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The Best Accessories to Add a Little Pizzazz to Your Plus Size Wedding Dresses

You can add a bit of life to your traditional, gorgeous plus size wedding dresses. Instead of merely settling for the “all white” look, go for something spunky, something a little less dull, something that represents you.


Plus size wedding dresses, however, need careful attention when it comes to accessorizing and spicing up. You need to be extremely careful in choosing colors, designs, patterns and beadworks. With careful research and an open mind, you can spice up your plus size wedding dresses to suit you perfectly.

How, you ask. Here are a few guidelines in adding a few frills to your plus size wedding dresses.

1. Go for subdued colors. When adding a splash of color to your plus size wedding dresses, add it near the hemlines. Choose your colors carefully in doing so. Be sure to choose subdued colors – subdued does not mean colors of mourning, mind you. Choose any of these pastels or neutral shades: tan, light grey, peach, light pink, light blue, light green or lilac. You may also go for metallic shades such as silvery grey, bronze or even matte gold. Do not risk patching up patterns such as stripes or plaid, and do not opt for bold colors such as bright red or neon green, neon orange or electric pink. These will drastically change the entire feel of your wedding dresses. Stick to the formal theme; do not go wild with the colors. It is also important to lock this in your head: No leopard prints, zebra prints or animal prints are allowed. There are no plausible excuse for humiliating yourself that way on your wedding day.


2. Go easy on the beadwork. Beadwork, sequins, embroidery, Swarovski crystals – these all make great wedding dress accessories. However, sprinkle them on your plus size wedding dresses minimally. You have to make sure you do not look like you are covered in ice or that you are not a walking disco ball. It would be safer if you seek the advice of bridal shop owners on the best means to accessorize your wedding dresses with beadworks, sequins and embroideries. With their years of experience in the business, they are sure to give you some pointers that would save you on your wedding day.

3. You can also opt to add in a few flowers in or on your hair. But be careful with this one because this is quite tricky. You would not want to end up looking like a wedding favor. Choose lovely, classy flowers, made into a beautiful halo. Do not go for the ordinary types or flowers which you can merely pluck out of the central garden – if you won’t get caught that is. Also, make sure that the “flower in your hair” theme goes well with your wedding theme. If you are having a formal church wedding, one that would very nearly rival those of Britain’s royal family, a halo of flowers is not exactly the perfect choice.


Your best armor in choosing the right accessories to make your wedding dress is your own judgment. Choose well.

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Top 6 Color of Choice For Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid dresses, to the dismay of so many bridesmaids the world over, has a limited spectrum of colors to choose from. All thanks to the earnestness and the solemnity of weddings, bridesmaids cannot wear deep mourning purple, jet black, any variations of white, chocolate or mud brown, plaid, stripes or animal prints.


So what are the colors suited for that occasion? What are the traditional shades when it comes to bridesmaid dresses? Bridal boutiques everywhere could assert that these are the top ten color of choice in bridesmaids dresses’ fabrics:

1. Peach

Who could not fall in love with the youthfulness, playfulness and sweetness of peach? It is the color that best signifies bridesmaids. Sweet, dazzling and charming. You could stay in church for a month and try to count how many weddings actually have bridesmaid dresses in peach. Why is peach one of the most favored colors? For one, its shade is timeless and elegant. It is one of the dress shades that withstood the test of time. Second, it is sunny and uplifting. Who could resist to smile upon seeing peach bridesmaids dresses?


2. Pink

I’m talking light, soft pink. The baby’s blanket kind of pink. Not the sharp, loud pink most teenagers opt to dye their hair with. The light pink shades represent sweetness and love. Why else would Valentines Day cards have a generous touch of pink? Why else would wedding cakes have hear-shaped toppings in pink? Simple, because pink represents sweet, sweet love. Isn’t that what weddings are all about?


3. Red

Not ruby red or blood red, mind you. A lot of bridesmaid dresses are within various shades of red. It could be maroon, or rose red. Either way, red signifies, more than anything, love. Love is exactly the reason why we have weddings in the first place. Red also signifies courage. Cynics say it takes bucketfuls of courage to take a walk down the aisle.


