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Elopement Wedding: A Definitive Step-By-Step Guide And How Not To Screw It Up

Elopements A Definitive Step-By-Step Guide And How Not To Screw It Up

The harsh reality in 2021 indicates that the states will ban mass events for several more years: weddings also fall into this category. Even a small celebration for 10-20 people causes a storm of indignation in most countries. So now is the time to plan the elopement. This trend has been popular for many years, but it reached its peak during the time of the coronavirus. So why do couples prefer elopement? What are the benefits of elopement? How to organize an elopement wedding? You will find the answers to these questions in our article.

3 Advantages Of A Wedding Elopement

Before you plunge into the wedding atmosphere, let’s find out – What is an elopement? Elopement is a marriage concluded without inviting relatives, friends, and parents. As a rule, couples that run away spend only a ceremony without an extensive and expensive celebration. Since only a groom and a bride are needed to register a marriage, this simplifies preparation. In addition to the ease of implementation, couples who organize the elopement get a lot of other benefits. Let’s take a closer look at them.

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The Freedom Of Action

We believe that the main advantage of a wedding for two is freedom of action. When planning a celebration with guests, their interests have to be taken into account in any case. For example, ceremonial registration is preferable during the day because it is difficult for the older generation to stay cheerful in the evening. It’s the same with outfits – all guests will want to see you in traditional dress and tuxedo. On the other hand, suppose you are an unusual couple and love originality, bold experiments, or extreme sports. In that case, your vision of a perfect day will run counter to the generally accepted ideas about a wedding. Therefore, elopement allows you to spend the first day of your family history precisely the way you want.

Saving On Quantity

The economic situation in 2021 is unstable, and the opportunity to save money on a wedding for a young family is now a great option. By organizing an elopement, you can significantly reduce the budget for a holiday because most of it goes to a lavish banquet. You can spend the money saved on any of your fantasies that you could not realize without a good reason in everyday life. For example, you can rent the most fantastic car, buy expensive champagne, hire a custom writing service to write you an excellent oath speech. There are a lot of ideas – in any case, you will save a lot if you do not invite hundreds of guests. As a result, you will get a lot of impressions, instead of boring congratulations from relatives.

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Fast Marriage Registration

You can plan a party without guests in record time. Usually, preparation for the wedding takes from 6 to 12 months. However, you can organize a celebration during the elopement 1-2 months in advance. If only the bride and groom are present at the wedding, the couple will not have to postpone an important event due to external circumstances or adjust to the date of the event for numerous guests. Also, you will not have to wait for summer, weekends, and good weather. If you want to become husband and wife in a month officially, elopement is what you need!

Elopement Planning: From A To Z

Now that you are familiar with the concept of elopement and its benefits let’s get down to organizing a wedding for two. Our how-to plan elopement guide contains tips that help you not miss anything important and keep your event stress-free.

Warn Parents About Your Decision

A secret ceremony somewhere on the edge of the earth is very romantic! To keep your holiday a secret, you can have many reasons: from an unwillingness to listen to other people’s advice to wanting to see friends’ reactions when you shock them with the news of the wedding. However, you will be making a big mistake if you do not inform your parents about the upcoming wedding. This is no less important for them than for yourself! If your parents find out about your marriage after the ceremony, it can offend them greatly. Therefore, inform the family that you are planning to get married, accept congratulations from them and feel free to leave for your wedding.

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Prepare for the Reaction of Loved Ones

The logical continuation of the first point is preparation for their reaction. When informing your parents about the decision to have an elopement wedding, be prepared that they will not approve of it. This does not mean that you should change your plans and do as your parents want. You don’t have to throw a fancy celebration to please them. Be aware that it will be difficult for your parents to understand and make your decision. However, this is your day – spend it unforgettable!

Select the Location of the Wedding

To choose a country for an elopement wedding, you first need to decide whether it will be an official marriage or a symbolic wedding ceremony without legal force. For your convenience, we have selected countries for formal and informal weddings.

Among the countries where newlyweds will register an official marriage, the following are the most popular: Cyprus, Italy, Greece, France, Turkey, Cuba. Rarer, but no less attractive countries for official registration of marriage are Switzerland, Austria, Bahamas, Seychelles, Sri Lanka.

