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7 Things to Remember When Announcing Your Wedding Engagement

7 Things to Remember When Announcing Your Wedding Engagement

Your Prince Charming has finally asked you the big question—and you said “Yes!” Congratulations! It is fascinating.

We know that you can’t wait to break this news to the rest of the world! And you deserve to let everyone know. But take a minute before you change your relationship status on Facebook, and click save! Or before you tweet it to the world or post it in your friend circle on FB. There are specific basic etiquette rules to follow where an engagement is concerned. Let us take a look at what they are.

The family deserves to know first

Unless you are in an unusual situation where the family doesn’t count, they should be the first people you should share the news with. There is nothing happier than telling it to your parents in person and watching their reaction to the news. If your partner is a true Prince Charming, he likely has already asked for your parent’s blessings before proposing. In that case, this may come as expected. Nevertheless, they deserve to know first. If they live far away, break the news to them through a phone call or, better, in a video chat. Whether you do it alone or with your partner depends on how you think your parents are likely to react to the news. You can also pass the news to the groom’s family first. The only exception to telling your parents is when it is a second marriage, and you have children. In this case, they deserve to be the first to know, whether young or grown up. It would help if you also shared this news with your ex-spouse, so they can help your children accept the news. Do not involve your fiancé when you talk to your children about this so they can react naturally to the news.

Your close friends and family should know before the rest of the world does

As tempted as you may be to make the big announcement to the world, it is only appropriate that the most important people in your life get the exclusive first. News travels fast. So, don’t be surprised if your grandmother is offended because she learned of your engagement through a friend who found the news on your social media network. This will always be disappointing, even if you were planning to meet her to share the good news. Pick up the phone and call up all those close to you. This should include your siblings, close relatives and close friends. Or message them personally. It won’t take long for them to acknowledge it. Once you’ve personally conveyed it to your dearest ones, don’t hesitate to scream from the rooftops! Or, as is the current trend, announce it on social media.

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If hosting a surprise engagement party, ensure all those who deserve to know are invited

Some couples decide to break the big news to friends and family at an engagement party. In other cases, the parents want to celebrate the engagement by throwing a party for the couple when they announce the news to everyone. Engagement parties are not customary, and whether you have one is up to your discretion. However, plan your guest list well if this is how you intend to break the news. This is an extraordinary occasion, and everyone who deserves to know should be invited. Another factor to remember is that anyone invited to the party also gets an invitation to the wedding. This is basic etiquette.

Other ways to announce are equally good

If you aren’t so fond of an engagement party, there are other traditional ways of informing everyone, albeit properly and personally. One of the oldest yet most popular methods is through an engagement announcement in the newspaper. The bride’s parents traditionally undertake this task. Or, you can consider doing it yourself. A photo may accompany the announcement. So, it gives you an excellent opportunity to use the pictures from your engagement photo shoot. You can find more details on how to do this in the proper format in this article in the Bridal Guide. Older relatives may appreciate it if your parents personally tell them the news over the telephone or write to them. You can also host an engagement party, informing the invitees that you are engaged right when you invite them. Setting up a registry before the party isn’t unusual, as at least some guests will want to gift you on this occasion. Ensure you have items of a smaller budget on your registry so they do not have trouble finding a reasonably priced option.

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Save-the-date cards are a great way to make the announcement

Save-the-date cards are an ideal way to share the news with your close associates and those who you think should know you are engaged. If you have finalized your wedding date, save-the-dates will give your guests enough notice to begin planning their availability. There are many beautiful card options in our store at Best for Bride. If you already have a specific idea of your wedding colours and patterns, you can search for one that matches the tone of the wedding. This will offer your guests a sneak peek into what they can expect at the wedding. If you still haven’t reached that phase, it is perfectly acceptable to email or send the good news through snail mail. This will help you to share it promptly, and while you are most excited, they will appreciate your gesture of involving them in your joy.

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Let your casual acquaintances also know

There is no reason to keep your engagement under wraps from anyone other than your immediate family and friends. Share the news on social media, but after you have informed all your closer acquaintances personally. After all, you deserve to bask in all the attention you will get on this special occasion. There are many creative ways to make this announcement. So, if your soon-to-be-husband blew you off with a surprising proposal, this is your chance to be impressed with your creativity and stun him. We immensely love the champagne idea; it is a great way to make that celebratory champagne work towards a beautiful announcement. And as the article suggests, staging a photo shoot may seem too time-consuming. However, it is the perfect way to buy you that time to announce the news to all those closest to you and wow the world with how you break this critical news when it is just right.

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In all cases, put some thought into it

All you are concerned with is telling the world that you have taken a big step in your relationship, right? Wrong! While you may want to spill the news now, remember how you do, it will seem important when you reflect on it later.

Whether you do it in writing, over the phone or on social media, how you do it will seem relevant to you later. Even if you don’t want to adhere to traditional etiquette, ensure your engagement announcement receives the importance it deserves by communicating it with interest and enthusiasm. It may be on an anniversary in the future that you scroll back to your social media announcement and look at how special it seemed at the time. You do not want to regret how careless and casual you sounded. Just a “We’re engaged!!” can be so dull. So, do it better; it will be another excellent page in your memories.

Now that we know what you should remember when announcing your engagement, let us look at the ugly part—the likely mistakes to avoid! Yes, there is such a thing as a terrible announcement that people can roll their eyes at or even disapprove of. You do not want that to happen to you. So, here are some ways to avoid spreading the breaking news about this significant event in your life.

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  • Never break it at another person’s celebration.

