and make you look more shapely are also suggested. Avoid sleeves that end at the point where your arm is the thickest. Contrary to the general notion, full-sleeves usually make your arms look thicker than they actually are. Three-fourth sleeves that end between the elbow and wrist are a better choice.

Fabric: Certain fabrics are naturally slimming, while others add more bulk to your frame. So, your choice of fabric can influence the way a dress drapes on you. Fabrics with a tight weave like satin and chiffon will drape snugly and look good on the plus-sized bride. Lace is another good choice. Avoid crisp and net-like fabric that is poufy in a wedding dress. Organza is such a fabric. Also when looking at fabrics with natural sheen like silk and satin, make sure that the dress design suits your frame and doesn’t cling to you at the wrong places.

Now, that we know what features to seek in a wedding dress, let us move on to some tips that will help you find the dress of your dreams.

1.Start early

This applies to all brides, plus-size or not. The earlier you start, the more time you have to research dresses, find potential places to shop at, explore options, go shopping and make your mind. We advise you to start at least six months prior to your wedding, so you have plenty of time to find your dress and make it perfect in time for your big day.

It will also allow you plenty of time to shop for accessories, customize your dress to your preferences and alter it to fit perfectly. Brides who set aside time for this task usually do not face the problem of having to settle for what is available in their size. More time will allow you to revisit the shop if required, and try on more dresses that they can pull out of their inventory, if you aren’t satisfied with what you see at your first dress appointment.

2.Find the right place to shop

One of the main reasons for plus-size women being unable to find the dress they want, is that they end up shopping at the wrong place. Not all bridal stores have great inventories. Nevertheless, there are several bridal boutiques, like Best for Bride, that stock a range of designer collections that cater to all sizes. If you are a plus-size bride, all you have to do is locate such a boutique and shop there.

So, start with a boutique that has several designer collections, including plus-size dresses. Before you contact them, it is a good idea to find out the designer collections with dresses that you favor, and make a list of dresses that you want to try out. Once you have this list ready, call the bridal shop you want to visit and find out if they have samples of these dresses in large sizes, or if they can arrange it. If they do, book your appointment and ask them to have the dresses on your list ready on the day you visit.

3.Do not restrict your choices to plus-size collections alone

Most designer collections are available in a range of sizes, and often the larger sizes will be suitable for curvy women too. Although plus-size collections are specifically created for brides like you, it is not necessary that you may always find a dress you love, in these collections. So, shop around and check out other designer collections too. Although adding to a gown isn’t very easy, a capable seamstress will be able to handle the task, if you love a gown that is pretty close to your actual size.

Like I said before, if you have the time to make all the required alterations, it shouldn’t be a problem.

4.Buy a dress that fits the biggest part of your body

A bridal consultant will measure you prior to finalizing your purchase, and we suggest that you choose the dress that fits the biggest part of your body. So, if you are apple-shaped with your bust wider than your hips, choose the dress that fits your bust. If you are pear shaped with larger hips than the bust, choose the dress that fits your hip measurements. Your seamstress will be able to take in the extra fabric at the hips or bust, as is necessary, and make your dress fit perfectly in time for your wedding.

Comfort is a key criterion when choosing a wedding dress. To make sure of this, choose a dress that fits you now. It is best to err on the side of caution. Although you may see yourself losing weight in time for the wedding, it is best to choose a dress that will accommodate you entirely, even if you don’t. Since you will anyway have several fitting sessions till the time of your wedding, you can always take in any extra fabric once you lose weight as you intended. Still not sure? Just think of how uncomfortable it will be to spend several hours in a dress that is too tight? Yes, it can ruin the best day of your life.

5.Choose suitable accessories

If you love the strapless wedding dress for everything, but the strapless part, don’t fret just yet. This is what accessories are there for. You can always pair it with a bolero and Voila! You have every feature you wanted on your dress. You can also add sleeves in the same fabric as the wedding dress, or take out layers from the skirt if it is too poufy for your taste. Alterations such as these are possible at an additional price, and you can have your own version of the designer gown you love.

The same can be achieved with waistbands, brooches, embellishments and veils. A word of caution when you choose to add extra embellishments to your gown! Consider whether you can enhance your wedding look with a single signature element that draws attention to the smallest part of your body. Or are you better off with great jewelry to enhance the look of a simple gown? If you do go with embellishments, make sure the person who does it can match the original quality of the work done by the designer. Moreover, you do not want to end up with a look that is too cluttered.

