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Modern Elegance: Cocktail Length Dresses for the Stylish Mother of the Bride!

Cocktail-length dresses are one of our favorite looks for mothers of the bride and groom. Not only is it chic and stylish, it is comfortable and practical too. This pattern of the dress hemline hitting just above the knee is versatile and can take you from morning to evening. Being a classic style, that has forever been fashionable, a cocktail-length dress will give you the elegance you need in your important role as the parent of the bride or groom.


Here are some styling tips to help you choose your dress for this memorable occasion, and how you can accessorize to look just perfect on the day.

Choose a dress that plays up your best features and hides ones that aren’t so attractive

Different patterns highlight different features of your body. If there is a feature that you are particularly proud of, choose a cocktail dress that will emphasize it. This could be your slim waist, shapely legs or tight bust. For example, this beautifully textured Mori Lee dress has small embellishments on the square neckline, that draw attention to the model’s upper half. The illusion sleeves also shift focus to slender arms that are just visible, beneath the fabric. If you want to show off your slender figure and shift attention away from your legs, this is the dress for you.

Choose the right length and waistline depending on how tall you want to look

A shorter hemline gives the impression of longer legs and can help you look taller. Not only is this style good for showing off well-toned legs, but you also look well-groomed. Similarly, positioning of the waistline can also make you look taller or shorter than you actually are. An empire waist, for example starts just below the bust and makes you look taller. But it is a pattern that can add more bulk to your frame. So choose it accordingly.

Choose the colors and prints wisely

Cocktail dresses are available in various colors and prints, but not every design is suitable for every frame. If you have on the bigger side, wear loud prints and patterns. If you are generally small to medium-built, it is better to choose solid colors and simple patterns that aren’t too overwhelming. Also, make sure that the color is one that complements your skin tone. Try it on and see how you look in natural lighting, to make sure that the color enhances your facial features and makes you look attractive.

Accessorize wisely

A general rule when choosing accessories for your dress is that it should go with the dress, and not work against it. Choose shoes that match or are of a neutral colour. If your dress is simple, feel free to wear statement jewelry and larger accessories. If your accessories are huge and your dress is also loud, your look can be too cluttered.

To find the perfect mother-of-the-bride dress, visit us on Best for Bride. Our collection features dresses of all designs and patterns. You will have no trouble finding one perfect for this important day.

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[2024] How To Choose A Wedding Gown That Makes You Look Slimmer Than You Actually Are

How To Choose A Wedding Gown That Makes You Look Slimmer Than You Actually Are

All eyes will be focused on you on your wedding day—the Bride! So, it is only natural that you want to look your very best. But, while you may sincerely try to stick to your workout regimen and diet to be in top shape on your wedding day, we know it is not always possible.

So, what do you do if you cannot make it? You fake it!

Here are some tips on choosing a wedding gown that will allow you to look slimmer than you are on your wedding day.

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How to Choose The Right Size And Shape For Your Bridal Bouquet [2024]

Your bridal bouquet is an integral accessory in completing your wedding day look. The first thing that comes to mind when we think of the bouquet is the color and flowers to go into it. But, it is worth remembering that the bouquet should also be in the right size and shape to create an impact. This is what we will focus on in this article.

There are different factors that you should consider when choosing the right shape and size of your floral bouquet to create a balanced overall look. This includes your build, wedding dress, venue and more. Let us look at all of them, one by one.


You are the bride carrying the bouquet, so it should match your shape and build, to look good. If you are petite or small, choose a medium to small-sized bouquet that will be suitable for your frame. Scale down the bouquet size to fit into your hands, and opt for a tear-shaped one or a composite with a single stem and individual petals wired to it, to resemble a single big flower.

If you are full-figured and tall, you can opt for round, bold bouquets. You can even go for the classic Biedermeier which has flowers bunched in concentric circles.

If you are full-figured, but not very tall, then you would be better off with a tear drop or cascade bouquet, to create a lean look.


Best for Bride
Best for Bride

For women with a full bust and hips, the tear drop or cascade will play down their curves, and help them appear slender. If your structure is a balanced hourglass, you are a lucky bride, and can look graceful with any bouquet.

A pear-shaped bride is thicker below the waist, and bouquets that are bigger on the top, like a long-stemmed one will look good. Apple-shaped brides are larger on the top, and will benefit from tear-shaped bouquets that are medium to large in size. For brides with an athletic/rectangular body shape, medium to large cascades as well as long-stemmed composites work well.

For slender brides, who have a similar size throughout, round bouquets should be the best option. They should avoid large bouquets and also cascades, as these designs will overpower their physique.

Dress type

Sheath style dresses and A-line gowns are uncomplicated and flow gently. Pair it with simple bunches of flowers with long stems, or pretty cascades of delicate blooms to add to your feminine charm.

Splendid ball gowns call for equally attention-grabbing bouquets. Go for round posies or lush teardrop bouquets with rich blossoms to balance your look.

If your dress is embellished with details such as metallic embroidery, rhinestones, crystal beading or even elaborate floral motifs in lace, tone down the bouquet size, so you do not go overboard with too many details. Choose a simple teardrop or cascade, so the focus remains on your wedding dress.

Now that you know what type of bouquet would suit you, all that you have to do is find the flowers to make it perfect. Visit our online gallery at Best for Bride to pick out the perfect bouquet for your big day.