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The Ultimate Guide to Rehearsal Dinners

Typically, it is up to the groom’s family to plan and pay for the rehearsal dinner. Because the bride and her family will be mostly consumed with the wedding planning process, this is normally planned by the mother of the groom.

Some brides do not see the rehearsal dinner as an important part of the wedding. However, this is a great time to celebrate with the wedding party and to enjoy each other’s company before the big day. You will also need the time to practice for your wedding as well.



The first thing that must be decided when planning a rehearsal dinner is the budget that you have to work with. This will help to guide the remainder of the planning process. Usually, the more people that are planning to attend the rehearsal dinner, the larger your budget will need to be, so make sure that you have a guest list in mind when planning the rehearsal dinner.



Some decide that a theme is necessary for the wedding rehearsal, but this is not a requirement. If you are choosing a theme, you should select one that works with the wedding, but does not overshadow it. It may be helpful if you talk the theme over with the bride, because she may prefer something that completely contrasts with the theme of her wedding.



Next, you should select a venue. Sometimes, the best place to have the rehearsal dinner is at the wedding venue because this will make it easier for practicing purposes. However, many people also choose a location that is separate from the wedding planning process in order to make the rehearsal dinner special and unique. You may even make the decision to simply rent a special room at a local restaurant as well, but remember to plan ahead if this is the case.



Finally, you should decide what food will work the best for the dinner. You will probably want to talk this over with the bride so that you can make sure that the food you select will be something that she enjoys. Choosing a restaurant is a simple process because you will not need to worry with preparing food or having it brought in. However, if you choose to cater the event or prepare the food yourself, make sure that you have plenty for everyone and that there are plenty of dishes and serving utensils available.


The rehearsal dinner can be a fun event to be enjoyed by the entire wedding party. If you are planning a rehearsal dinner, be sure to consider the items above when you are going through the planning process. By planning ahead and developing a to do list, you will be able to eliminate much of the stress that is normally associated with rehearsal dinner planning

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Breaking wedding traditions: Bridesmaids in White

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If you thought that white was for the bride, it is no longer the case. Ever since Kate Middleton introduced us to her bridal entourage in white, it’s been a hit and more celebrities have followed suit.

One reason why white isn’t usually chosen for bridesmaids, is to avoid any confusion on who the bride is. Interestingly, this prompts us to take a closer look at the tradition of having bridesmaids in the first place. Did you know that bridesmaids originally had a far more important role in a wedding, than they do today? It was to protect the bride from evil spirits! In order to achieve this, bridesmaids were intended to dress just like the bride.

Where modern weddings are concerned, the last thing you want is to see the entire bridal party looking the same. So, while we toss superstition aside and step away from dressing up the bridesmaids to resemble the bride, let us not write off white as a dress color for the bridal party. Here is why!

White balances and blends with any color palette

White is refreshingly beautiful and renders a casual, relaxed vibe to the ceremony. This is a neutral that blends into any décor, and if you have some unusual color themes at your wedding, you can create a balance with white as your bridesmaids dress color. Also, with white, you will be spoilt for choices where the bouquets and rest of the colors in your wedding décor are concerned.

If you are having a white winter wedding, or a chic beach wedding, white for your bridesmaids would be a beautiful choice. White goes with white, but it would be an even better choice for your bridesmaids dresses if your wedding gown is in an uncoventional color. In this case, choose white and you needn’t worry about it clashing with the color of your wedding dress.

Factors to remember when choosing white for your bridesmaids

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If you’ve made your mind to go with white for your maids, remember that bridesmaids dresses come in varying shades of white, just like bridal dresses do. So, you have to choose from ivory, milky-white and diamond. Ensure that all your bridesmaids are in the same shade of white, so the look is cohesive.

If your bridal gown is in white, let your bridesmaids dresses be in a length that is different from yours. With the bride in a gorgeous gown, there is no chance of confusion. Nevertheless, choose a different silhouette and neckline pattern to keep it interesting and to add more visual interest. Another option is to choose the bridesmaids dresses in white lace or with ruffles, to add a dreamy and delicate touch to your wedding.This is perfect for an outdoor wedding, where the white will pop against the natural background.

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How to enjoy your engagement and begin your marriage right

Isn’t your engagement a beautiful experience? The time when you acknowledge your commitment and love to the perfect partner, and when you look forward to being united in marital bliss. Every bride goes through this period where it seems unreal and too good to be true. But, once the reality sinks in, and it is time to plan and prepare for the wedding, it can cease being fun.

Engagement is the transition between being single and getting married, and as with any transition period, it too involves a fair share of stress. Most couples are so caught up with the hectic pace of planning their wedding, that they end up doing nothing else.

Is this the right way to start your marriage? Definitely Not!

Here is how you can enjoy yourself before the wedding, and make your engagement less stressful.

Plan ahead and do it well

Soon after you celebrate your engagement with your dear ones, begin planning the wedding. Fix a wedding date and split up all the tasks that are to be completed before it. Allot reasonable time for each task, and set your calendars to make sure they are done on time. This will allow you to work at a relaxed pace and get the work done without feeling overwhelmed.

Make sure you enjoy everything about the wedding planning

Whether it is shopping for your wedding dress, choosing your wedding cake or fixing the wedding venue, make sure that you are fully involved in the task. A major mistake that most couples make is that they take the tasks too seriously in the beginning and are exhausted by the end. Enjoy every aspect of what you do, and you will find yourself looking forward to the next one on the list.

Take a short break from the wedding

When everything seems to revolve around the wedding, it is time you break loose and take a day or two off. Spend a weekend at a nice destination. Make a decision that you will not discuss anything about the wedding during this short holiday, and it will help you unwind and rejuvenate yourself.

Make time for just the two of you

Don’t forget that you are in love and need to enjoy yourselves as a couple. Continue having dates and plan surprises for your partner, like you did before getting engaged. Find time to talk, discuss and have fun. Plan your honeymoon together, discuss your future and you will find yourself eagerly looking forward to your wedding day.

Enjoy time with family and friends

Relax and unwind with your favorite girlfriends once in a while. Spend time with your parents, and discuss your wedding plans with them. Not only will you receive plenty of suggestions this way, you will also benefit from the relaxed atmosphere.

Have fun watching wedding movies together

Spend your evenings together, watching romantic or fun wedding movies. This will help you and your partner appreciate this time in your life all the more. Pick up “Father of the Bride” or “The Wedding Singer” and enjoy some light comedy, before getting back to the rest of the wedding planning.

Enjoy your engagement, and make the best start to your life together. For all your wedding needs and valuable tips and wedding advice, visit us at Best for Bride.