6.Consider custom-made

If you are simply not satisfied with what is available in any of the places you’ve been to, consider having your own gown custom-made. There are plenty of companies that offer custom gown making services. You may even find it at the bridal boutique that you visit. At Best for Bride, our in-house gown making team is one such example. We help brides who want a specific look for their wedding day, achieve it by creating their own custom wedding gown.

You can discuss your vision with a talented gown designer, match it to features on existing gowns and work with them to create a draft of the design. This can then be fine-tuned to perfectly match your idea. All that is left is to create the gown perfectly fitted to match your exact measurements, and that will be the task for the design team. You should however make sure that the team handling the job is capable of designing a dress as elaborate as a wedding gown, as it requires specialized knowledge. Check out their portfolio of custom-created gowns and you will get a fair idea of how capable they are at it.

7.Enjoy the experience

Don’t let anyone take the fun out of wedding shopping, just because you are a curvy bride. Wedding shopping is supposed to be enjoyable for every bride, and you too deserve it. So, be confident and don’t let terrible customer service or a discouraging friend in your entourage spoil your experience. Find a place where every bride is treated like a princess, and you will love the experience of searching for your wedding dress. Never be coaxed into buying a dress, just because it fits. Make sure that the only reason you buy it is because you love it. Seek advice from your bridal consultant, family and friends who accompany you to your bridal appointment. But, let the final decision be your own.

I recommend that you spend some time on this article on the Offbeat bride blog, where a real bride shares her plus-size wedding dress shopping experience. Her insights are valuable and should be immensely helpful to you

We hope you now have all the information to get on with your wedding dress shopping. Visit our impressive bridal dress collections from leading designers at our bridal gallery on Best for Bride. We feature a stunning variety of wedding dresses of all types and in every size. Browse our bridal collection and you are sure to find several dresses that you love. Book your appointment with us, and come along to try them out. We are committed to making your dreams of dressing up as a beautiful bride in the perfect dress, come true.

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Is it wise to go bridal shopping with your fiance?

As a soon-to-be bride, it is likely that you follow TLC’s show “Say Yes to the Dress”, at least occasionally. In that case, you may not be too surprised to see brides who take their fiance wedding shopping with them.

If you are old-school, you may not agree to this idea, as it is believed to be bad luck for the groom to see his bride in her wedding dress, before the actual wedding day. In this context, it is only apt that we look at what is behind this tradition.

According to this article on CNN, this practice originated in the days when arranged marriages were the norm. The bridegroom was not allowed to see the bride at all (wedding dress or not!), till the time they were actually wed. This was so that if either of them were disappointed with who was to be their life partner, they wouldn’t have the option of backing out.

old weddings

Today, the situation is different. Although many brides follow this without question, there are others who choose to do so for another reason. It is a memorable moment when the bridegroom first sees the bride in her bridal finesse, and one that the couple will fondly remember. Not to mention, the first-look is a photography favorite that most couples don’t want to ruin.

Nevertheless, what if you want your fiance’s opinion on this matter? What if you believe that he is the best person to give you an honest feedback when you look for your bridal gown?

In this article on the Glamor weddings website, the author Jenny Feldman shares her experience of how she went shopping with the girls, but showed all the dresses she ordered to her husband, and made her final decision with him. Despite this, the experience of seeing each other in their wedding outfits on the actual day was in no way less special.


In short, it entirely depends on your personal situation, and what you would like to do. Here are some factors to consider.

  • Are you sure that your fiance will love your wedding dress, no matter what you select? Or does he have very strong opinions on what you wear, and you are worried about disappointing him by choosing something he wouldn’t approve?
  • Does he understand your taste, and does he help you make good dress choices?
  • Do you think that the magic of the moment when you first see each other on your wedding day, will be ruined, if your groom has already seen you in your wedding dress?
  • If the two of you are paying for the dress, it may be advisable to consult him as it is a considerable expense that you want to spend right.

Finally, make sure you discuss your ideas beforehand, so he knows what to expect and both of you are on the same page when you go shopping. Also, don’t forget to check out our bridal gallery at Best for Bride, to shortlist the dresses that will be perfect for your big day.

