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Wedding Guest Elegance: A Guide to Dressing to Impress at Any Nuptial Celebration!

Weddings are occasions to shine and look fantastic at. Although it is the bride who will steal the show in her fantastic bridal attire, it doesn’t mean you have to tone down your glamour quotient. As a wedding guest, make sure you dress your best, and get noticed. Here are some fashion tips to help you look fantastic at the next wedding you attend.

Bring on the accessories

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Step out in style in a fantastic pair of heels, and give everyone the opportunity to look at you from Toe-to-top, for a change! Accessories are a fantastic way to transform a regular dress into something spectacular, and the best part is that it doesn’t have to break the bank. Experiment with statement jewelry, or invest in a killer clutch. Go with the latest trends and buy bold and bright accessories that add instant glamour to your look.

Stay Away from White and Black

When you have a whole color spectrum to choose from, why should you opt for the one color that screams “Bride”? White is the bride’s color, and don’t attempt to steal her thunder by appearing in white. As for black, we have seen enough of short black dresses at every occasion. You can be certain that there’ll be at least three other women in black, so don’t join the queue. The only time you will be excused for wearing black is if you have a super-stylish formal black gown that is so unique, you won’t face competition from anyone.

Bright or light, dress for the weather

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Choose colors that match the vibe of the season. Also, don’t forget that your dress should be appropriate for the weather at the time. Choose bright, bold prints or cheerful pastel colors for summer and spring. If it is a winter or fall wedding, embrace the beauty of the cooler climate and go for classic, dark tones. This is the chance to bring out your precious silk scarf or stylish stole, and enjoy the attention it gathers.

Make an effort

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A wedding is a special occasion, and however casual the style is don’t dress in anything you can be seen in on the street. You do not need a new outfit, but keep it formal or semi-formal, dress up in style, wear makeup and try to look good. Also remember that there will be families attending the event, so avoid dresses that are too revealing, too tight or low cut, that it can make you uncomfortable wearing in front of company.

Bring out your style with modern twists on classic dresses

Dressing up for weddings doesn’t have to be boring and always classic. This is your chance to let your personality shine through, with fantastic twists and elements that are your own idea. If your dress looks too plain, add an interesting scarf or pair it with a stylish jacket and you are set to go.

To choose the perfect dress to wear to the next wedding you have to attend, or your own wedding dress, visit us at Best for Bride.

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Vibrant Vows: Dazzling Bridesmaids Dresses to Add a Splash of Color to Your Wedding Day!

If you are a bold and adventurous bride who wants a unique, spectacular wedding, your palette will be most likely be packed with color. To add a fashionable punch to your wedding party, go with bold and bright bridesmaid dresses.

Here we bring you bright and beautiful colors from the Dessy Bridesmaids collection. Each gown makes a statement and is perfect and stylish. Your bridesmaids will undeniably look stunning in them.


Elegant in Emerald

The perfect color for a classic theme wedding, this elaborate emerald masterpiece from the Spring 2013 Dessy collection is a superb choice. The dress that gracefully falls to full length has a one-way draped bodice and a single-tone waistband defining the waist. The pretty ruffle detail at the shoulder is an interesting variation to the multiway dress that is a trending favorite. It looks effortless yet makes a statement. Your bridesmaids will look glamorous in this gown, as they stand beside you on the stage. Pair it with a brightly colored bouquet to achieve a colorful look, or keep it classy with a white bouquet.


Fabulous in Fuchsia

Your bridesmaids will look pretty in pink, and they will particularly love this hot pink shade. This dress from the Dessy Bridesmaids Spring 205 collection has several interesting details, like the ruched bodice draped to one side, the loose pleated detail at the waist, and the tapering strap. This is a gown that your bridesmaids will wear again and again. Perfect for a spring or summer wedding, choose fuchsia as your bridesmaid dress colours if your wedding palette has blue or brown accents. Accessorize with white, and pair it with a bouquet dominated by white for an uncluttered look, or add colours from your palette so they blend well with the rest of the setting.

Delightful daisy

Here is a colour perfect for spring. No other colour is as beautiful as a warm yellow and works beautifully in a garden backdrop. If your wedding theme embraces the colours of the tropics and is to be held outdoors, dress your bridesmaids up in this pretty daisy halter strap gown from the Dessy Bridesmaids Spring 2015 collection. The A-line silhouette is universally flattering and has fabulous details like a ruched bodice that crisscrosses at the bust and a pleated skirt. At the back, the halter straps cross to form a diamond cut-out that will have your maids looking stylish from this angle. Pair it with bright violet or pink bouquets for a fun and lively effect, or go with white and red for a classic effect.


Ravishing Red

Bright colours are not just for the warm months. If you have your heart set on a cool, winter wedding, add a few pops of colour to liven up the white background. Bold and festive colours like red or purple do this well. This Marquis Lace dress from the Dessy Bridesmaids Spring collection is perfect for the job. The jewel neckline, defined waist and scalloped hemline are all fantastic details that allow your bridesmaids to shine through. If your plan includes outdoor activities, keep your bridesmaids warm by adding boots and warm pashminas or wraps to this outfit.

To take a closer look at any of these dresses or to find more bold and bright bridesmaid dresses, visit our collection at Best for Bride.

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Wedding dress guide: Which white is right?

We look great in certain colors, while some colors just don’t look right on us. This is the concept that seasonal color analysis is based on. It allows us to recognize the colors that best flatter our skin tone, and thus enables us to tailor our wardrobe to contain these shades. By doing so, we eliminate the colors that do not enhance our natural charm. Instead, we focus on dresses that the seasonal color analysis specifies for our skin type.

This analysis is based on a four-season color palette, where every woman is assigned one of the four seasonal groups depending on her complexion. So, every woman would fall into one of the four categories—winter, summer, spring or fall. There are specific colors designated to each group, and the colors that belong to your group should suit your compleion.

The season you fall under is based on your skin undertones and how your complexion and hair coloring go together. Wedding dresses are usually availale in different variants of white, such as ivory, champagne, diamond and off-white. If you know your season, it is easy to choose the right white for your wedding dress, so it will best enhance your natural features.

The right white for each season

If you are a winter, your features are characterized by a striking contrast between your hair, eyes and skin. Dresses in white with blue undertones look best on you. Stark white is the ideal wedding dress color.

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Women in the autumn group have golden or copper skin tones. White with yellow or gold undertones, such as Ivory and Champagne are suitable for these women.

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Ladies in the spring group will have bright clear skin with a peach tone. An off-white shade or those of ivory and cream look best on these brides.

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The last group, summer, has low contrast coloring between their skin, eyes and hair. Soft, grayed white such as diamond white is the ideal choice for these brides.

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When you don’t know your season

If you don’t know your season, you may not find it so straightforward to determine the right white for you. In such a scenario, here is some extra help.

The darker your complexion is, the crisper and brighter your white should be. Choose stark white with a sheen, such as seen in fabrics like satin and silk. Don’t opt for stark white if you are very fair, as it will make you look pale.

Ivory and champagne are whites with yellow undertones. So, they look slightly off-white, but not too yellow or cream. These are the colors that you should choose if your skin has yellow or olive undertones. This will also suit women who are very fair.

For those of you who are unsure of which white to choose, a safe bet is natural or diamond white. This looks pretty in the wedding photos, but isn’t as pale as stark white, nor cream. So, it looks good on almost anyone.

Most wedding dresses are available in more than one shade of white. So, once you have chosen a particular design, choose the white that suits your complexion, and you will have found the best choice.

For more valuable wedding dress shopping tips, visit us on Best for Bride.