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Of Shoes and Evening Dresses

Have you ever heard about the comment: why do women need too many pairs of shoes? Well, the truth is, women are in love with shoes and come hell or high water, they will certainly buy loads of shoes throughout their lifetime. After all, shoes should be matched with outfits, and different occasions call for different styles. Evening dresses, for instance, should need those immaculate Jimmy Choo’s, and not the comfortable Nike’s. Be that as it may, it is rational to say that women certainly need too many pairs of shoes.

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Women are also about social gatherings – weddings, proms, company parties, important dinners. What comes next after finding the perfect gown is the perfect pair of shoes. Therefore, after choosing one from a handful of wedding dresses, a lady should choose the perfect heels.

So, how exactly should you choose the pair of shoes that’s perfect for your gown? How do you mix and match shoes and evening dresses?


To know which shoes to wear, ask yourself first: do you want to match the color of your dress or would you like contrast? If you want to be all-matching, then choosing your shoes is simple. Gold evening dresses with gold heels, little black dresses with black stilettos.

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But if you want to go for contrast, you can always play with colors. Nowadays, you usually see ladies wearing black evening dresses and pairing them with delicious red shoes! That is a sight to behold.

Another option for you is to match the color of your shoes with the color of your handbag.


Choosing the style of your shoes is also sometimes a difficult task. A little guide for you would be to choose a pair that complements the embellishments in your dress. For instance, if yours is one of those evening dresses that are accented with rhinestones, then choose a pair of shoes that have similar decoration.

Also, if your gown is made of flowing, silk material, then strappy sandals are ideal. On the other hand, if it is made of heavy silk, then leather pumps or velvet shoes would fit them perfectly.

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How high should you go when it comes to heels? Well, it all depends. First, it depends on the length of your evening dress. A 5-inch stiletto would be ideal if you’re all about sweeping evening gowns. But the same heel height won’t be ideal if your date is not that tall. After all, our society smiles if between a couple, the guy is taller than the woman.

When attending weddings, it might not be a very good idea to wear super high heels – else you risk tripping and ruining the wedding decoration – Toronto or elsewhere.

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Comfort Above anything else, comfort should be your main gauge when choosing the perfect shoes. Regardless of the beauty of a pair of stilettos, but if you are not comfortable being in it, then you would look scrappy. Uncomfortable shoes would look awkward on you.

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Therefore, in matching evening dresses and shoes, make sure to consider comfort. It is the number rule in shoe-selection.

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