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Happy Bridesmaids, Happy BRIDE!

Don’t worry!  All you have to do is shorten it, and you can wear it again!

If you have ever been asked to be a bridesmaid, your first thought might not be of gratitude or excitement, but of the dreadful possibilities of Bridesmaids Dresses that you may be required to wear!  Not long ago, it was common for the bride to select the same gown for all of her bridesmaids, with the unspoken belief that the Bridal Party was never to outshine the bride on her wedding day.  Nowadays, times have changed!

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With recent weddings becoming more and more sophisticated and stylish, today’s brides are often pursuing a more fashionable and affordable approach to the dressing of their Bridal Party.  By simply first choosing the color and fabric, many brides are allowing their attendants to choose their individual Bridesmaids Dresses based on these simplified guidelines.  Gone are the days where each bridesmaid is expected to dress exactly alike, regardless of body shapes and sizes.  By focusing on your bridesmaids’ enjoyment and excitement of feeling pretty as well, you may save yourself a great deal of unnecessary stress and worry in the process!

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As your wedding day draws ever closer, your nervousness may increase, your frustrations may rise, and your stress levels may soar!  But through it all, your girlfriends are going to take care of you, helping you through the wedding preparation, from the sending of the invitations to the planning of your final exit from the reception!  Don’t forget to repay that friendship by choosing to dress the Bridal Party in the most flattering and affordable manner!

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Here are some simple tips to keep this sometimes arduous process stress free:

  1. Plan in advance and provide ample opportunity for your Bridal Party to prepare for the event by scheduling fittings a minimum of four to six months before the ceremony.  Bring your Bridesmaids along to shop with you, perhaps having some fun along the way by trying on different styles of Bridesmaids Dresses, both elegant and silly!
  2. First begin by deciding on color and length.  Depending on the season or time of day for the ceremony, the degree of formality may vary.  For an evening wedding, perhaps a floor length silk sheath is appropriate.  For a summer event, perhaps a tea-length sheer design would be more suitable for a sunny afternoon. Tradition dictates, however, that when the bride is wearing a longer gown, the attendants should not wear shorter Bridesmaids Dresses.
  3. Remember to choose a style and fit that will enhance the figures of all of your Bridal Party.  A fuller-figured bridesmaid may not feel comfortable in a strapless cocktail dress, for example.  Be compassionate.
  4. Be considerate of your Bridal Party’s budget.  Bridesmaids usually pay for their own Bridesmaids Dresses.  So, a recommended cost might be below $200.  Less money is even better, since your girlfriends will also be spending money on Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Parties, and wedding gifts.

2 thoughts on “Happy Bridesmaids, Happy BRIDE!

  1. I let my bridesmaids make the final decision on the dress they wanted to wear. I made sure I kept everyone figures in mind and the dress looked great on everybody. 🙂

  2. I just didn’t expect to have to pay for almost everything. Maybe I’m being petty. All I can say is my bridesmaid will be much more relaxed for wedding. Yes to make happy bride and maids. Thanks!

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