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Wedding for two: Planning a perfect wedding for just the bride and groom

We have seen both big weddings and small weddings. Then there are couples who choose to elope and get married without anyone in tow. While budget constraints are one reason for couples to choose this path, there are also others who cannot tolerate the stress of wedding planning. Nevertheless, eloping or having a courtroom wedding may not give you the satisfaction of a proper wedding. After all, a wedding is a big event in your lifetime and you deserve to feel great. I think this is what brought around the trend of “Just Us” weddings, where only the bride and groom participate in the wedding ceremony. Some couples choose to host a small intimate reception with their best friends and close family afterwards, but there are also others who leave it out. Similarly, when organizing a virtual baby shower, there is certain etiquette that hosts tend to follow but what’s most important are the parents-to-be’s wishes, in this case, it would be the bride and groom’s preferences.

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Are you intrigued by this idea of having a romantic wedding where you do not have to worry about seating arrangements, bridesmaids dresses, wedding invitations and floral centerpieces? Not only can you save a lot of money and forego the stress of wedding planning, you can still have a great wedding day. If you love this idea, read on to find out how you can plan a beautiful “Just Us” wedding.

Don’t spare the details

It may be just the two of you, but that doesn’t mean you should compromise on any of the details. Since you don’t need a huge budget, splurge on your wedding dress and find one that you really love. Make sure you are the beautiful bride you always wanted to be, and ask your groom to do the same. Get all that you need for a proper wedding, including the wedding cake, bouquet and accessories. Ask your wedding officiant to click your wedding pics, or hire a photographer. Make your dinner for two a lavish affair and indulge in the choicest menu you can find.

Find a romantic venue and deck it up, or go for an inclusive Just Us package

This trend of just the bride and groom attending their wedding is becoming so popular that there are hotels that offer all-inclusive packages to cater to them. If you don’t want to worry about the details of your wedding day, opt for such a package. Else find a nice place and obtain the required permission to use it for the ceremony. Decorate it well, as it is special whether there are people to see it or not.

Have a small reception afterwards, only if you want it

The “Just Us wedding trend” on Today Style tells us about few couples who had their romantic weddings for two, and also introduces us to their close relatives and friends who were upset on being left out. If you are really worried about this factor, you could always host a reception afterwards and celebrate your wedding with your near and dear ones. Follow the tradition of cutting the wedding cake, the wedding dance, toast and dinner with your guests. This way everyone is happy, and you will still have the perfect wedding you always wished for, without most of the stress.

What do you think of the “wedding for you” trend? Will you ever consider it for your own?

Whether you want an intimate wedding or a big party, we have all that you require to put your big day together. So, visit us at Best for Bride and complete your wedding perfectly.

4 thoughts on “Wedding for two: Planning a perfect wedding for just the bride and groom

  1. This is the path that we want to go with. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. I almost did this a weekend or two ago. We both really want to be married and if we would have planned it a little better, it would have been done!

  3. We are going to be doing something like this and then all of a sudden there will be a reception to attend 🙂

  4. This is the type of wedding that we want to do. Now that I finally got some tips about shopping for a wedding dress, I think we can move onto the next step.

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