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[2024] How To Choose A Wedding Gown That Makes You Look Slimmer Than You Actually Are

How To Choose A Wedding Gown That Makes You Look Slimmer Than You Actually Are

All eyes will be focused on you on your wedding day—the Bride! So, it is only natural that you want to look your very best. But, while you may sincerely try to stick to your workout regimen and diet to be in top shape on your wedding day, we know it is not always possible.

So, what do you do if you cannot make it? You fake it!

Here are some tips on choosing a wedding gown that will allow you to look slimmer than you are on your wedding day.

Choose a flattering silhouette

Certain silhouettes like the fit and flair style are naturally slimming. This pattern closely contours over your natural curves and gently falls to the knees, from where it balloons into a cascade of layers. The result is that you look leaner and taller.

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Another dress that works for almost any body shape is the A-line gown, which fits the waist and flares out from the hips, emphasizing the required curves. The neckline and waist are other factors to look out for in a gown. An angular neckline (like the V-neckline) or an off-the-shoulder dress work well. Choose an empire waist or one that falls below your actual waist based on whether you want to show off or hide your waistline.

Find the perfect fit

An ill-fit gown looks uncomfortable and can even add some dreaded extra pounds. When your wedding dress fits you correctly, the fabric drapes over your figure beautifully and doesn’t bunch up in places. So, you will look lean. Entrust alterations to a professional sewist who knows her way around wedding gowns, and it will be money well-spent.

Consider corset-gowns

Corsets have two advantages: they pull your upper body in and create a tiny waistline. The elegance of a corset back is also an additional detail that will make your gown more interesting.

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Corset gowns can easily accommodate your changing shape without difficulty. So, you needn’t worry if your weight fluctuates during the days leading up to the wedding.

Make sleeves work for you

If you aren’t fond of showing off your arms, choose a gown with sleeves. However, remember that not all sleeves are slimming.

Butterfly sleeves fitted with three-quarter and full sleeves are the options that will achieve a slimmer look. These designs shift focus from your shoulder and upper arms and emphasize the smallest area, your wrists. If you go for a shorter sleeve, ensure the lines of the sleeve do not look tight against your skin, as this will only emphasize your arm’s thickness.

Tuck it in with good shapewear

Innerwear that fits you well and tucks in any bulges will help you look slim and feel more confident. Make sure you choose a well-fitted bra that keeps your cleavage modest if your gown is strapless. When you choose a fitted silhouette, get innerwear that will camouflage any bulges, and your dress will fall gracefully over your body.

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