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How to Make Your Wedding Dresses Stand Out

Thousand of wedding dresses are rented, made, sewn, worn, sealed and handed down each single year. If you were to pile them all up, they would all basically look the same. So how do you go about to make your own wedding dresses stand out? Here are a few tips for having stand-out wedding dresses:


1. Splash in a bit of your favorite shade.

Think of Gwen Stefani’s luxurious wedding dress. Instead of merely settling for pristine white, add a little spunk to your wedding dresses. You may blend in a few pastels near the hem of your wedding gown, or add a few dainty miniature flowers at the fold.

2. Add a little sparkle

Other than spunk, you could also add in sparkle and sheen to your otherwise bland wedding dresses. Add a touch of sparkle with a few Swarovski crystals or beadworks to you wedding dresses. Just avoid overdoing it. Otherwise you would end up like a walking disco ball.

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3. Be yourself

You can never do your wedding gown justice if you don’t wear it comfortably enough. Be yourself and wear it the way you would wear it and not how some stiff, self-conscious and awkward bride would. Have fun in your wedding dresses and wear it with confidence. No one else in the entire room looks more gorgeous than you.


For those wearing a plus-size wedding attire, fear not. It is not the size that makes you or breaks you. It is how you wear it and how you feel when you are wearing it. It is your day, you are the best looking chap in the room, you know.

4. Add a little pizzazz

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If you want to wear a pair of ruby red Dorothy heels with your wedding dresses, go ahead. Accessorize and add in a bit of your personality. However, you have to be very careful with this. Be sure you won’t go overboard. Accessorize carefully, not thoroughly.

You could add in few of the pieces that makes you uniquely you. Flower lovers, show your passion. Wear a halo made with the best flowers or have a few miniature flowers added into your wedding dresses. Just make sure you do not end up looking like a giant bundle of wedding favors. You might lead your guests scrambling to take you home.


5. Accessorize with a smile

Despite what people say, your mood really brings down or destroys an outfit. Even if you are indeed wearing the world’s most gorgeous wedding dresses, made with the world’s finest silk and embroidered with the best jewels, but your face – especially your eyes – reflect the anxiety, the doubts, the self-consciousness, you will not be doing your gorgeous wedding dress any justice.

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Smile and enjoy the occasion. Your wedding day is supposed to be the best day of your life. Walk down the aisle with positive thoughts and do not dwell on apprehensions. In addition, do not feel conscious wearing your wedding dresses. You will not believe how a sunny smile can drastically change everything.

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