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The most important Wedding registry Do’s and Don’ts

Your wedding is a milestone event. So, it is only natural that the guests who attend it will want to gift you something valuable and useful on this occasion. A wedding registry is a convenient deal for both the couple and their guests. When you set up a wedding registry, it is easy for your guests to find something that you will appreciate and use in the new chapter of your life. So, if you thought you do not need a wedding registry, you ought to rethink this decision.

Today we look at the do’s and don’ts when setting up a wedding registry as well as some important information you should know about it.

When should you start your wedding registry

While some of your guests will wait till the last minute to get you your gift, others will prefer to complete the task ahead of time. It is best to get your registry ready before you have any wedding-related celebration, like an engagement party. In any case, your registry should be ready seven to nine months before the wedding. Now, if you prefer to wait and do things at leisure, this Brides article suggests that your registry should still be ready in time for your bridal shower. This will ensure your guests have enough time to check it out and find a suitable gift.

Top places to register for wedding gifts

There are several places where you can register for wedding gifts. So, don’t be hasty or limit your choices without first exploring your options. Create a curated list of items that will help you as a couple, and find places where these are available. Once you know what you want, we suggest that you restrict your registry to a few online and in-store locations where the items are available. Many of the suggested retailers offer extra discounts, perks and free gifts for registering with them. So, add it to your watch list. 

Wedding registry Etiquette—Do’s and Don’ts couples should know

Do choose from low, medium and high-end stores

Many couples often wonder how many gifts they should register for their wedding. We think it is better to register for more gifts than just what you need. A good rule of thumb is to register for more gifts than you have guests. Your guests will then find it easy to locate an item you prefer. While providing a wide range of items, you should also pick items of varied pricing. Include low, medium and high-end stores to keep your list diverse. This will allow your guests to find a gift that fits their budget without much difficulty. Your guests will also appreciate the fact that you do not expect them to shell out a fortune to get you an expensive gift, if you only register with a high-end store.

Don’t forget to include high-ticket items as well

While it is sensible to add gifts of all price ranges into your list, this doesn’t mean you should exclude expensive gifts entirely. It is likely that there may be at least a few friends, family members or work associates who would prefer to gift you a generous gift. Give them the opportunity to find something that fits their idea by providing at least a few high-end items in your list. As long as your list also has moderately priced items, the rest of your guests can overlook these options and go with one that is within their budget.

Do keep the wedding registry information out of the invitation

It may seem easy to simply put your wedding registry information in the wedding invitation. However, we do not recommend this as it isn’t considered good wedding etiquette. Some experts suggest it is alright to add your wedding registry details to an invitation insert, but never directly on the invitation. Include the name under which the registry is listed, so it is easy for your guests to find the right one.The ideal place to provide your wedding registry details is on your wedding website. You can also share this information with your family and bridal party. They can then pass it on to anyone who asks for it. Although most guests won’t ask you for this detail directly, there is no harm in telling them if a guest chooses to ask you directly.

Don’t ask for money in your registry

Whether you already have all that you need in your home or would prefer cash over gifts, we do not recommending asking for cash in your registry. The traditional expectation from guests is to give a gift in kind, and this is what most prefer. However, if you think its better to receive money, consider registering with a financial registry. This greatly reduces the awkwardness of the situation. These non-traditional registries will allow you to pool your gift money together and buy something bigger. Honeyfund allows couples to register for honeymoon extras through guest gift giving. 

For more tips on asking for cash for your wedding gift, take a look at this article on Apartment Therapy. 

Do create a wedding registry ideas list

Your wedding registry needn’t just have items that are useful for you right now. So don’t limit your options. Think long-term and create a wedding registry ideas list first. Consider what you may need in the years to come. Remember to include special occasions, items you will need for entertaining or even for when your family grows. Set up your registry accordingly, so your guests can get you gifts that may be useful later, if not immediately.

Don’t forget to update your registry on a regular basis

Just so you don’t end up with duplicates of the same item, it is important to review your registry regularly. As you do, remove items that have already been bought and include new items if any. It is a good idea to set up your registry so that you receive updates when an item is purchased. With this option, you will know when to update your registry without personally checking it every time. As the wedding approaches you will have to review your registry more frequently, and keep updating it every time a gift is bought by your guests.

Do keep track of who sent which gift

It is common courtesy and essential wedding etiquette to send thank you notes for all the gifts you received. For this, you should maintain a list to record who sent you what, just as you receive each gift. Either create a list on your mobile device or computer for the purpose. Or write down the names and the name of the gift as and when you receive each of them. At your bridal shower, don’t forget to have one of your bridesmaids note down who got you what if you open the gifts at the venue.

