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Fashions for Mother of the Bride

mother of the bride dress

When you want the perfect wedding, you need to do a lot of planning, from choosing the right wedding gown to the decorations. As it pertains to bridal gowns, there are many choices available for you to look your very best while walking down the aisle. However, you should also ensure that the persons in your bridal party are just as beautiful, especially your mother. A daughter’s wedding is extremely important for a mother. For this reason, the fashions for mother of the bride needs to be just as stylish for them to look equally sophisticated and stunning on this important day. Keep reading as some fashion ideas are provided below.

The dresses for mother of the bride are usually purchased after the wedding gown. It might not be easy for you to choose the right outfit, but you need to make sure that it is stylish and can complement your bridal dress. The ideas below will help your mom to choose the ideal dress to look gorgeous on your wedding day.

Mother of the bride dress from Mori Lee

Fashions for Mother of the Bride

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When shopping for the outfit, you need to keep the color in mind. Brides wear white gowns traditionally, so it’s best to pick a color that will blend perfectly with other members in the family. You should also choose a shade that is best suited for your skin tone.

The design is also important as you need a silhouette that can flatter the shape of your body. The patterns should bring out your best features. If you are not too keen on showing skin, you can opt for lace or sheer material on the arms. Look for dresses in silk, crepe, chiffon or organza.

Dresses with off shoulder or scoop neck styles are prefect for women with broad shoulders. Beaded or ethnic sheath gowns are appropriate for mothers. If you are not feeling confident in a gown, you can get a tailor-made suit like a blazer and pants in gorgeous shades. You can pair these with a beautiful hat and look great at an informal wedding.

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When you talk about the fashions for mother of the bride, the jewelry is also important. The jewelry must be fashionable without giving off a look that is over-the-top or flashy. Diamond jewelry can complement any outfit and will look elegant and classy. Pearls are also sophisticated and you can wear beautiful strands to enhance a simple dress or add a touch of class to a tailored suit.

Another important element for mother of the bride fashions would be the stylish footwear. You need the right footwear for a glamorous dress. Wedges or pump heels will give you a little more height without causing discomfort. If it is a summer wedding, you could opt for medium size heels with trimmings or strappy sandals. Get the right accessories like a chic clutch bag to enhance your look.

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Keep these simple tips in mind to choose the appropriate fashions for mother of the bride at our Best for Bride stores .

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  1. Very beautiful gowns and glad I found this post i’m searching for fashion tips advice to get the latest trends for my mother and grandmother i’m getting married and I want a perfect style to fits them to my special day.

  2. Our mothers after all will take the task on behalf of us. Without having to care much about our mothers, they will theselves look for ways and search on how o be elegant in their daughters’wedding day. And of course whatever what they wear, they will be cute and nice looking 🙂

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