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Tips to choose the right pair of wedding shoes

DesireAs much as your wedding is about looking fantastic, it is also essential to feel comfortable in what you wear on the day.

You will be spending hours on your feet, and a pair of ill-fitting shoes may ruin the entire experience. Although it may look great, you do not want to end up with blisters, sore ankles or pinched toes from wearing a pair of shoes that aren’t up to the task. Then again, you don’t want to compromise on the look either.

So, what do you look for when choosing the shoes you are to wear on your big day? Let us find out.

Comfort is king

Let this be the main determining factor when you start looking for your wedding shoes. Good shoes should be constructed with extra padding and cushioned soles that make it comfortable to wear for hours at a stretch. Consider the height and structure of the heel. Make sure you choose a comfortable height (3 inches at the most). If you aren’t used to wearing high heels but still want the added inches. Choose platform heels or kitten heels to feel comfortable. Choose ones that are open toed or round, so they don’t pinch.

Another factor to consider is the venue where your wedding will be held. For an outdoor wedding, choose wedges or flats, while flat heels are best for beach weddings. Break them in, by walking in them before your wedding day. This way, you’ll be more comfortable in them on your wedding day.

Budget sensibly

Your shoes  are on special duty on your wedding day, so set aside a higher budget than you would for regular shoe shopping. Put aside roughly 10-15% of your wedding dress cost for a suitable shoe.

To compliment your wedding dress, you would have to find one that matches the white of your wedding dress. Shoes, like gowns, come in various shades of white. The best way to find a matching shoe is to carry fabric swatches of your dress to find the shoe color that goes with it.

Choose the right size and design

Make sure that you go shoe shopping in the afternoon, when your feet swell the most. At the store, try on shoes in both greater and smaller sizes, apart from the one you think is right, to determine the best fit. Walk around in it, and see if it feels snug or slippery.

If you will be wearing a long wedding gown, or one with an embellished hem, make sure that your shoe doesn’t tug on the fabric and cause damage to it. It is a good idea to choose your shoes after you get your wedding dress, so you can choose one that will match perfectly and also be comfortable.

Make sure you take your shoes to your wedding dress fittings, so that your dressmaker can adjust the hem of your bridal gown to the right length by adjusting for the heel height.

Keep these points in mind and you are set to put the right foot forward, when you go shoe shopping!

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How To Plan An Outdoor Wedding

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Do you want to get married surrounded by nature in all of its glory? If you do, you’re not alone. Many women enjoy planning outdoor weddings that take advantage of spring and summer’s balmy beauty.

Whether you’re considering a casual beach wedding or an outdoor wedding festival with all of the bells and whistles, we can help you to prepare properly and get the results you want.

Here are some tips and tricks for planning the ideal outdoor wedding celebration:

Have A Plan B

Mother Nature is unpredictable – you’ll need a Plan B to make things work at your wedding. If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony or reception, you must make sure all of your wedding flowers, decor, and seating can be moved inside quickly. Lightweight chairs, trellises, and floral arrangements will be the best choices for an outdoor wedding.

Make sure the building you choose for your Plan B is comfortable, clean, and prepared for the event. Without a Plan B, you may be subjected to sudden downpours or gusts of wind that will ruin your white wedding dress and your wedding photos. An onset of bad weather will cause your guests, who are also dressed for a special occasion, to feel uncomfortable – and cold. No matter what the weather forecasts predict for your wedding day, be certain to have a backup plan.

A pretty indoor powder room is a must – this room should have optional heat and be well-stocked with decorative soaps, lotions, and a good, well-lit mirror. The comfort of your wedding guests should be priority one, no matter where you are.

Find The Right Wedding Photographer

Many photographers are versatile – however, you should definitely look for a photographic artist that specializes in working outdoors. To get wedding photos you’ll treasure forever, explain to a photographer exactly where the wedding will take place – also let them know your backup plan, and what type of lighting will be available indoors. Look at sample photos – does the photographer create the poignant, dreamy feel you want for your wedding photos. Pictures should be crisp, vibrant, but still romantic. Your bridal dress and bridal jewelry should be in the spotlight.

The skill of your photographer will have a great impact on whether or not you enjoy looking at your outdoor wedding photos. Ask a potential wedding photographer what tools and tricks he or she will use to get perfect results. Shop around and be sure to take any advice about doing your hair and makeup to get premium results while posing outside in your wedding gown.

You may want to find some nice props – such as a vintage garden bench or trellises. Your photographer may have some props he or she can bring along to get a variety of fun effects. Ask the wedding photographer to experiment with different backdrops that expose the beauty of your chosen locale.

Create an Atmosphere

Are you planning a wedding at a resort in the mountains? Time your ceremony to take advantage of the splendor that is all around you. There will be peak times each day (such as late afternoon or sunset) when the background will be at its most stunning. If you’re at the beach, consider the tides and plan accordingly. Once you’ve set a time for your wedding, add some fun elements to your wedding decor.

Wedding flowers that echo that environment should be chosen – wildflowers will work well for fields, parks, and mountain areas. Classic roses will be ideal for an ornamental garden or manicured park. If you’re in the country, rustic wooden chairs may work well for guest seating – daisies and grosgrain ribbons can be tied on for a touch of homespun beauty. Creating a mood and a special atmosphere can be easy when you know exactly what sort of ambiance you want to create.

Choose The Menu Carefully

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When dining outdoors, certain foods and beverages can amp up the mood. Roasting meats will smell heavenly, and they are always easy to prepare outside. Side dishes can be served family-style at each table or stored in chafing dishes, buffet style. Fresh salads with homemade vinaigrette will add lightness to a heavier meat entree – these two dishes will give a menu proper balance.

Crisp, white wine, and cold champagne can be lovely on a warm spring or summer day. Seafood can spoil easily, as can side dishes with eggs or mayonnaise. Consider your refrigeration needs when you decide on a menu – the last thing you want is guests becoming ill from food spoilage. To make things pretty, line up picnic tables and cover them in white table linens – add good flatware and glasses, as well as floral centerpieces. You must still create a luxurious feel, even if your wedding feast is an old-fashioned barbecue.

Add spring or summer beauty to wedding cakes by choosing styles adorned with bright, cheerful flowers…

With these tips, you can begin to plan an exciting and memorable outdoor wedding. Once you’ve found a bridal boutique and chosen bridal rings and wedding dress, you can use their style and details to decide on the right mood and atmosphere for your outdoor wedding. Wedding dresses and wedding veils should be chosen with the climate and background in mind.  Your bridesmaids dresses should also be comfortable and appropriate for the time of year and expected temperature.