Don’t delay writing your thank you notes

Since thank you notes are time-consuming, it is a good idea to start writing them before the wedding. Common courtesy is to send the thank you notes out soon after you return from your honeymoon. Start with your thank you notes just as your gifts begin arriving. By completing a certain number every week, it will be easier for you to finish them. You can then put them in envelopes and get them ready in time for the wedding. All you have to do afterwards is to post the notes once you are back from your honeymoon.

DO focus on gifts that are useful to you as a couple

The idea of a wedding gift is to give the couples something that will help them grow as a family. Guests also usually prefer to gift items that do not have an expiry date attached to it. So, it isn’t really appropriate to ask for gifts that suit just one of you. Instead focus on items that are useful for entertaining, for your new home or that contribute to a family experience like a trip. Don’t add personal items like shoes, shades, handbags or makeup to your registry.

Don’t hesitate to edit your registry if you have second-thoughts about certain items on it

One good way to avoid regret is to take some time when creating your wedding registry. You may feel that you have a complete registry. However, let it sit for a day or two and then get back to it. This will give you time to recollect if you have missed out anything. Sometimes, it may also be better to edit out certain items from the list, when you go over the list again.

Do take inventory of what you own before setting up your registry

It isn’t always easy to decide what should and what doesn’t have to go on a registry. After looking at what you need in your new life as a couple, also take inventory of the things you already own. As you go through it, you will most likely notice that some of the stuff you already use needs replacing. You may also be adjusting with what you have in certain cases. Use your wedding registry to upgrade these things to serve you better when you are a couple.

Do mix the types of gifts you have on your registry

Everyone has a certain idea of what is an ideal gift. Hence, your guests may prefer certain types of gifts to give you for your wedding. To satisfy this need, keep the items in your registry mixed and there will be a choice that suits everyone. From essentials for a home like towels and linens, add items for entertaining and partying as well as household tools, dishes and equipment that will be useful in your new life together. Heavy-duty kitchenware, basic set of china and good quality bed sheets are definitely useful for all newly weds. So, definitely add these to your list.

Don’t forget to read up on the store’s policies before registering there

If a store stocks most of the things you need, also find out about their shipping, exchange and return policy before registering there. Your guests will prefer to shop at a place where their gifts will be shipped directly to your address. Take a close look at the exchange policies. In case you end up with duplicates of a gift, the exchange or return policy is important to help you switch it out for something else. It will not be easy to exchange your gifts if they allow limited time for it. So, check this out as well. Some stores also offer incentives and discount programs that will give you better benefits when you register with them. Do your research and you can make the most of the available options.

We understand how busy and taxing it is to be a bride, and in most cases the registry isn’t always on the top of your priorities. However, it is folly to let this opportunity slide. Follow this rule list and you shouldn’t have any trouble with setting up and making the most of your wedding registry.

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Ideas to find the best bridal shower gifts

Unique Wedding Gifts for Every Kind of Wedding - Ideas The Couple Are Sure To Remember!

Most guests choose their wedding gift from the wedding registry . This can limit their options to a certain extent. Being invited to a bridal shower means getting an additional gift for the bride, but this time it is up to you to decide what you would give.

Only those who are very close to the bride are usually included in the bridal shower list. So, this is your chance to give a thoughtful gift, although it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank doing so. Since you personally know the bride, and what she is most likely to love, this is your opportunity to give a personal gift that you know will mean a lot to her.

Here are some tips to help you gift your friend a memorable bridal shower gift.


  1. It’s not the cost, but the thought that counts

The best gifts do not necessarily have a very high price tag on them. You will anyway be spending a fair deal on the wedding gift, so keep the bridal shower gift simple but thoughtful. If you are good with your hands, consider making a special gift yourself. This could be anything from a necklace to a pair of hand-knitted mittens. Consider adding a personal touch such as a monogram of her initials, or creating the gift in colors that your friend adores, and she will fondly treasure it forever.

  1. Choose something original

We know that not all of us are good at making things, so store-bought is the only way to go. Nevertheless, a store-bought gift can be just as thoughtful and special, when the buyer puts in effort to choose one that will be cherished by the bride. Try to look for something that is not a regular choice, but one that suits the bride’s preferences and taste.

  1. Think of a shower gift that goes well with the wedding gift you get

This is a brilliant idea I found on The Knot,and I am sure it is a winner. Just like the wedding invitations are a sneak peek into what the wedding will be like, you can use the same to get gifts with a theme for the wedding. For example, if you plan to get table linen as your wedding gift, consider matching napkin rings that are personalized with a unique signature for the bridal shower, and it will make a befitting combination.

  1. Wrap it to look elegant and attractive

Unwrapping the gift is a big event at the bridal shower. So, make sure you pack yours up to look inviting and interesting. Choose attractive wrapping paper and add bling with a silky satin bow. If you are giving a ready made gift, consider a DIY wrapping paper for a more personal touch. Add more drama to the event by wrapping up your gift in layers of gift wrap,and throw in an interesting message on one of the covers. Make it a humorous one, and it will be something that all the girls can read and giggle at. You can find some interesting ideas here on the Martha Stewart website.

