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Guide to Barn Weddings

Barn weddings are becoming increasingly popular. As couples embrace the rustic chic style, barns and other country settings are in big demand as wedding venues. Though much of the process of using a barn for a wedding venue is the same as using any other type of venue, there are a few differences. What should you know when planning a barn wedding?

When planning the layout for the wedding or reception inside a barn, know the shape and dimensions of the building as well as any interior obstacles and the locations of the doors. It may help you to draw a diagram to plan out the seating arrangements and locations of tables and other items that you’ll be bringing into the space.

The barn offers protection in rain, but what is it like in sweltering heat. What could the weather mean for your wedding and guests? Barns typically aren’t climate controlled. Winter weddings may require you to bring in heaters. Summer wedding may require fans. If you are having a winter or summer barn wedding, you may want to call different barn venues and ask if they have the necessary heating or cooling.

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Will you need to spray for mosquitoes the day before the wedding? Ask the owner what weather or insect issues there may be for you and plan accordingly. Barns may or may not have finished floors. Some barns that are rented for weddings have natural dirt floors. This can be a problem if your guests are dressed in formal attire such as long dresses.

Many other types of wedding venues have a kitchen space. Barns, even those regularly rented for weddings, rarely have kitchens. Make sure the barn will have the necessary space and equipment that you or the caterer will need. Some caterers require a working kitchen. Therefore, the availability of the kitchen also may affect your choice of caterer.

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Is there ample parking close to the barn? May some guests need to walk farther than others? If so, you may want to have older adults park close and ask others to park farther from the barn. Check with the venue management to see if there will be enough restrooms for your guests. In some cases, couples need to rent bathrooms for their barn weddings.

Know where the electrical outlets are. If possible, plan your reception set up for the best use of the outlets. Don’t overload an outlet or you may end up in the dark. A common way to plan the use of outlets is to dedicate each outlet needed for one particular use. For example, if an outlet is used for coffee, don’t let the band use it. The band’s outlet should only be used for the band.

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For more information about how to plan select the perfect venue for your wedding, take a look at the Best for Bride blog.

2 thoughts on “Guide to Barn Weddings

  1. I have always had a soft spot for weddings that were in the barn. I just like the rustic look and recommend it to those that I feel would appreciate that. However, you make a great point about the heat.

  2. My mom brought this idea up. I think my fiance would love the idea and now we just have to find one that fits our location and budget.

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