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Exercise Your Creativity in Choosing Your Wedding Favors

Bored of getting the most common wedding favors? Now that it’s your turn to give out one, why not do away with the usual bride-and-groom figurines, key chains and small picture frames? It’s time for you to exercise your creative juices when picking out wedding favors for your beloved guests.

When selecting for wedding favors, you basically have a very wide array of choices. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the wedding favors you’ve chosen are within your budget. And of course, these little keepsakes would be in line with the theme of your wedding.

Here a few wedding favor suggestions that have a flair for uniqueness and creativity.

Wine Stoppers

If you want to impress, then why don’t you use wine stoppers as wedding keepsakes. These wine accessories would look chic and modern, especially if you choose unique designs. In addition, wine stoppers would prove to be very useful as it is really hard to put back the cork once a bottle is already opened. These wine stoppers would preserve those highly volatile and sought-after vintage wines.

These wedding favors come in different shapes and sizes, especially the top part. You can select from cork, rubber or plastic wine stoppers. There are also stoppers that are made of wood, plastic, or even crystals and special metals. Surely, with enough time to scout for them, you can get the wine stoppers that would fit your taste and mood.

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Fairytale-Inspired Ornaments

If your wedding is one that’s inspired by a fairytale, then it’s but proper that your wedding favors would have a touch of magic and romance. Just make sure, however, that the tiny things you’ve chosen as wedding keepsake aren’t things related to the villains of the fairytales. Otherwise, it would create a very negative impression.

For instance, if you’re a Cinderalla fan, then you could make use of her tiny Cinderella coach ornaments. You could even look for glass slipper miniatures. These wedding favors would truly add a romantic and magical touch to your already magnificent fairytale wedding.

If you are a fan of Iron Heinrich, then you can always come up with Frog Prince scented candles. These green stuffs would look truly refreshing and “hopeful.”

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Garden Items

If you are having a garden wedding, then your wedding favors should also speak of the same scenery. If you’re crazy about daisies, then why don’t you look for scented candles that are shaped like those blossoms? You could even go for rose-shaped candles if you are a fan on this type of flower.

A garden-themed wedding is not just about flowers. Expand your horizon and make use of other things that can be found in the garden. Pails are one of them; so miniature tin pails with tiny petals would also prove to be great wedding favors. Get into the seasons drama and come up with personalized fall leaves as wedding keepsakes. These meaningful leaves can be made of plastic or crepe paper, among other materials.

Remember, however, that the success of a wedding ceremony does not solely lie on the beauty of your wedding favors. There are other aspects of the wedding preparation that need your attention. But if you have the luxury of time and money, it wouldn’t hurt to get creative with your wedding favors. After all, as keepsakes, they are the things that your guests will remember you by.

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  1. By adding more impact and detailed elements to your wedding favors. Best way to thank your guests by choosing that they will enjoy and truly appreciate it.

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