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Bridesmaid Dresses Basics: Finding The Design For Your Bridesmaids

Deciding on the best design of bridesmaid dresses is challenging, next to finding your perfect wedding gown. Ideally, as the bride, you don’t want to be stressing over this matter. However, unless you want your wedding to be dubbed as the “wedding with the worst design of bridesmaid dresses,” you definitely would want to have a hand in finding the best bridesmaid dress.

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The dresses of your bridesmaids need not be overly sophisticated. After all, your wedding gown still remains central to the whole perfect wedding scenery. What matters is that each bridesmaid dress complements your gown. This results to a fluid and coordinated picture of merriment, style and tradition.


The gowns of your bridesmaids need not look identical. In fact, one bridesmaid dress can differ from another in terms of style. What’s more important is that all these bridesmaid dresses conform to the theme and motif of the wedding.

Consider your Wearers

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Rarely will you ever assemble a wedding entourage where bridesmaids are identical in size, color and height. Therefore, it is also your lookout — or your wedding planner’s — to ensure that the design of the bridesmaid dress will look good on every size, color and height.

For instance, an empress cut gown – contrary to popular belief – would neither be ideal nor suitable for heavy-busted ladies. It would make them look pregnant. If one of your bridesmaids falls under “this category,” then you might to consider another design of bridesmaid dress for her. Perhaps, a low-neckline frock would do the job of flaunting this asset.

Maternity bridesmaid dress

On another note, short ladies would look shorter when made to wear a floor-length bridesmaid dress. Dresses of this length are ideal for tall and skinny bridesmaids. Therefore, if you have someone who’s not that gifted in the height department, you may want her to wear a knee-length, or an above-the-knee bridesmaid dress. Just make sure that it’s not super-short that she’ll end up looking out-of-place.

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Ruffled sleeves are also great for those with firm shoulders and arms. Therefore, you must ascertain that the appropriate design of the bridesmaid dress goes to the appropriate person, or body type, so to speak.

Go for Long Life

If you want your bridesmaid dresses to be used not just solely for your wedding, then look for designs that are sophisticated but safe enough to be worn on other dressy occasions. Otherwise, such dresses would only end up in the closet — waiting for them to rot and go out of style.

Evening wear

Going for a bridesmaid dress design that remains relevant outside of a wedding party also spells practicality and significance. You are practical enough to think of your wearers, that they will have an extra fashionable gown that they can wear on special occasions besides your wedding day. You also remain significant as you have thought of a design that can be flaunted to the world anytime, anywhere.

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Remember, however, that your bridal gown should remain as the best-looking dress and the star of the most important day of your life. But, thinking wisely of how your bridesmaids would look on their respective gowns would also speak highly of you and your wedding. Together, a perfect wedding gown and well-thought-of bridesmaid dresses could send your day to the top of the Perfect Wedding List.

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