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Mixed and Matched Bridesmaids Dresses – Different dresses, but a cohesive look

Brides come in all shapes and sizes, so do their bridesmaids. While you definitely want a cohesive look for your bridal party, you should also allow your bridesmaids to show off their best features in dresses that make them feel great. Choosing the same bridesmaid dress for the entire party may not allow this, as each of your bridesmaids has different looks, personalities and preferences.

Fortunately, there is a solution. There is a huge range of bridesmaid dresses available today. This allows you to mix and match styles, fabrics and colors, bringing more fashion and excitement into your wedding. Nevertheless, you should still mix and match right so your party doesn’t look disjointed.

Let us look at how to make this possible.

Different designs but the same colour

One factor that can seamlessly unify the entire party is colour. You can grant your bridesmaids freedom to choose the design and pattern of their choice, as long as they stick to the exact color. Make sure that all the dresses match, as different shades of the same colour can look different depending on the pattern and fabric. This would defeat the purpose.

Different colours but the same design

Here, the common factor would be the design. While your maids can choose any of the colors available in a particular pattern, it is also recommended that you stick to a particular color family or pair complementary colors for the best results. Various tones of the same color that is used throughout your wedding decor would have your brides looking different yet the same. The same dress in a family of colours that matches the wedding palette will have an amazing overall effect.

Same hemline length for all

Even when the colors are the same, the bridesmaids can look disjointed when the hem lengths of each dress is different. So, it is best if you fix a uniform length and vary the other features instead. Your bridesmaids can choose between different necklines and colors, but keep the pattern or fabric similar and the hem length exactly the same.

Multiway dresses

Now, here is a brilliant option that is easy yet innovative. When you find yourself too confused and are unable to obtain a cohesive effect, reduce the chances of error by choosing multiway dresses. These dresses can be worn in various ways, allowing your bridesmaids to find the pattern that suits their body shape. The dresses can be worn in a wide-strap pattern, as the knot halter, draped over one shoulder, with draped sleeves or in the bandeau style. Whichever option they choose to carry, you can be certain that they will look stunning and more importantly, similar.

You do not appear too imposing by allowing your bridesmaids to choose their dress (as long as they stick to the unifying factor). Even so, you ensure that their looks are all tied together. So, not only are your bridesmaids happy, so are you.

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