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Honor your parents on your wedding day with these great ideas


If you are like most couples, you are proud of your parents and would like to honor their love and support with a special gesture on your wedding day. It doesn’t take too much to show your appreciation for all that your parents have done for you, as you step into a new chapter of your life. Here are some ideas to include in your wedding, and show your parents how much you value them.

Add a family heirloom to your wedding

This can be your mother’s veil, a family ornament or even your mother’s wedding dress. You can use this as your “something old” and bring together tradition and something of sentimental value. If you do not want to use the same element as it is, consider upcycling it to fit your wedding theme and personal style. For example, you can take your mother’s wedding dress and restyle it to match your wedding dress vision. Or if the dress isn’t in perfect condition, you could pick some lace from it and add it to your bouquet or make a kerchief from it to carry with you on your wedding day.

Replicate something from your parents’ wedding at your own

Take a look at your parents wedding albums and find something that you would like to incorporate in your own. You could have your own bouquet designed in the same design as that of your mother’s, or choose a cake topper similar to the one on your parents’ wedding cake. You could also add precious family mementos into the wedding décor. If there is something that your parents have saved from their wedding, ask them if you could display it at your wedding and make sure you place it in a deserving spot.

Mention them in a special way during your wedding speech

On your big day, thank both sets of parents through a short speech. Spend some time to create a short and special note of thanks as a nice tribute to your parents. Rehearse it well, and surprise them with it on your wedding day. They will certainly appreciate the gesture.

Get them a meaningful token to cherish forever

Use this occasion to gift your parents a special wedding favor. Let it be one that they will greatly cherish and hold close to your heart. Photo charms with you and your parents can be added to your wedding bouquet, or you could wear it as a locket. Alternately, consider getting charms engraved with your names and gift it to them. You could also consider getting personalized favors for your parents based on their tastes and preferences. How about a personalized wine glass for the fathers and a bracelet or pendant in sterling silver for the mothers? Remember that it is not the cost, but the thought that counts. So, choose a gift that they will appreciate and hold close to their hearts. You could even do a handmade gift, as this will be the more heartfelt.

For more help with wedding favors and other gifts that will be perfect for your parents, visit our list of options on Best for Bride and find one that is just perfect for you.

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Your guide to being the perfect wedding guest

We have time and again seen advice on wedding etiquette for the bride and groom, as well as the rest of the wedding party. However have we ever taken time to think of what the couple expect from the guests who attend their wedding? Do they or don’t they have to follow certain etiquette rules as well?

The answer is Yes! Just like the married couple, the guests too have to conform to some basic rules, to ensure the wedding progresses smoothly and without hassles. We will cover these over the course of this article.

#Rule 1

Confirm your participation ASAP


Your role begins with receiving the wedding invitation. Quickly confirm whether you will be attending or not. This makes the rest of the wedding planning much easier for the couple. Do it in the format that is suggested on the card. Whether they ask you to reply by message, mail or phone, stick to it so there is no confusion later. A card with an RSVP regrets only message is the only exception, where you have to respond only if you wish to decline the invitation. Read more on it at the Wiki link to RSVP invitations.

Here’s the tricky part. What if you aren’t sure you will be attending? You should still inform the couple of your situation and give them a specific date by which you can confirm.

#Rule 2

Get the gift right


It is customary to give a gift to the couple, and the best gifts are those listed on the couple’s registry. It is unlikely that this information will be provided in the invitation. So, check with the honor attendants or the couple’s parents to find out where they are registered, or look at their wedding website if any. They should ideally provide you with a reasonable number of options. So, make your pick as early as is possible, and either take it with you to the couple’s home prior to the wedding or have it sent directly from the store.

#Rule 3

Dress appropriately and be on time

via Best for Bride

Make sure you find out what type of wedding is planned and dress accordingly. It would be inappropriate to attend a formal event in casual clothes or the reverse. Pay specific attention to details on whether it is black-tie or formal, so you stick to the dress code. Don’t choose a dress that clashes or overshadows that of the bride and groom. Arrive at the venue well ahead of time. It is suggested that you be there at least 30 minutes early. If you are forced to be late for some reason, join the group at the back and don’t cause any confusion.

#Rule 4

Be kind and gracious with your comments

Every couple wants to hear that they’ve had a beautiful wedding. Even if you think otherwise, keep your thoughts to yourself. Congratulate the couple personally when you get the chance. Don’t make any snide remarks, and don’t embarrass the couple or the rest of the wedding party in any way. Try to wait till the bride and groom leave before you depart. Should it be impossible, inform a member of the wedding party that you have to depart and don’t forget to mention that you’ve enjoyed being part of the wedding.

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