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Types of Wedding Dress Lace

Wedding dress descriptions often mention a type of wedding dress lace used to make the gown. One dress may have chantilly lace while another has guipure lace. Without being able to inspect the gowns up close in person, you might not know the difference between these different wedding dress lace types.

However, it is a fact that there are several different types of wedding dress lace. Also, the effect of one type of lace is entirely different from that of another. The difference is in the fabric, the details in the threadwork done on it and in the embellishments that adorn each of these types of lace. So, have you ever wondered how the types of lace are different? Here are descriptions and some photographs of the different types of lace used in wedding dresses.

Alençon Lace
Alençon Lace

One of the most common types of lace fabric used in bridal dresses is Alençon lace. This wedding dress lace variety is sometimes referred to as the “Queen of Lace.” Alencon lace is named after the city where it originated and Alençon lace has a long history of adorning women’s dresses. This type of lace was first produced in the 16th century in Alencon, a city in France. It is a needle lace. The designs on Alençon lace are outlined with a fine cording. This lace type is often embellished with small crystals, seed pearls, or sequins.

The Alencon lace has survived the competition from machine-made lace, due to its finesse and unique qualities. When cheaper machine-made lace started growing in popularity, production of alencon lace went into a steady decline. Nevertheless, the technique was preserved and it continues to be a bridal favorite to this day.


Brussels Lace
Brussels Lace

Of the different types of lace for wedding dresses, Brussels lace is very old-fashioned. This wedding dress lace type was first produced in the fifteenth century in the city of Brussels. This city in Belgium is very famous for its laces. Originally, the term Brussels lace was employed for any type of lace that originated in Brussels. However, this has changed over time. It now refers specifically to a type of bobbin lace.

Brussels lace is extremely delicate. Tradition has it that this type of wedding dress lace was woven in dark rooms for fear that the light would cause the threads to become brittle. Brussels lace is occasionally used for wedding dress details. However, this delicate lace is not as common as other lace varieties.

What sets Brussels lace apart from other types of wedding dress laces is its unique design. Here, the entire unit is made of parts and assembled together. So, the floral details are created separately and woven together to form a single unit. The design is also rather unusual and attractive. In the background, there is no defining cordonnet as is seen in other types of lace. Instead, there are open stitches that border the pattern.

Chantilly LaceChantilly Lace

Chantilly lace is one of the most common laces used on wedding dresses. The lace has a fine, plain netting background. Chantilly lace often is used for wedding dress sleeves and overlays. It is a type of handmade lace and includes delicate details that make it unusually charming.

Chantilly lace has a well-defined and obvious outlined pattern. Originally, this lace was made of silk. The modern versions are also done in linen. One of the most striking features of Chantilly lace is the light and shadow effect that is unique to this lace. There are usually abundant floral details and motifs that adorn the lace. Chantilly lace was the choice of royalty in ancient days when it was made in Chantilly. The practice continues to this day and is a staple in the bridal scene.

Duchesse Lace
Duchesse Lace

Duchesse lace is a variety of Brussels lace. This lace has more open space than many other types of bridal lace. This lace acquires its name from its patronage by Marie Henriette, the Duchess of Brabant. Like Brussels lace, Duchesse lace also has large and exquisite floral motiffs. However, there is a marked difference between the two. In Duchesse lace, the floral motiffs are joined to each other by bars instead of mesh patterns. The lace motiffs are raised from the base layer, and it mainly features large sprays of floral designs.

Guipure Lace
Guipure Lace

The characteristic difference between guipure lace and other types of wedding dress lace is the lack of netting. Most types of wedding dress lace are formed on a netting, the guipure has an open design. This type of lace also is called Venise lace, not to be confused with the spelling of the city of Venice. Guipure lace is heavier than most types of lace. It is a favorite fabric for winter wedding gowns. This lace has a raised texture. It can create a very bold look if used over the majority of the dress.

Guipure lace is similar to Duchesse lace in that it has its different motifs connected to each other by bars or plaits instead of mesh-type details. In the original style of this wedding dress lace, the motifs would contain thicker borders that outlined each element of the pattern. However, this edging of the motifs has been eliminated in modern versions. The lace is very common in wedding gowns.