4. Blue

Blue, as a wedding theme, and as bridesmaid dresses, is not at all surprising. Blue, after all, represents loyalty and faithfulness. You will be needing tons of that in marriage. The various shades of blue are also extremely pleasing to the eyes. Maybe because it reminds us of blue skies and sunny days and glorious walks along the park.


5. Yellow

Yellow actually represents infidelity. But that belief held by thousands did not hinder yellow from creeping into wedding ceremonies. A lot of bridesmaid dresses are in variants of yellow. Why? For one, yellow is youthful. Yellow is also cheery, sunny and very uplifting. To sum it all up, yellow brings smiles. So why should it be banned from being worn as bridesmaid dresses?


6. Green

Green, the color of hope, life and a fresh new start. No other color best represents weddings that this. Green is arguably the most widely used wedding motif since the turn of the century. After all, it best describes what weddings are all about –- hope, life and new beginnings

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Tips on Trying on Wedding Dresses

There are quite a number of not-so-lucky brides out there who have this similar sob story: “When I tried on the wedding gown at the store, it looked perfect. Now I look awful and it is already too late to find other wedding dresses.”


In these situations, all you can do is suck it in and walk down the aisle as if you are the hottest bride on earth. Alternatively, you could grab one of the bridesmaid dresses and walk down the aisle with it. Or to be sure that you would not hurt someone’s feelings, you could just grab one of your old evening dresses and pretend it is your wedding dress.’


However, to save yourself from troubles such as those, you could try to follow these tips. It does not hurt to remember that prevention is better than cure, Ladies. These tips will aid you in trying on wedding dresses.

1. Do not starve yourself the week before you try on wedding dresses. Be realistic. Starving yourself will not help boost your self esteem. Instead, there is a great chance that starvation will dampen it. Let us put it this way. You lose 5 lbs on a crash diet because you want to look great when you try on wedding dresses. A few weeks later, you plateau. On your big day, you are no longer the same size as you were when you first tried on the wedding dress. Now, that is a disaster. Try on the dress without torturing yourself. Just love your size. What matters is you will be comfortable with yourself when you walk down the aisle.


2. Try on as many styles as you want. It would be a lot better if you could determine the style and cut that is perfect for you. Find a style that is not too restricting. As much as possible, avoid too-tight dresses. These might prove uncomfortable for you on your wedding day. Instead, go for comfortable wedding dresses. If you feel comfortable in your wedding dress, you would be confident with yourself. Same goes for bridesmaids dresses, they also have to be comfortable to wear.

3. Do not alter the dress after you already purchased it. If you change the cut or the style after you have already purchased the dress, there is a great chance that you would totally ruin its overall impact. Choose a dress that you love, then leave it as it is. Remember, you wear the dress. You are in control. If you know you will look good, you will definitely look good.


4. Wear your accessories and style your hair the way you want it when you go and fit your wedding dress. It would be quite nice to see the overall impression of your wedding dress beforehand.

5. Walk around in your dress. Walk around the bridal shop and assess how comfortable you actually are in that dress. It would be a lot better for you to gauge well the degree of comfort the wedding dress could bring.

Whether you’re looking for wedding dresses or a bridesmaid dress, has it all.Evening dresses are also available.

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Major Points in Choosing Plus Size Wedding Attires

Whatever the size, anyone can look good in their wedding attire if they choose the cut, the style and the color that best suits them. However, for plus-size women, this is not as easy as it seems. Finding the right plus size wedding attire requires a lot of details to consider. Here are a few advices that you ought to consider before picking up plus size wedding attires:


1. In choosing the right plus size wedding attire, consider carefully your body type. Do you have an hourglass figure? Are you pear-shaped? Are you top-heavy? There are specific plus size wedding attires for each figure, each ingeniously designed to enhance one’s assets and cover up their flaws.

2. Another thing that most women fail to consider is the color of the plus size wedding attire. First and foremost, determine your skin tone. Do you have a winter, summer, autumn or spring complexion? There are specific shades that best suits your shade.


