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The Best Accessories to Add a Little Pizzazz to Your Plus Size Wedding Dresses

You can add a bit of life to your traditional, gorgeous plus size wedding dresses. Instead of merely settling for the “all white” look, go for something spunky, something a little less dull, something that represents you.


Plus size wedding dresses, however, need careful attention when it comes to accessorizing and spicing up. You need to be extremely careful in choosing colors, designs, patterns and beadworks. With careful research and an open mind, you can spice up your plus size wedding dresses to suit you perfectly.

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How, you ask. Here are a few guidelines in adding a few frills to your plus size wedding dresses.

1. Go for subdued colors. When adding a splash of color to your plus size wedding dresses, add it near the hemlines. Choose your colors carefully in doing so. Be sure to choose subdued colors – subdued does not mean colors of mourning, mind you. Choose any of these pastels or neutral shades: tan, light grey, peach, light pink, light blue, light green or lilac. You may also go for metallic shades such as silvery grey, bronze or even matte gold. Do not risk patching up patterns such as stripes or plaid, and do not opt for bold colors such as bright red or neon green, neon orange or electric pink. These will drastically change the entire feel of your wedding dresses. Stick to the formal theme; do not go wild with the colors. It is also important to lock this in your head: No leopard prints, zebra prints or animal prints are allowed. There are no plausible excuse for humiliating yourself that way on your wedding day.


2. Go easy on the beadwork. Beadwork, sequins, embroidery, Swarovski crystals – these all make great wedding dress accessories. However, sprinkle them on your plus size wedding dresses minimally. You have to make sure you do not look like you are covered in ice or that you are not a walking disco ball. It would be safer if you seek the advice of bridal shop owners on the best means to accessorize your wedding dresses with beadworks, sequins and embroideries. With their years of experience in the business, they are sure to give you some pointers that would save you on your wedding day.

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3. You can also opt to add in a few flowers in or on your hair. But be careful with this one because this is quite tricky. You would not want to end up looking like a wedding favor. Choose lovely, classy flowers, made into a beautiful halo. Do not go for the ordinary types or flowers which you can merely pluck out of the central garden – if you won’t get caught that is. Also, make sure that the “flower in your hair” theme goes well with your wedding theme. If you are having a formal church wedding, one that would very nearly rival those of Britain’s royal family, a halo of flowers is not exactly the perfect choice.


Your best armor in choosing the right accessories to make your wedding dress is your own judgment. Choose well.

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