You may be super-thrilled about that big solid rock on your finger and can’t wait to show it off. So, create an occasion for it when you proudly announce the news. Don’t use another gathering as the chance to bring it out into the open. It is insulting if you decide to share this news at another celebration, like a friend’s birthday, anniversary or any other meaningful ceremony, for that matter. It is stealing attention from the person who hosts the celebration, and I’m afraid you might be mistaken. If someone you know discusses this on the day, you can disclose the fact but keep the discussion to a minimum and hold off on other details for later.

  • By beating around the bush and expecting people to get the drift

You may think that sending cryptic messages and having people ask you about what is happening is cute and exciting—not always! While those close to you may catch the drift and ask you what is happening, remember that everyone reads this, including your colleagues and friends from another life. Not all may be equally curious, and it can easily be overlooked. Worse is the fact that they may not appreciate all this drama. So, a straightforward and clear message is the way to go.

  • Showing off

You may have an exemplary ring on which your fiancé spent a fortune. Or, you may be engaged to the hottest guy on the planet. Nevertheless, nobody will appreciate you bragging about it. Let the ring speak for itself, and let the girls feel jealous of the handsome hunk you call your own. You don’t have to advertise it for attention. That makes you sound like you won the lottery and don’t deserve what you have. So, please curb the enthusiasm to discuss the carat and cost of your ring unless you are specifically asked for it.

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  • Don’t pick the wrong time to make the announcement.

Breaking the news to someone going through a difficult patch or who has heard some bad news is never a good idea. This is disrespectful. As excited as you may be about the great thing that just happened in your life, it would be best to be empathetic and postpone your engagement announcement till they are better prepared to take it in. Whether this is your close friend who just broke up with her boyfriend of forever or someone who has lost a dear one, keep the news to yourself till they come to terms with their grief. Trust us; they will not feel bad that you didn’t share the news immediately once they know why!

So, as you mark the start of your sweet life story, make sure to do it right, and all those beside you will be happy.

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Somebody once said, “Engagement marks the end of a whirlwind romance and the beginning of an eternal love story.” Here is all your happiness and joy as you begin your life together. And for everything that you need for your spectacular and love-filled wedding day, visit us at Best for Bride. From wedding dresses to bridesmaid dresses, accessories, cakes, invitations and wedding favours, we have everything you need for your big day in one place. Partner with us as you begin planning your wedding, and we will ensure you have the best experience possible.

Summary: Wedding Engagement Announcement

  1. Family should be the first to know about the engagement, ideally in person or through video chat if distance is a concern. This could be the parents or children in the case of a second marriage.
  2. Close friends and relatives should be informed personally before the news is shared publicly to avoid offending anyone who may learn about it through other sources.
  3. If planning a surprise engagement party, ensure all important people are invited. Anyone invited to the engagement party should also be invited to the wedding.
  4. There are other traditional ways to announce an engagement, such as newspaper announcements or personal calls, or letters from the bride’s parents.
  5. Save-the-date cards effectively share the engagement news with close associates and others who should be aware.
  6. After informing close contacts, the engagement news can be shared more broadly through social media. Creative announcements can be enjoyable to plan and share.
  7. Announcing the engagement should be done thoughtfully, considering how the couple will remember the announcement in the future.
  8. Announcing the engagement at another person’s celebration, using cryptic messages, or bragging about the engagement ring or partner is considered poor taste.
  9. The announcement’s timing should be considered, particularly when someone close to the couple struggles.
  10. Engagement marks a significant milestone in a couple’s relationship and the beginning of their wedding planning journey.

FAQ: Things To Know Before Announcing Your Engagement

Who should be the first to know about my engagement?

The immediate family should be the first to know about your engagement, especially your parents. If this is a second marriage and you have children, they should know first.

Should I announce my engagement on social media right away?

It’s essential to inform your close friends and family before making a prominent announcement on social media. Once you have personally conveyed the news to your dearest ones, feel free to share your joy with the rest of the world on social platforms.

Are engagement parties an excellent way to announce an engagement?

Engagement parties can be a great way to break the big news to friends and family. However, remember to invite everyone who deserves to know, and remember that anyone invited to the party should also receive an invitation to the wedding.

What other ways to announce an engagement if I don’t want an engagement party?

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There are many traditional ways to announce your engagement. You could consider publishing an announcement in the newspaper or sending out save-the-date cards. If you want a personal touch, older relatives may appreciate a phone call or a handwritten letter.

Are there any mistakes I should avoid when announcing my engagement?

Yes, you should never announce your engagement at another person’s celebration, as it can seem like you’re trying to steal their limelight. Also, avoid sending cryptic messages expecting people to understand your news – being straightforward is better. It’s also important not to brag about the size or cost of your engagement ring. Finally, be mindful not to announce your news to someone going through a difficult time, as this could seem insensitive.

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  1. Initially I did not want to tell anyone. I was too freaked out about the entire situation and I was not sure it was something I wanted to do. What happens when you have cold feet first and later on calm down a little? Should you wait to tell people until you are 100% ready?

    1. I felt the same way. However, you cannot wait too long and when you finally do say something, they will ask when it happened and you will be forced to tell that entire story, PLUS why you waited to say anything.

  2. I always had a fear that my engagement would be happening during a time in my life, or the life of my family, where it would overshadow the entire situation. It is actually something that I have thought about my entire life.

  3. I had a friend that was beating around the bush about her getting engaged and when nobody could catch on, she freaked out.

    1. LOL, too bad for her.

  4. Hosting a party to announce the event, or sending out the save the date cards seems like a great idea!

  5. Do you have any idea how you should make the announcement if you are planning to marry someone that your parents might not approve of?

  6. I think that I will be showing off! Getting married is a BIG step for anyone and I want the world to know about it when it happens!

    1. Social media makes these things very easy.

  7. I agree, family first. Then you can let close friends and wedding party people know next, but before you go to social media.

  8. Thank you for the tips. After letting our families know, I was not sure the best way to go about the process.

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