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A guide to planning your small and intimate wedding

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What does your wedding actually signify? Isn’t it all about the moment of being declared man and wife; of feeling excited and overjoyed in the midst of those who really love you?

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Do you think that this would be better realized when you have a small and intimate wedding, where all those who attend have your best interests at heart and really mean a lot to you. This doesn’t mean that you have to limit your budget.. It is just that you can use your money better and not have to cut down on anything you wanted because it stretches your wedding budget. If you have been thinking along these lines, this post is one that will be very useful for you. So, let us get into the details of how to plan a small wedding, and do it well.

The guest list

A small wedding can be as small as you wish. The number could be 20, 50 or 100; it is up to you to decide. All you have to remember is that you should be inviting only those who personally mean a lot to you (and your families, if they are sharing the expenses).

The venue

Depending on the number of guests, choose a venue where you will be seated in such a way that everyone can mingle and meet the others. With a smaller wedding party, you can make the most of your budget by opting for a luxurious or picturesque wedding venue, instead of a huge banquet hall. For very small gatherings, you could even have one in your own backyard or garden, provided you are able to deck it up and arrange it well.

Splurge on what is most important

If you always wanted a designer wedding dress with all the works, a small wedding allows you to indulge yourself. Comments on how great you look will sound more meaningful and heartfelt, when they come from your dear and near ones, than from someone who barely recognize. A small event also allows you to throw a lavish spread of delicious food, get better wedding favors and decorate your venue to perfection. Fix your priorities, and spend your money accordingly. If you want to hire the services of a wedding planner, the fact that you are having a small wedding shouldn’t hinder it. There are many wedding planners who specialize in small events, you just have to find them.

Handling protests

There will certainly be a few people who feel let down by your decision. Tell them this was because you were having a very small wedding, which in fact is true. You can always have a party after the wedding, when you can invite them. Keep it casual, but use it as a chance to introduce yourselves as a couple to the rest of the world. But do so, only if you really want it.

You can find plenty of useful advice on how to have the perfect small wedding on the Destination and Specialty Wedding Website.

Whether you have a big wedding or a small one, don’t forget that the most important thing is that you enjoy it. For more wedding tips, advice or for all your wedding shopping needs, visit us at Best for Bride.

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Wedding For Two: Planning a Perfect Wedding For Just The Bride And Groom

Wedding For Two: Planning a Perfect Wedding For Just The Bride And Groom

We have seen both big weddings and small weddings. Then there are couples who choose to elope and get married without anyone in tow. While budget constraints are one reason for couples to choose this path, there are also others who cannot tolerate the stress of wedding planning. Nevertheless, eloping or having a courtroom wedding may not give you the satisfaction of a proper wedding. After all, a wedding is a big event in your lifetime and you deserve to feel great. I think this is what brought around the trend of “Just Us” weddings, where only the bride and groom participate in the wedding ceremony. Some couples choose to host a small intimate reception with their best friends and close family afterwards, but there are also others who leave it out. Similarly, when organizing a virtual baby shower, there is a certain etiquette that hosts tend to follow but what’s most important are the parents-to-be’s wishes, in this case, it would be the bride and groom’s preferences.

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