Schiffli Lace

A lightweight, machine-made lace used as an overlay or edging. Sometimes, this term is used to describe chemical lace. The chemical lace has no netting background because the netting is dissolved with a chemical treatment after the lace design has been embroidered.

There are certain features of Schiffli lace that make it easily recognizable. It is created on a machine or loom with an overlapping embroidery field. The details are created by the interlocking of fabric threads. As a result, it yields units that can stand alone without the aid of meshing or connections. Schiffli lace is used as overlays in bridal gowns. It can also be used to trim sleeves and hemlines, or in the bodice of the dress to create a textural difference.

Many people include eyelet as a type of wedding dress lace. Eyelet is a cotton fabric with embroidered cutouts. It’s not a traditional lace since it’s made on the cotton fabric rather than a netting. Despite not being a true lace, the eyelet is a popular trim with scalloped edging for vintage appeal. The eyelet lace, unlike traditional forms of lace, is sturdy with its definite fabric stretch. The defining of details along the holes adds a quality to the delicate fiber beneath it. It also acquires a boho look, which appeals to chic modern brides who prefer an unconventional bridal look.

Choosing the right wedding dress lace

Where wedding dress lace selection is concerned, there is no right or wrong choice. If you look at the different type of lace wedding dresses, you will find that they all have a characteristic charm that is classic, elegant and definitely bridal.

However, the right choice of wedding dress lace can make your wedding shopping easier if you prefer a certain look. This is because certain laces are better suited for an antique vintage feel, while others are more edgy and modern.

The type of wedding dress lace you wear also affects the overall effect of a dress, and how easy it is to maintain. Soft, flexible and lightweight laces require better care. They are more prone to stretching and tears, and you should be extra careful if this type of lace appears in the hemline of your dress. On the other hand, sturdier forms of lace like the eyelet are less prone to accidents and tearing.

Another factor to consider is the color and the embellishments on the wedding dress lace that influence its look. Off-white lace colors with more texture tend to create an antique or vintage look. Meanwhile, crisp white lace with clear-cut details and fine edging are better suited for modern looks.

Factors to remember when choosing a lace wedding gown

I cannot think of any bridal boutique that will have wedding dresses without lace. Lace is indeed an integral part of the wedding scenery. Although it may not suit everyone’s taste, there are still brides who wouldn’t consider anything but a lace wedding dress for their special day.

If you decide to make your selection from lace wedding dresses, you will have to lavish extra care on the dress. Since wedding dress lace is delicate, it requires special care. Lace is also susceptible to fraying and tearing. Avoid such risks by ensuring the following:

Go for quality over quantity

Handmade wedding dress lace has an exotic quality that cannot be compared to the machine-made version. So, a dress that has just a small quantity of handmade lace will definitely be better than one that is entirely made from the cheap machine-made stuff. Always go with the classics in excellent quality fabric to look elegant and stylish.

Always get the dress altered by an expert

A lace dress should be handled with care at all times. If your dress calls for any alterations, trust only the experts for the job. Repairs on a lace gown have to be done carefully. It is easy to damage the look of the wedding dress lace if it is done improperly. So, ensure you trust a talented seamstress to the job. Also, ensure you pick the dress in the right size, so there will be excess lace to work with when it has to be taken in.

Be prepared to pay more

Every wedding dress, even after alterations should look flawless. And it isn’t easy to get that effect when you have a lace dress. If the areas that are covered in wedding dress lace require alterations, your seamstress will have to put in more effort. This can mean that the alterations may cost extra. So, be prepared for this when you purchase a dress. Altering a lace dress is often a time-consuming task. Keep this mind and set aside enough time when doing your shopping, so this doesn’t turn out to be an issue later.

Place it safely in a secluded space

Wedding dress lace is very delicate and easily prone to tears. It can quickly tear and be damaged if it catches on to anything. So, it is absolutely essential to store it in a safe spot that is away from the traffic zones in your home.

Lay it out flat

A lace wedding dress is always best stored flat. This allows the lace to hold its shape and not result in accidental tears or fraying. Place your wedding dress flat on a shelf in your closet. Else, store it inside a box that you specially buy for the purpose and place it in a safe place.