3. Frills or no frills? Go for the no-frills, no-ribbons look. Other than adding bulk to your frame, you would not want to seem like you snatched it from the wedding dresses rack would you? Wedding dresses are naturally exempt from the frills and ribbons rule. You are not the bride, so lay off on the frills.

4. You should consider the length of your plus size wedding attire. For casual weddings, go for cocktail dresses. For more formal weddings, it is advisable for you to wear ankle-length gowns. For beach weddings, you can either wear knee-length casual plus size dresses or opt for a more bohemian feel, with ankle-length skirts.


5. Do not overlook you height. There are certain plus size dresses that would go along certain heights. For petite women, stray away from lengthy dresses or skirts. Women blessed with height can basically get away with any skirt length.

6. Less is more. Choose a simple, albeit, beautiful plus size dress and accessorize minimally. Avoid piling up accessories or too adorned dresses. You would not want to look like a wedding favors rack.

7.If you have found the perfect dress for your shape, complexion and height, and ended up with a strapless, slinky, red number, better to leave it on your wardrobe for some other occasion. Remember, you are going to a wedding. Not a night club. Lay off on slinky clothes.

8. Most women don one piece of clothing article that basically ruins the overall feel of their plus size wedding attires. The undergarments. It is disheartening to see sweet, lovely strapless dresses, with brassiere straps poking out. Nor is it pleasant to look at sheer dresses displaying black brassieres. It is important to note that the overall impact of you plus size wedding attire is greatly affected your undergarments – other than your shoes and accessories. This is applicable to wedding dresses, as well.

9. Comfort. Of course, you have to be perfectly comfortable with your plus size wedding attire. You have to be able to breathe in that dress, eat in that dress and walk in that dress.

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Why Weddings Are Not Complete Without Wedding Cakes

We often wonder what the big fuss on the wedding cakes is all about. Brides pore over its design, flavor and decorations for months on end. Grooms look forward to taking a bite of it. Guests seek it and eagerly anticipate tasting its richness. Wedding cake makers showcase a wide variety of designs on their display windows, making each passerby drool at its magnificence.

We now know that the wedding cakes’ essential role in marriage ceremonies is up there with the wedding dress, the bridesmaids dresses and wedding bouquet. Every guest holds their breath in anticipation of their first glimpse of the wedding cake, the first slice made by the bride and groom, the first forkfuls that the couple feed each other, their first bite of the lovely, rich luxurious cake. So what exactly is the fuss all about? What is with wedding cakes and what does it actually symbolize?

Very few know what wedding cakes represent. Very few understand why bridal boutiques have tons of magazines piled up with various topics about it. Actually, wedding cakes are illustrative of the bliss, as well as the lightheartedness that abounds during the wedding celebration. It shows the bond that husbands and wives will eventually share — it represents the friendship and love that will continue to flourish within the marriage. Feeding each other in front of so many witnesses is deeply meaningful, wherein the bride and groom seem to show the world their affection for each other.

Wedding cakes are, more often than not, a central part of your theme. It links together all the other aspects of your wedding – your decorations, wedding favors, wedding invitations, wedding dress and bridesmaids dressesAnastasia, among others. The cake is the biggest representation of your wedding theme; it is also the best representation of your personality.

What adds to the glitz of wedding cakes is its design. The essential components of its design are the wedding toppers, the icing, and the color of the wedding cake. These designs and decoration determine the impact of your wedding cakes. A wonderfully made cake with a dowdy design is deemed ineffectual. At first glance, guests already have made a judgment on your wedding cake. The already have a preconceived notion on how dowdy it must taste like. Similarly, an exaggeratedly embellished wedding cake will put a lot of guests off. On another note, there are also a few wedding cakes that look superb – every bit as glorious as those in wedding cakes magazines. Yet, these wedding cakes taste bland. Wedding cakes like these are even bigger disappointments. You are building up the expectations of a lot guests, and you let them fall off a cliff when they get to taste the cake.


All in all, wedding cakes are indispensable. As mentioned above, wedding cakes are the bond that holds you wedding theme together. Without it, your wedding day would seem patchy. It is definitely one element of a wedding that you simply can not do without. A wedding is never the same without a lovely wedding cake.



