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Creative Wedding Ceremony Decorations


Wedding decorations for the ceremony seem stuck in a holding pattern. While reception decorations have become wildly creative and fun, the ceremony decorations tend to be cliche. Most wedding ceremonies are decorated with typical flower arrangements and the occasional pair of candelabras. Sound familiar? Decorations for the ceremony may be held at boring level to prevent the audience from paying more attention to the decorations than the officiant performing the ceremony. Wedding ceremony decorations can be innovative and exciting without being distracting.

Instead of focusing on standard flower arrangements, consider alternatives such as ribbons, paper, balloons, lace, and organic materials like twigs or shells. One couple decorated their outdoor ceremony venue with paper flowers and pinwheels. Several couples have used ribbons as the primary decoration rather than using flowers. Instead of flowers with some small touches of ribbon, they opted for ribbons with a few floral accents.

Fabric with bold prints can be used as the focus of the decorations. When these alternatives are used with small floral accents, the whole look becomes more interesting and memorable than when the focus is on standard flower arrangements.

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A trendy option is the have hanging decorations such as strips of ribbon hanging down from the ceiling or a frame. Lace wrapped around picture frames or embroidery rings are unique hanging decorations. Just make sure that the hanging decorations are hung safely in areas where guests would not accidentally bump into them. The decorations should not block anyone’s view of the ceremony.

Another fantastic wedding decoration trend is the use of paper. Some couples have used honeycomb garland to decorate the altar or create a canopy. The garland can be shades of white for an airy, cloud-like appearance. Paper flowers have become wildly popular for pew decorations. Flowers can be made from tissue paper or crepe paper.

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Though many couples use creative lighting for the reception, few have been imaginative when it comes to lighting for the ceremony. Cascading lights or lanterns hung at varying heights adds dramatic lighting without upstaging the elements of the ceremony. Whether the wedding is held indoors or outdoors, the use of creative lighting can add romantic flair that is subtle and lovely. Another creative lighting option is to use a patterned light or gobo as a backdrop.

When using any decorations that create sound such as wind chimes, make sure the sound will not interfere with the ceremony. The friends and family attending the wedding should not have to strain to hear the couple and officiant.

More and more couples are using signs above where the officiant and couple stand. When using signs that change such as being turned by the wedding party to reveal other words or symbols on the back, the changing of the signs is timed as to occur during a pause in the ceremony rather than competing with the officiant’s words.

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The couple can create some surprising looks with these and other creative alternatives to flower arrangements. The decorations should not compete with the actual event. They should enhance and improve the experience. Let your personality shine through and create a truly memorable wedding. For more tips on how to make a wedding uniquely personal, visit the Best for Bride blog.

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  1. I have been to weddings that have the ribbons hanging from the trees and other things and I really think that adds a great appeal!

  2. Great tips and guide. Thank you so much!

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