Consider your veil and jewelry when choosing the lace for your dress

The other part of your bridal outfit that will contain lace is your veil. It is important to match your veil to the lace in your dress for a cohesive effect. So, choose your veil by wearing it with your dress to confirm they go together well.

Irrespective of whether it is guipure, chantilly, alencon or schiffi, lace is a bridal staple that stands out as one of the unique embellishments for wedding dresses. Hence, it is no wonder that lace wedding gowns have stood the test of time. While it continues to evolve to suit the taste of the modern bride, one thing is sure. Lace is here to stay.

We have a stunning variety of lace wedding dresses in our dress collections at Best for Bride. Check out our bridal dress gallery to shortlist your favourites, or for inspiration on planning your wedding day look. For more information about wedding dresses and embellishments, please browse the Best for Bride blog. There you will find detailed descriptions of wedding dress elements including the bustle, veils, and different lengths of trains.

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Trends we love: Wedding Dresses for the minimalist bride

Elaborate, embellished gowns and shimmery shiny ones were all seen on the bridal catwalks for Spring 2016. However, it was the minimalist wedding dress style that stood out, and really impressed us. Many design houses focused on simple but refined details in minimalist wedding dresses, offering a welcome choice to the brides who don’t want to be drowned in layers of fabric. Soft, minimalist gowns were the forte of Houghton, Randi Rham and Amsale design houses and many brides have been swooning over the delicate beauties they created for brides this year.

We love minimalist wedding dresses for many reasons, some of which include

  • The straight cuts and simple sheath silhouettes allow a bride to flaunt her naturally sexy figure
  • Sometimes, it is the subtle details and simple embellishments that are more attractive than elaborate and exquisite designs
  • With the focus on few key features, the dress is graceful and the few details are emphasized.
  • It is perfect for the confident modern woman, for whom simplicity means style
  • The natural shape is an update to the traditional wedding dress silhouettes

We have splendid minimalist gowns in our bridal collection at Best for Bride. So, why don’t we head over there now, and take a look at some of our favorite picks from the lot.

Mori Lee 5307 Organza gown

This gown has just the right amount of details. With a simple fit and flare silhouette that snugly drapes over your sensual curves, the embellishments are kept to a minimum and aren’t overwhelming. A soft sweetheart bodice allows you to show off your toned shoulders and collar bones, while light lace motifs add a dainty touch to the dress. The back is simple with a low cut neckline ending in a strand of satin buttons that extend to the derriere. At the natural waist is a small strand of crystal embellishments that add subtle sophistication to the pretty dress.

Mori Lee Voyage 6798 Sleeveless gown

Glamorous, yet minimalist, this gown glides over your natural curves, carving a fresh look. The embellishments are limited to the upper body and are dainty floral lace clusters on delicate chiffon georgette. The striking element of this dress is the shimmering shoulder strap that extends into a lining of glitter along the neckline. The low cut neckline in the back is encrusted with crystal beading to create an enchanting effect.

Mori Lee Voyage 6786 chiffon bridal gown

Elegant and endearing, this beautiful wedding gown is light and breezy. A pleated bodice and softly scintillating waistband are the extraordinary details that add a touch of elegance to this refined wedding gown. The sweetheart bodice dips softly in the center and the skirt extends into a short train at the back. Subtle and soft, this dress is the ideal choice for a minimalist wedding and the clear lines and soft drape will show off your natural curves beautifully.

Do you love the idea of a minimalist wedding dress? If so, do tell us which of these is your favorite. If you would like to explore more options in these wedding dresses, visit us today at Best for Bride. You will certainly find a dress that is minimalist, yet you!

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Is your wedding dress the perfect fit? Here is how to find out

Finding your dream wedding dress is only half the deal. To be the bride you always wanted to be, your dress should fit you perfectly. One that is too tight or loose can totally spoil your look.

So, this article is all about the various factors that make sure your wedding dress fits perfectly. Let us begin.

Choose the right size

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This is crucial to make sure that your wedding dress will be perfect after alterations. Do not choose a dress that is more than two sizes bigger than your actual size. Another thing is that however certain you are of being much slimmer when you walk down the aisle, buy a dress that currently fits you. When you do lose those extra pounds, you can take your gown in; but if you don’t you’ll end up with a gown that will be uncomfortable and tight.

Does it allow you to move?