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Finding Unique Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaids complement the bride. Similarly, the bridesmaid dresses complement the wedding dress. You have already figured out every detail of your unique wedding — down to your unique wedding dress to your unique wedding invitations. However, you still haven’t figured out what to do with your bridesmaid dresses.


The initial step is actually so obvious. Take down your gorgeous wedding dress, analyze it’s style, it’s cut and it’s theme, then go from there. If you have a luxurious Grecian wedding dress, then start from there. Search for Greek-inspired bridesmaid dresses online. There are actually a few extremely reliable web sites who can offer you a wide variety of designs to choose from. These Web Sites also feature wedding invitations and wedding favors, among others. If your wedding dress is Hawaiian-inspired, then what logical reason is there other than to have Hawaiian themed bridesmaid dresses? If you are wearing a princess cut wedding gown, you may also opt to have princess-cut bridesmaid dresses.


Consult your bridesmaids on the designs which they like. Most women know what cut and style suit them most, so a consultation would be a safer route. For those with more than one bridesmaid, let them debate on a style and cut which would work well for all of them. Or, you may let these bridesmaids wear separate styles so as to enhance their assets and to make them feel comfortable wearing the clothes of their choice on your wedding day. You could also give your bridesmaids a few magazines to leaf through. These wedding catalogues and magazines could be a huge factor in helping the bridesmaids come to an agreement on their bridesmaid dresses.

It would also be advisable to seek the help of a professional designer. These designers know women’s body types and they could design clothes to perfectly suit each body type. Remember, there are some things that clothes designers can see that the mere mortal’s naked eyes don’t.


Remind your bridesmaids that there are no slinky numbers allowed in weddings. That rule should be strictly enforces. So, if they want to change the style and cut of their bridesmaid dresses, the better make sure to stay away from embarrassingly suggestive clothing. Otherwise, threaten them that you are going to personally drag them through the threshold.

When it comes to the color, the bridesmaids actually have very little say about this. You should follow the wedding motif. Green bridesmaid dresses would look awful if your theme is lavender. Similarly, fuchsia pink bridesmaid dresses would totally seem out of place if your wedding color theme is yellow. You can choose bridesmaid dresses that may be just a shade or two darker or lighter than your wedding motif. However, you should never a totally different shade.

All in all, the important elements in choosing your bridesmaid dresses can basically be summed up as these: Your wedding dress style, your wedding color motif, your theme and venue, your bridesmaids personalities and preferences, and of course, your bridesmaids’ comfort.

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Choosing the Right Accessories For Your Plus Size Wedding Dresses

The plus size wedding dress hanging outside your closet is beautiful by itself. A lot of brides prefer to wear no jewelry or accessories at all in order project the splendor of their plus size wedding dresses in all its unobstructed splendor.


A few brides, on the other hand, prefer accessories and jewelries to spice up their plus size wedding dresses. It all boils down to preference, really. Some want to don tons of stones on their wedding day. Some prefer a minimalist approach, opting instead for a simple pair of pearl earrings or a solitary diamond pendant. The thing is, you should be able to weigh your accessories of choice. Here are a few tips for brides in finding the suitable accessories for their plus size wedding dresses:

1. No plastics

Whatever anyone tells you, whether it be from the crazy attendant from the cuckoo bridal shop downtown or your nosy next door neighbor, never ever choose to wear plastic bridal accessories. Plastic bracelets, earrings, necklaces, or even plastic flowers up on your perfectly styled hair. It is not cool. It is not classy. Plastic accessories do not belong to a magnificent wedding celebration. If you already bought plastic wedding accessories during your last trip to the bridal shop, here’s an advice: Throw it out.


2. No bold prints

Inarguably, bold prints make one look bigger. Needless to say, bold prints do not belong to plus size wedding dresses. They will add bulk to your frame. Furthermore, bold prints are unwarranted when it comes to plus size wedding dresses or any wedding dress, for that matter. If you want to add a few prints to you plus size wedding dresses, choose tiny, subtle and pastel colored ones. These will look dainty.


