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Ideas to find the best bridal shower gifts

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Most guests choose their wedding gift from the wedding registry . This can limit their options to a certain extent. Being invited to a bridal shower means getting an additional gift for the bride, but this time it is up to you to decide what you would give.

Only those who are very close to the bride are usually included in the bridal shower list. So, this is your chance to give a thoughtful gift, although it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank doing so. Since you personally know the bride, and what she is most likely to love, this is your opportunity to give a personal gift that you know will mean a lot to her.

Here are some tips to help you gift your friend a memorable bridal shower gift.

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  1. It’s not the cost, but the thought that counts

The best gifts do not necessarily have a very high price tag on them. You will anyway be spending a fair deal on the wedding gift, so keep the bridal shower gift simple but thoughtful. If you are good with your hands, consider making a special gift yourself. This could be anything from a necklace to a pair of hand-knitted mittens. Consider adding a personal touch such as a monogram of her initials, or creating the gift in colors that your friend adores, and she will fondly treasure it forever.

  1. Choose something original

We know that not all of us are good at making things, so store-bought is the only way to go. Nevertheless, a store-bought gift can be just as thoughtful and special, when the buyer puts in effort to choose one that will be cherished by the bride. Try to look for something that is not a regular choice, but one that suits the bride’s preferences and taste.

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  1. Think of a shower gift that goes well with the wedding gift you get

This is a brilliant idea I found on The Knot,and I am sure it is a winner. Just like the wedding invitations are a sneak peek into what the wedding will be like, you can use the same to get gifts with a theme for the wedding. For example, if you plan to get table linen as your wedding gift, consider matching napkin rings that are personalized with a unique signature for the bridal shower, and it will make a befitting combination.

  1. Wrap it to look elegant and attractive

Unwrapping the gift is a big event at the bridal shower. So, make sure you pack yours up to look inviting and interesting. Choose attractive wrapping paper and add bling with a silky satin bow. If you are giving a ready made gift, consider a DIY wrapping paper for a more personal touch. Add more drama to the event by wrapping up your gift in layers of gift wrap,and throw in an interesting message on one of the covers. Make it a humorous one, and it will be something that all the girls can read and giggle at. You can find some interesting ideas here on the Martha Stewart website.

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  1. Thoughtful is the key here. You should know the folks in your wedding and then you will be able to get something you know will mean something to them.

  2. I can appreciate a thoughtful, original gift a lot more as a shower gift.

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