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Expert Tips on Preparing a Dress Code for Your Wedding Guests

Expert Tips on Preparing a Dress Code for Your Wedding Guests

Choosing to hold a wedding allows you to share your love with the people you and your partner care most about. Surrounding yourself with your desired community will help make your big day extra special, allowing your family and friends to participate in the celebration of your union. To ensure that everyone is up to speed with your dream wedding ambiance, you must set a dress code for your guests. This way, everyone will know how they’re expected to dress up on your special day, and no one will feel out of place when they celebrate with you.

Perhaps you’ve attended a wedding or two in the past where the event’s dress code was not expressly indicated, thus resulting in some confusion among the guests. Now, you want to prevent this from happening at your wedding. To ensure that you and your guests are all on the same page, you can do the following:

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Creative Guest Book Alternatives

Not many couples give much thought to the guest book. They simply buy a traditional guest book, set it out on the wedding day, and forget about it. The couple may browse the pages once or twice after the wedding. Over the years, many couples stick it on a shelf or in a box and forget it ever existed. Why not get your guests to create something that you will truly cherish as a reminder of your special day? These guest book alternatives are much more fun and meaningful than a standard guest book.

With these new ideas, a guest book attendant would be helpful to explain it to the guests. A puzzle can be made from a photo of the couple such as an engagement photo. Instead of signing a guest book, the guests sign the back of a puzzle piece. The puzzle can start as completed on the table with a vase, bowl, or box to put the signed pieces. Guests take a puzzle piece, sign the back, and place it in the container set up to hold the signed pieces. Instead  of a puzzle piece, one couple used Jenga game pieces.

Time capsule ideas involve the guests writing a message to the couple and placed in a container that will be opened at a later date. Some people use bottles with special printed labels that say what year the messages inside the bottle will be read. Another idea is an anniversary piñata to be opened on their 1st anniversary. Guests can be encouraged to write a prediction, wish, joke, memory, or note of encouragement to be added to the time capsule.

Display guest book alternatives involve the guests in creating a keepsake that will be on display at the couple’s home. The display can take several forms. A simple image like a tree or heart can be made by arranging heart cutouts on a plain color background. Heart-shaped wooden cutouts can be purchased at the local craft store. The guests can sign a heart on the display. The guest book may be in the form of a large photo or canvas with the wedding date in the center. The photo can have an oversized matting that is signed by the guests or guests can be invited to sign any part of the canvas. Couples can get very creative with the displays. The Petal Wishes guest book alternative is another great display idea which requires less planning and lower cost than many other display options.

A very practical idea for a guest book alternative is to ask guests to create the couple’s first address book. Index cards of contact information and an attractive file box can serve the purpose for both guest book and address book. Guests can be encouraged to leave a note for the couple on the bottom of the back of the card. Another practical guest book idea is to include a calendar at the guest book station for guests to write down their birthdays so that the couple have a nice calendar to remember the birthdays of their friends and family. The calendar can be combined with any of the guest book ideas.

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Creative Guest Book Ideas

Want more than just the usual glided edged guest book that you can buy in any store for your wedding? Need something creative but aren’t sure what you are looking for? Check out our creative guest book ideas to add a personal touch to your wedding!

Letters to the Bride and Groom

Leave a vintage typewriter with a stack of paper inviting guests to type out some messages, words of wisdom or advice they have for a newly married couple. You’ll love being able to go back and read what they wrote for you and what they had to say on your wedding day.

Wedding Mad Libs

You can get these from a lot of online wedding stores or you can create your own. Instead of having a guest book, leave the mad libs on the tables at every place setting and have a box where your guests can drop off the mas libs when they’re done. You’ll love reading them!

Puzzle Pieces

If you are a couple that loves puzzles, you can have a photo of the two of you made into a puzzle by many online companies. You can let guests write on the backs of the pieces and you can put the puzzle together upside down to read all of the notes written to you. Fun, a little challenging and definitely unique!

Photo Frames

Instead of having a photo of yourselves, you can always have a custom poster made with your names and wedding date on it for your guests to sign around. This will give you something to hang up next to a wedding photo and you’ll be able to have all the well wishes on display.

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