3. No bold jewelries

Reality check, it is your wedding. It is not just some ordinary soiree. Wear the appropriate accessories and jewelries. They key to wedding jewelries: Keep it simple. Avoid bold, loud jewelries as they will take away the formality of your wedding celebration.

4. No neon shades

Unless your wedding theme is neon green, orange or pink, try not to ruin your wedding dress by wearing neon colors. Neon colors don’t work. Whether you want to emphasize something or you simply want to make some undecipherable statement, neon is not the way to do it. Try other means, just do not stick to the neon fad.

5. Not too much ice

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. No truer words have been said. Simple, sparkling diamonds are the best accessories for your plus size wedding dress. However, too much ice on you wedding dress may put some guests off. How much is too much? Let’s see… A pair of dangling diamond earrings, a diamond tiara, a diamond-studded choker, diamond rings on nearly every finger, heaps of diamond bracelets, and add a diamond anklet to that pile.

Remember, you do not need too much wedding accessories for you plus-size wedding dress. You already shine in it – by yourself.

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Choosing the Right Colors to Accentuate Your Wedding Dresses

Choosing the colors to accentuate your wedding dresses seems pretty easy. Predictably enough, most brides pick out their favorite shade out of the palette, without giving their wedding motif much consideration.

Let’s just put it this way, your wedding motif is red. Your wedding favors are the same shade of red, your mom’s plus size wedding attire is even red! Then you decide to go off and add a despicably obvious apply green sash to your otherwise pristine wedding dress. Horrendous is the best word for it.

Pink, red, fuchsia, burgundy, plum, mauve, purple, or blue, you name it. It actually does not matter what shade you would accentuate your wedding dresses with, as long as it is in the same color family as your chosen motif for your wedding. The key here is to leaf through a variety of color combinations and patterns. Bridal magazines are the best medium by which to look for wedding dresses. They portray wedding dressesF201 of various designs, color combinations and color patterns.

Here are a few tips that might help you out in choosing the right colors to accentuate your wedding dresses:

1. As mentioned above, choose colors that complement your wedding’s motif. The closer the shade of your wedding dresses’ accents to your motif, the better.

2. Consider how the color of your choice will look on your wedding dresses. White may be neutral, but it doesn’t mean that anything goes with white. For instance, choosing a chocolate brown sash or a dirt brown bow may not work well for you or your wedding dress. Instead of looking special, you will end up looking dowdy.

3. Think about how your accentuated wedding dresses will look with the other wedding accessories. Will the accents stick out like a sore thumb? You may have picked out a shade that basically belongs to the same family as your wedding theme. Your wedding theme lilac. You chose to accentuate your wedding dress with a deep purple sash. Note, deep purple, the color of mourning. That is not good at all.


4. It is good to be daring. In fact, the best inventions in this world emerged because a lot of people were audacious enough to try new things. However, this does not always apply to your wedding dresses’ color combinations, or color patterns for that matter. Plaid, checkered or stripes will never work in a wedding. Leopard prints, zebra prints or giraffe prints will produce worse effects. Imagine how horrifying it would be for your guests. Unless of course, your venue is the public zoo.

5. Here is a very good piece of advice, check out the venue of your wedding and your wedding reception. Take a look at the curtains, carpet and the tablecloths. Make sure the accents to your wedding dresses are not the same shade as those. Save yourself the embarrassment.

6. Sequins look great on wedding dresses. However, covering up nearly half of your wedding dresses is certainly not a good idea. Whatever the color of the sequins is, they should not be overbearing. Sequins are meant to accentuate your wedding dresses, not to cover it up.

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Make Them Remember Your Wedding Day with Killer Wedding Dresses

One of the first questions people ask when they talk about weddings is “what did the bride wear?” Yes, finding the right man is the hardest step, but finding the right wedding gown among a see of worthy wedding dresses is a close second. And when all is said and done and years have passed by, will your guests look back and say, “I remember the day that you got married?” for the right reasons?

wedding dress

Every Bride Has The Right To Wear White

Even Ms. Manners says so, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. What’s more important is that you find a style from the many wedding dresses that will look good on YOU and that you will feel comfortable wearing.

