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10 Important Things Every First Time Bridesmaid Should Know [2024]

10 important things every first time bridesmaid should know

Being a bridesmaid for the first time is a thrilling experience. It is not to be taken lightly when you have been given the honour of being at the wedding party. This is only because the bride values you a lot and would love to have you by her side on the most important day of her life. But, when you think of it this way, it can also be daunting. So, don’t be surprised if you feel nervous about donning the role.

Here are some of the most important things that you should know. This will help you handle your role well, not have any nasty surprises, and understand what the bride will expect you to do. So, let’s begin!


The sticky issue—finances

When you agree to be a bridesmaid, remember that there are several expenses you have to bear. This includes the bridesmaid dress, accessories, hair and makeup, fees for the bridal shower, and the wedding gift. The bride decides most of the outfit, hair, and makeup choices, while the bridal shower expenditure is up to the bridesmaid’s group.

The bridesmaid dress is one of the most expensive items on this list, and how much you spend on it depends on the bride. If you are on a tight budget, it is best to discuss your constraints with the bride beforehand, so she can keep them in mind when planning her choice. You can also volunteer to help her find the best deals and offers that will be easy on your pocket while still getting what she has in mind. If all the expenses come to go beyond what you expected, you are entitled to go for a budget wedding gift. You can either get the bride your wedding gift or do it as a group. We will look at this in more detail later.

The bride makes the choice

Your friend, the bride, may have specific ideas about how her wedding day should be. She will also have a particular vision of how her bridesmaids should be dressed and what they should wear. As a member of the bridal party, you are expected to go with them. If you are very particular about not wearing something, share your opinions with the bride. Nevertheless, it is up to her to decide if she wants to consider it when making her choice. So, gracefully accept it if she chooses a dress silhouette that doesn’t flatter your body shape or a colour that doesn’t go well with your complexion. Tell yourself that you have to go with her choice because it is her big day. Although you may tell the bride your honest opinion, don’t dwell on it or criticize her. A bride has so many things to plan for her wedding day. So, she can only accommodate everyone’s personal preferences so much.

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What you gift is up to you

Your being at the wedding is more important than the gift you get the couple. The bride knows that you are already shelling out money to buy her a dress, paying for the bachelorette and bridal shower, all for her. So, it isn’t reasonable for her to expect a significant gift. However, it is customary to give her something on this lifetime occasion, even small. With a bit of creativity, you will have no trouble finding a gift that will mean a lot to her without breaking the bank. It could be handmade, so you can gift her a personal gift that doesn’t cost a fortune. Or you can volunteer your help with something that she would appreciate. In some cases, all the bridesmaids pool money together and get the bride a better gift than many small, individual ones. If you think this is a better idea, but none of the others suggest it, you can take it up and see whether the others would like to join you. You will also be expected to give her a gift for the bridal shower, and this will mostly be opened up in front of all the attendees. So, make sure it is something that the bride will love.

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Planning the bachelorette party and bridal shower

Although it isn’t compulsory, the bridesmaids usually throw the bride a bachelorette party and a bridal shower before the wedding. The entire bridal party works together to plan these events, and usually, the Maid of Honor approves the final plan. The idea behind having such parties is to ensure that the bride has a great time and likes how it is set up. So, offer your suggestions to the group on what you think the bride would like. If the bride has, at any time, shared her ideas of what a great party means to her, discuss this with the rest of the group. Finally, it should be a function that reflects her personality and choices. You will also be expected to work hard on the décor, food, and arrangements, so it goes smoothly. Be prepared to run around, make arrangements, and help to make the events a success. Both the bachelorette and bridal shower are usually held within a month or two before the wedding. Discuss the dates in advance and make sure you are available on the day. Also, since you will be contributing to the expenses, make sure that you are comfortable with the budget and be ready to pay the expected costs.

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Be there to support and help

Weddings can stress out even the most easygoing bride. The bride will have a million things to handle, and it isn’t uncommon for her to feel emotional, angry, or upset while planning the wedding. As her bridesmaid, you can ease her tension by offering your help when possible. Whether you choose to help her complete her responsibilities or are there to support her when she is feeling down, make sure she knows she can count on you. Volunteer your help for whatever you can assist her with, and help her stay positive and happy. Do not complain or criticize, but offer constructive suggestions. Nevertheless, remember that she may or may not take them, and don’t be disappointed if she doesn’t. If she asks you for your opinion, provide honest feedback. If you come across good ideas or inspiration you think she may find helpful, share them with her. Overall, ease her responsibilities by pitching in with help when possible, and she will appreciate you being on her team.

Understand your responsibilities and perform them well

Bridesmaids have an active role before the wedding and on an actual day. Usually, the Bride or Maid of Honor will delegate duties that each bridesmaid has to handle. Before the wedding, your responsibilities include attending the dress selection, buying the dress, getting it altered, and collecting it on time. On the wedding day, you will have to get dressed, help the bride get dressed and attend to jobs designated to you. Make sure that you are available and enthusiastic to handle any task assigned to you. Have everything you need to get ready for the wedding and take your jobs responsibly and punctually. At the wedding venue, the bride may turn to you for last-minute help or assign new duties. Accept them gladly and do your best. If you are in doubt, consult the Maid of Honor or bride herself and plan accordingly. Remember that you aren’t a regular guest at the wedding; instead, you have an extraordinary role. So, try to live up to your expectations of yourself.

