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How to Avoid Hideous Bridesmaid Dresses

The first question is: Have you ever been assigned the terrifying role of a bridesmaid? Do you have some tales of trauma when it came to bridesmaid dresses? If not, you are one of the lucky 70% of the entire bridesmaid population.

There have been quite a few ladies out there who have had serious problems with their bridesmaid dresses. The odd thing is, although bridesmaid dresses are delivered days ahead of the wedding, very few of them actually do something about it.


Here are five of the biggest bridesmaid dresses-related issues:

1. “I look like a bunch of wedding cakes huddled together!”

Looking like a wedding cake in your bridesmaid dresses is awful enough. Looking like a bunch of wedding cakes is the worst. You could just imagine the froufrou, bows and laces. That sort of bridesmaid dress could probably cover up an entire chicken coop – or even an island.


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2. “I look like a sausage!”

So, here it is. First, we have wedding cakes, now we have a sausage. Great! Lovely meal. If your problem is that the design, cut and fit of your wedding dress makes you look like processed meat, then the best thing for you to do would be to have it altered. Imagine how uncomfortable you would feel throughout the wedding ceremony if you won’t have it restructured.


3. “The color simply does not work for my skin tone!”

This is actually quite a common problem among bridesmaids all over the world. Sad to say, ladies, that brides can not have their entire wedding theme reorganized just to find a color that best suits your skin tone.

4. “I’m wearing a tent!”

Uh, that is not so bad, actually. A tent is a lot more comfortable than processed meat.

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So how do you deal with these? It is elemental, really. Here are a few solutions that might help ease your bridesmaid dresses blues:

1. Ask the bridal boutique if there is anything they can do to change the frivolousness of bridesmaid dresses. Brainstorm and find means to turn a cake-ish dress into a classy, sexy one.

2. Have your skin tight bridesmaid dresses resized. A stitch or two here and there and an alteration in the design is far better than walking down the aisle in agony, doing your best to smile despite having your breath choked out of you. This time, talk with the dressmaker. Specify what you like and what you don’t like. Let her know which assets you want enhanced and which flaws you want to cover up.


3. As for the color, there is really nothing much you can do about it. Simply wear your bridesmaid dresses the best way you could. Nothing beats wearing an armor of confidence. Who cares if the color is not so you when you can own the dress – and the color.

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4. For large, extremely loose bridesmaid dresses, you can always have it altered to your style and liking. As mentioned above: Own the dress.

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