Know your body type. Are you round, inverted triangle, pear, hourglass, or diamond? If you think that your neckline and shoulder line are your strong points, and you are up to it, show it. You can wear your hair up, then accentuate with a necklace or a choker. If it’s your hips, choose one of those wedding dresses that will highlight this feature. If you feel you must, you can “hide” unbecoming features in flowing styles, or ruffles.

Custom-made wedding dresses are unique and reflect your personality. However, having a wedding dress made takes time, at least two months (really) from concept to actuality. After all the waiting and the fitting, and artistic differences with your couturier, the gown as an idea on paper may look pretty different from the reality on cloth.

On the other hand, ready-made wedding dresses from a popular bridal shop solve many of these problems, but you may end up hearing “That gown is just like the one my cousin wore on her wedding”, despite all your efforts to alter it and add trimmings. As for make-up, more is less. Brides glow with the beauty of a happiness that comes from being in love. There is no need to pile on the cosmetics, just put on enough to enhance that glow. A Little Something Extra

wedding dress

Sure, they’ll remember the gown and how good you looked, but a little wedding favor to jog the memory won’t hurt. Many wedding favors has ended up in the boxed limbo of useless little knickknacks that will never again see the light of day, so make your favors simple, personal, and if you can, useful. Steer away from the favors that are nothing but keepsakes. Very few people actually keep them. It is customary to give them away on the day of the wedding itself, but these maybe given out after, with the “thank you” cards. At this point, you may even be able to give out pictures from the wedding.

What Will They Remember?

Your wedding is a day to remember, but for it should be reasons that you want. Bother with the details, they do count. Have your loved ones and friends recall that it was a special day, and that you have made them a part of it.

Is your head spinning with so many wedding dresses and wedding favors? Choose a bridal shop you can trust. Visit today.

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What Wedding Dress Are You Wearing?

Getting married used to be a simple task – find the right man, ask for your parents’ approval, wear mom’s wedding gown, and walk down the aisle. Now, it’s a little more complicated, and of course, there’s no way you’re wearing what mom had worn. It’s a little outdated. Your wedding dress should feature the latest in wedding gown styles. If you can’t find the gown of your dreams, don’t fret, that’s just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. There’s more where that came from.

wedding dress

White? After Labor Day?

To wear white on your wedding day is your right, but it’s also your choice. With a wedding dress, the possibilities are endless. White, off-white, or white with trimmings, you can find it if you know where to look. Bear in mind that everyone has different body types, and different tastes. Take the time to look for the wedding dress of your dreams, try it on, and see if it works for you. You don’t simply need to imagine if the material will fall the right way, you need to actually see it. Neither should you worry about the fit because alterations can be made at your convenience. The gown you want is waiting for you.

wedding dress

The Total Package

Since you’re not walking down that aisle alone, make a stunning entrance and dress your bridesmaids in beautiful bridesmaid dresses. Get rid of the notion that bridesmaids’ dresses are horrible fashion statements, and hear the words “exquisite” instead. It can be sweet and simple, classy and elegant, or sexy and stylish. It could be a full gown, a mini dress, or anything in between. It’s your choice and they will love you for it. You can also include your bridesmaids in the decision making process to make sure that everyone’s happy. After all, you’re not the only who should look good on your wedding day.

Now imagine the awed silence as you walk in with your own wedding dress, be it a form-fitting, strapless number from Alfred Sung, a daring corseted gown from the My Lady collection, a wonderful ruffled and girlish Tulipia dress, or an elegant classic from Mori Lee. If you’re a stickler for details, you might as well find the right cake among the many wedding cakes in Toronto to get everything coordinated. Naturally, you can’t forget your shoes, makeup, and hairstyle.

wedding dress

The Million Dollar Look

You should have a look to go for, but not necessarily spend a lot for it. There are many shops offering dresses at reasonable prices and discounts. You don’t have to make that guesstimate on how much to spend, and you don’t have to compromise on the quality, not just for you, but for your whole entourage, no matter what the color motif or the time of day you’re having your wedding. It’s not going to be easy. But it’ll be worth it. After all, you must only have the best on your wedding day – wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, cakes, accessories and all!

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