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[2024] Here Are 9 Things to Keep in Mind When Getting Your Nails Done for Your Wedding

Here Are 9 Things to Keep in Mind When Getting Your Nails Done for Your Wedding

Skincare and haircare easily steal the spotlight when wedding preparations are concerned. But nail care is an essential box to tick if you intend to tie the knot anytime soon.

It is essential to get a flawless manicure and pedicure always and not only for the wedding. You’d be flaunting your fingers from your proposal to weeks before your wedding. This makes a perfect manicure a big necessity. 

There’s more to executing the perfect wedding manicure than selecting between gel, acrylic, or regular polish. You begin to prepare for the perfect wedding nails months before the wedding. 

There are many options for picking the right style, size and shape for your wedding nails. Here are 9 things to keep in mind when getting your nails done for your wedding. 

Tips for Getting the Perfect Wedding Nails 

Remember that your nails are just a part of your wedding outfit as your shoes, dress, and makeup. This is enough reason to give it as much attention as it needs. 

Are you looking to give your wedding ring the perfect backdrop with your flawless manicure? Here are nine (9) important things you’ll need to remember. 

Nail Care Routine 

A nail care routine is just as crucial as a skincare routine. Fabulous bridal nails are not achieved overnight; you start to create them months before your big day. Take good care of your hands and feet from about 6 to 4 weeks before the wedding. 

It is advisable to consult with an esthetician to find an effective, personalized routine. Make sure you take advice from only certified estheticians who have passed the nail practice test. However, some general nail care tips include: 

  • Make sure you cut your nails regularly to grow faster and more robust.
  • Do not try to bite or pick at your nails. 
  • Massage moisturizing cuticle oil into the cuticles frequently to promote healthy nail growth. 
  • Protect your nails with a base coat. 
  • Use gloves when gardening or cleaning with harsh chemicals. 

Do not forget to maintain a healthy diet for strong, healthy nails. 

wedding nail care

Nail length 

This is usually the easiest thing to decide on. You want nails that wouldn’t get in the way when you hold your flowers. Mid-length nails look stunning and help elongate your fingers. They also wouldn’t break or catch on your dress as the longer nails would. 

Pick a length you’re comfortable with to avoid nail accidents on your wedding day. 

wedding nails

Nail Shape 

There are different nail shapes you can choose from. It’s essential to choose one that suits your hands best. The classic wedding nail shapes are square, almond, rounded, or oval shapes. These wedding nail shapes add elegance while mimicking the natural shape of your nail.

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Brides who want to achieve a more feminine look for their wedding day. They would want to stick with ballerina, squoval, or almond nails to flatter the feminine shapes of the wedding dress

Some brides prefer unique nails. These come in various shapes and sizes. If you love to live on the edge, you can consider having them in a stiletto, edge, or flare shape. 

If you’re having difficulty finding the perfect shape, ask your beautician for advice. With all the focus on you and your nails, you’d want them to stand out. 

Nail Color 

Choosing a colour that goes with your general wedding look and suits your skin tone is necessary.

Understand and consider the undertones of your skin. Like lipstick, specific colours may clash with warm undertones and cool undertones. This can happen even if you’re wearing a neutral shade. 

Try out the polish on your nails and get a feel of it. The nail polish can look different than it did in the bottle.

Try to get a feel of what it will look like when everything is together. Hold your polished nails against your wedding dress or a piece of fabric. Make sure the polish blends with the dress.

Although blush pink, champagne and nude are traditional bridal colours, you can always explore them outside.

Silver jewelry blends well with a nude or soft pink. However, gold matches well with a warm, light peachy nude. You can also match your pedicure to the colour of a flower in your bouquet. This is an excellent idea since your hands will be next to them in many of your pictures.

Once you decide on a colour, purchase more than one bottle. This will come in handy if any adjustments need to be made or you run out of polish after a few test runs.  

wedding nail colour

Nail Art 

Wedding nail art is a fantastic way to add delicate detail to your wedding nails. However, for your wedding day, less is more.

Nail art should be kept subtle. It should not distract from the rest of your look or take the spotlight away from you. Butterflies or delicate white flowers on only one of your nails is a great idea. A clean nude base or French tip goes well with simple, cute nail art.

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Type of Manicure 

There are a lot of elements involved in a manicure, and one of those is what kind of manicure you want. Listed below are four common types of manicures: 

  • Regular polish

This is the most common manicure. Regular nail polish is simply applied on top of your natural nails to achieve your wedding look. While it is affordable and easy to apply and touch up, it chips easily and doesn’t last long. 

  • Gel Nails

For gel nails, you will need to use a hybrid nail polish that is dried under UV light. This process makes your nails hard and long-lasting for your wedding day. However, gel nails have to be gotten close to the wedding because they lose their shine after a few days. 

  • Dipped Nails

For dipped nails, the nails are coated with a sealant and dipped into a powder that only sticks to the sealant. This delivers a clean, beautiful manicure that’s an excellent backdrop for extra details. This may not be a great choice if you’re trying to cut costs. 

wedding nail shape
  • Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are artificial nail extensions that are solidified over your natural nail. This manicure makes your nails longer and more vital for your wedding day. However, they can damage natural nails if left for a long time. 

You can always consult an expert in cosmetology to help you make the best pick. 

Do A Trial Run Before Your Wedding

I am sure you would want a perfect manicure for your wedding. One or two weeks before the wedding is not the best time to test out nails. If you’re captivated by acrylic, gel, or dipped nails you see in pictures, try them out a month before.

This also goes for nail polish. Test as many shades as possible till you find the perfect one. Familiarize yourself with them so that they will feel comfortable. You would want to get comfortable with the nails’ length, weight, shape, and colour. If they are not comfortable, you still have sufficient time to try something perfect.

bridal wedding nail

Don’t Forget Your Toes

Whether you’re covering your toes in shoes or going bare feet on the beach, your toes deserve the same attention that you show your hands.

You’ll probably want to match your toes with your fingers for a cohesive look. However, there are more options. If your feet are hidden under your dress most of the time, naturally buffed nails are a good choice. 

If you want a beach wedding, guests are more likely to focus on their feet in the sand. You’ll want to give your toenail colour just as much thought as your hands. You might even electrify your toenails with glitter, jewels, or nail art on your big toe.

When testing out your nails before the wedding, make sure to include your toenails. This is very important because the length and design of your toenails could affect the fitting of your shoes. 

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Personal Taste 

It’s essential to consider your personal style when picking your wedding nails. There’s a huge temptation to pick the trendy or latest nail design. 

Your wedding nails must be very comfortable and in sync with your personality. You would want to look back at your wedding pictures and still fall in love with your nails. 


A lot of thought must go into achieving your dream wedding nails. Visit a medical esthetician if you have difficulty growing strong, healthy nails. They provide much more than hair care tips and skincare services.

On your big day, while packing your bag with timeless skin care products, make room for some nail care products too.

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