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Be there for the different wedding events

Bridesmaids are expected to be present at all the critical events leading up to the wedding. This includes the bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, and other events that the bride or Maid of Honor notifies you of. Once you sign up to be a bridesmaid, keep your calendar ready to accommodate these events. Unless you are far away from the events or have a commitment that you cannot miss, don’t forge excuses to keep yourself away. You will have to work with the rest of the girls to plan the bridal shower and bachelorette and be prepared to assist the bride with planning the rehearsal dinner if required. It will also be nice to accompany the bride to her vendor appointments or dress fittings if she asks you to. A little help can go a long way in making your friend happy, and it will be fun to be involved in something so exciting. Now, if you are a junior bridesmaid, you may be excused from the bachelor party if the plans are not suitable for your age. In such a scenario exit gracefully, and only engage in tasks that are expected of you.

Learn to compromise, adjust and work in a team

All the bridal party members are essential to the bride, and they will all have a role to play in the wedding and events before it. So, you may have to deal with people you are unfamiliar with or don’t get along with. Compromise and make adjustments when necessary, and don’t be too stubborn about everything. If there is something genuinely concerning you, discuss it with the Bride or Maid of Honor, and they should suggest a practical solution. The bride trusts you to do things in her best interests. Don’t be a drama queen and be a good team player, so you can all help the bride have the wedding she wants. Don’t get into fights or arguments, as this can make the entire party uncomfortable. Help each other out where possible, and things will be a lot easier for both the bride and for all of you.

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Follow the bride’s instructions

The bride or Maid of honour is responsible for delegating duties and responsibilities. Try to be a good friend and follow them. If you are expected to hold the bouquets in a certain way or be in a specific place after the ceremony, take note of it and follow these instructions. The bride may need your help to go to the washroom to bustle her dress, fix an emergency, or touch up makeup, so don’t get lost when she needs your assistance. All the same, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have fun at the wedding. By all means, do! Just be aware of the needs of your bride and be available when she needs you to help. If you aren’t sure of what you are expected to do, ask and find out.

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Be pleasant, friendly and approachable at the wedding

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Guests look up to the bridal party as the hosts of the event. So, you may be asked questions and asked for assistance. Take up the responsibility of helping those who wish to know something. Be pleasant and welcoming, and you will be a fantastic bridesmaid. Try to help those you come across feel comfortable by chatting with them or getting them to meet people they can mingle with. Invite people to the dance floor and ask if there is anything you can do to help those who seem to need it. Spread the joy around, and you will feel just as happy as you make the people around you think. Plus, your friend will appreciate your efforts to make her special day extra-special.

Are you a first-time bridesmaid? If so, do tell us what you look forward to at your friend’s wedding? And for those of you seasoned bridesmaids, tell us how you have evolved from a novice to an expert over the many weddings you participated in.

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Summary: 10 Important Things Every First-Time Bridesmaid Should Know

  • Being a bridesmaid is an honor and responsibility, so it’s important to fulfill your duties and support the bride throughout the wedding planning process.
  • Communication is key. Stay in touch with the bride, ask questions, and offer your help and support.
  • Understand your financial obligations and budget accordingly. Bridesmaids are typically responsible for purchasing their own dresses, accessories, and covering travel expenses.
  • Be prepared for time commitments. There will be dress fittings, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and rehearsal dinners to attend.
  • Offer to help with wedding tasks, such as DIY projects, addressing invitations, or organizing pre-wedding events. Your assistance will be appreciated.
  • Be supportive and positive. Help keep the bride calm and relaxed during stressful moments and offer a listening ear when needed.
  • Be punctual and reliable. Arrive on time for appointments and events, and follow through on any commitments you’ve made.
  • Respect the bride’s decisions. Even if you have different opinions, remember that it’s her special day, and your role is to support her choices.
  • Be a team player. Collaborate with the other bridesmaids and coordinate tasks to ensure a smooth wedding experience.
  • Enjoy the experience and have fun! Being a bridesmaid is an opportunity to celebrate your friendship and create lasting memories.

FAQ – Bridesmaids

Is it possible for a married woman to be a bridesmaid?

Without a doubt. The notion that a bride must be surrounded by unmarried women is a thing of the past, and unless all of your closest friends are single, it may as well remain so. There’s no reason you can’t enlist the help of a married buddy.

Is it possible for you to have a bridesman?

A bridesman is a man’s version of a bridesmaid. He is usually a family or close friend who is picked by the bride to be a member of the bridal party. The lovely thing about today’s weddings is that couples include many personal touches that reflect who they are as people and as a couple.

Is it possible for bridesmaids to be pregnant?

You should not dismiss a bridesmaid because she is expecting a child. If you have worries about her ability to be a bridesmaid, speak up in person or over the phone rather than by text or email.

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Is there a cost for bridesmaids?

As a bridesmaid, what costs should I anticipate to incur? The expense of the bridesmaids’ dress and undergarments, shoes, accessories, and hair and makeup for the wedding day is usually covered by the bridesmaids. If the bride thinks it’s suitable, she can pay for any of the aforementioned expenses.

What is the title of a female best man?

When the groom decides to bestow this distinction on a woman, she may be referred to as the best lady or best person, or as the ‘best man.’ The woman or matron of honour is the bride’s counterpart of the best man.

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  1. Overpowering the bride would not end well for the wedding party, that is for sure! I like these tips and think they would be valuable to anyone planning the wedding.

  2. I have a friend that wants to plan the majority of the parties and wedding. Is that something that I should allow? I feel like I am not sure I would have any control.

    1. I had the same thing when I planned the wedding of my dreams. I kept her ideas and things in mind, but I made sure to tell her that my decision was the final one.

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