If you are looking for a romantic sunset ceremony by the sea or surrounded by green trees, the informal ceremony is for you. Among the popular countries that hold colourful ceremonies are the following: Indonesia, Thailand, India, China, Scotland, Philippines, Maldives. Upon arrival home, you can register the marriage officially.

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Select & Order a Photographer

Create a list of wedding photographers from 5-7 candidates, from which in the future you will choose the one you need. Where to look for candidates? If you have acquaintances in the country where you will get married, ask them about the photographers. Another option is to search through social networks and online agencies. Most professional photographers have their websites, Internet profiles, where you can see portfolios, reviews, prices, and so on. Every photographer has a different shooting style – choose from those whose styles are close to your personal preferences.

Don’t forget to sign a service agreement. Of course, situations are different, but there can be many unpleasant nuances if you do not discuss all the details with your photographer in advance. For example, you need to discuss in advance the prepayment for filming, opening hours, the availability of a spare set of photographic equipment in case of a sudden breakdown, the number of photos, the format of the photo, and their delivery.

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Choose a Stylist And Compose Your Wedding Looks

It is not enough for a wedding to go perfectly to find a good photographer and a picturesque location. You will need a local stylist and florist. Yes, a wedding for two allows newlyweds to forget about such familiar wedding attributes as a veil, heels, or a tuxedo. However, when choosing outfits, do not forget that this is a holiday. A casual style with jeans and T-shirts is suitable for a cozy love story, but not for a wedding ceremony.

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Much in your outfits will depend on the weather and the chosen location, but there are universal rules:

  • The rule of harmony – the images of the bride and groom, must be in the same style.
  • The rule of relevance – it is better to refuse a fluffy dress at a wedding in hot countries.

As for the choice of a stylist and a florist, it is also worth adhering to the rules. Start by looking at the portfolio. This will help you determine how much the professional’s work and style are in tune with what you like. Also, check if the stylist will create the images of the groom and bride in the shortest possible time. Finally, do not forget about personal qualities – it’s excellent if the stylist helps create a good mood for the whole day.

Choose a Restaurant For Romantic Dinner

What could be more pleasant than a romantic dinner in a cozy restaurant after the ceremony? But, in order not to ruin the day with an incorrectly selected restaurant, take it responsibly. If you are interested in any restaurant, be sure to study its website before visiting. So you can find out what dishes are on his menu, the prices for them, what products the chefs prefer, etc.

The style of the establishment should match the event you are going to celebrate. In our case, this is a wedding – so a restaurant with quiet classical music and an exquisite interior will suit you. If you want a more straightforward option, you can arrange dinner on the roof, where no one will bother you.

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Select And Book A Hotel

Your wedding night should be unforgettable, even if it’s not your first night together. You should not only relax after a tiring, albeit enjoyable wedding event, but also enjoy each other. Consider these tips when choosing a hotel:

  • Be sure to look at the quality of service, the friendliness of the staff.
  • Pay attention to the cleanliness of the establishment.
  • Find out about possible special programs for newlyweds.
  • Pay attention to the furniture and design of the room.

If you are planning to combine wedding and travel, then choose hotels in tourist cities. Thanks to such a hike, you can visit fascinating places, sunbathe in the sun and gain strength.

Book Tickets

You cannot buy tickets on the last day – there is a probability that there will be no tickets to the desired country and day. Therefore, decide in advance how you want to get to the country – it can be an airplane, a steamboat, a train, a bus, etc. Then book your tickets: the earlier you book, the cheaper they will be. Remember that it is best to arrive in your chosen country a few days before the wedding. Weather conditions are changing rapidly, and this can become an obstacle, entailing material losses.

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Prepare Documents

To travel to another country, you will need a visa and an international passport. Prepare these documents in advance. If you do not have one of their documents, there are emergency services where experts are ready to create papers in the shortest possible time. If you want to register the marriage officially, you must also choose the mayor’s office, consulate, or church in advance and agree on the wedding date.

Calculate Your Budget

Calculate your budget after deciding on a wedding venue, restaurant, hotel, and team of professionals. If you don’t know the exact amount for your wedding expenses, you will frame yourself and the people serving you. In addition, unforeseen costs may await you, and to avoid awkwardness, take with you a little more than the amount calculated by you. Now that you are familiar with all the nuances of a wedding for two, you can elope. We wish you bright emotions and happy marriage!

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