This is a very significant question. Wedding dresses can be heavy and when you choose a silhouette such as the trumpet, your movement will be restricted to a great extent. Imagine how it will be if you have to dance through the night when you can barely walk in your gown? Or worse, how exhausting will it be if you have to climb a staircase in a gown that clings to you? Consider the venue, the practicality of the dress and whether you will have trouble moving around the room in the dress you choose, before you commit to it.

Can you breathe in it?

This is very important if you intend to choose a dress that is smaller than your actual size. When a dress size is smaller, it is small all over. So, you will have a dress with not only a smaller bust and waist, but also one that fits more snugly. Remember that you will be wearing your wedding dress for several hours, and so you should be comfortable in it.


A tight dress that feels as though it is about to snap isn’t the ideal choice. The bodice should fit snugly, but it shouldn’t be too tight that your skin feels pinched. Similarly the skirt shouldn’t be so heavy, that you will be exhausted dragging it along. If you think it is so, check whether you can have a few layers taken out and whether the gown would still look good. Make sure your dress has enough allowance so you won’t feel too uncomfortable in it when you are done with dinner and dessert.

Get the length right


One of the most embarrassing things that can happen is to trip over your wedding dress and fall. Unfortunately, hundreds of brides have ended up having such mishaps, mostly because they didn’t get their wedding dress length right. To avoid this mistake, wear your wedding shoes to your fitting sessions and get your dress hemmed at the precise length that will allow you to walk comfortably without tripping over. An experienced seamstress will know how to do this correctly.

To find the right wedding dress and also get it altered and fit for your big day, visit us at Best for Bride.

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How to choose the perfect winter wedding gown

Winter weddings may not be standard fare, but they are unique in their own way. When you decide to get married when it is cold, you are set for adventure and excitement. Unlike a summer or spring wedding, when most wedding dresses work, you have to plan your winter look in detail to stand out as a stunning bride.

After all, there are more challenges to overcome; like staying warm in what you wear. Here we shall look at some factors that will help you feel good, without compromising on style when choosing your wedding gown.

Style with sleeves

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Find a wedding dress with sleeves to stay warm. You can choose from stylish cap-sleeves to three-fourth length sleeves, butterfly sleeves or even full sleeves. While these do not have to be thick fabric, even lace or embellishments on sheer fabric can add a touch of drama to your look, making you a perfect winter princess.

Accessorize appropriately

If you have your heart set on a strapless gown, do not despair. You can pair it with a befiting shrug, stole or wrap, so you do not shiver when exposed to the cold. If you have a snow wedding planned, you will be the epitome of style in such accessories. Your outdoor photographs will be splendid, and undoubtedly frame-worthy when you flaunt your style in a stunning cashmere wrap or warm winter jacket. Pay attention to your footwear; a stunning pair of snow boots will not only keep you cozy, it will also be appropriate for the winter theme you are hosting.

Look lovely in layered skirts

Be a snow princess in luxuriously layered ball gown skirts. The cold weather will make this choice perfect, and you will benefit from the added layers that keep you cosy and snug. Don’t hesitate to choose poufy princess gowns in heavy lace or pretty embellished mermaid skirts, as this is the perfect weather to feel comfortable in these patterns.

Choose luxurious silk, satin and velvet

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These fabrics drape well, but can weigh you down in warm weather. Fortunately, they work to your advantage when you wed in winter. Larissa and Duchess Satin gowns look elegant and sophisticated against the natural backdrop of white. Pair it with a fur wrap and you will be a vision in white.

Embellishments and ruffles for drama

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When the natural background is white, your gown should have some special feature to make it stand out. This is what embellishments achieve. Sparkling details in crystal and metal can help you shine and shimmer through the wedding ceremony. Another superb choice for a winter wedding is a mermaid gown with ruffles in the skirt that imitate the grace and splendor of snow – it will make the perfect complement for the beauty of the landscape outside.

Be bold with color

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When everything around you is white, why not choose a wedding gown in a different color? Stunning gowns in plush dark colors will help you stand out, or you can go for subdued colors like baby blue or blush. Make a statement with patterned fabric or gowns with contrasting colors in classic designs to look delicate and dainty.

Now you know what to look for to look romantically delightful on your winter wedding day. To find the perfect wedding dress for the occasion, or for more wedding tips and advice, check dresses on Best for Bride.