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The essential guide to tipping for Wedding Services


Is it obligatory to tip every vendor at your wedding? Or is it alright to assume that the vendor charges cover their services and you needn’t add gratuities into your already-stretched wedding budget?

Wedding tipping is a tricky area, with no set rules on what is right and what isn’t. More often than not, it is up to the couple to decide whether they want to tip a vendor or not. If you aren’t really sure of what to do, this guide will help you recognize who you should tip and who you can skip.

Ground and set-up staff

These people do most of the hard work, like moving or setting up equipment and furniture at the venue. So, they deserve a tip for their efforts. You can budget roughly $10 per person. This list also includes anyone who delivers gifts or the important items from your baker, florist etc.

At your reception venue, unless you have taken an all-inclusive package, you will have to pay the staff in charge of serving wine or cutting cake, separately. In both cases, it is common practice to tip these attendants, and you can put aside roughly 15% of the food expenses for this purpose. To avoid double-tipping, check your contract for whether it includes service charges and make your decision accordingly.

Hair and Makeup

Similar to when you visit a beauty salon, these staff expect a tip for the service they provide. How much you pay will depend on how well you think they performed the job.

Florist and Baker

It isn’t usually necessary to tip your florist or baker, as their rates normally include gratuity. One way to know whether it would be appropriate to tip the person you are dealing with, is to read your contract. If it includes service charges, you do not have to tip again. Another thing to remember is that you needn’t tip a vendor who owns the service, but it is alright to tip employees.

Wedding planner

It is optional to tip your wedding planner, but you can always do so if you appreciate the effort the team put in, to make your wedding a success. You can also show your appreciation by giving them a nice gift instead of cash. Don’t forget to send a thank you note to your wedding planner if you loved what they did, and make sure you do this soon after the wedding. A good review and photos for their portfolio would be nice too.

Photographers and Musicians

It is optional in both cases, but if you are happy with their service or if they exceed your expectations, don’t hesitate to tip them. Again, if the photographer is the owner of the business, you can always skip it. For the musicians, if they did a splendid job and kept the evening alive and active, you can tip them.

Apart from the customary tips, you should appreciate anyone who has made a special effort to do the job well. Don’t think of the rules if you think they did a splendid job, and also send out a thank-you note afterwards. In a business where customer satisfaction decides a vendor’s business prospects, it will be well-appreciated if you can provide them a good online review or recommend them to your engaged friends

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Rules for Wedding Tipping and Gratuity


There will be many vendors that you deal with on a regular basis throughout the planning of your wedding. While you will be paying each of these a certain amount of money, it is always best to consider offering them a gratuity for their services as well.

While most are not required, others are built into the contract and some people who are planning a wedding find it helpful to know what is customarily given to these vendors. Below you will find the gratuity amounts that you should expect to pay so that you can add them into your overall wedding budget.

Caterers – Wait Staff – Bartenders

This is one area that the gratuity is typically included in the contract when you first sign it; normally around 15% – 20%. However, some feel as though their caterer did an outstanding job in regards to handling their guests and offer an additional dollar or two per guest for this reason.

An additional 15 to 20% is also typically included in the contract, but if it is not you should offer the additional gratuity to the maître d’ with an additional 1% to 2%. Bartenders are also typically given 15 to 20% gratuity, but if they are not also accepting tips from your guests, it is best to add an additional 10% on top of this amount.

DJs – Bands

Neither of these vendors require a tip, but many people offer one if they have provided an exceptionally nice experience for the bride and groom or the guests. For DJs, the standard is to offer a 15% to 20% gratuity. For bands, the standard is $25 per band member.

Limo Drivers

Many couples choose to have a limo driver to transport them to the wedding venue, to the airport or other locations before and after the wedding. It is standard to offer this driver 15% to 20% after they have completed their services.

Other Vendors

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Other vendors that you may conduct business with throughout the wedding planning process are photographers, videographers, florists, and bakers. Each of these provide something special to your wedding and it is usually typical to provide them each with a 15% to 20% gratuity.

While this is not required, nor will it be added into the contract, some feel as though these vendors have done an amazing job and wish to reward them for their hard work.

Wedding Planners

This is one of the main vendors that typically receive a gratuity after the wedding. They are usually in charge of many aspects of the wedding planning process and help make sure that everything comes together as planned. The customary gratuity for the wedding planner is 10% to 20%, but an additional 10% to 20% is sometimes offered for an exceptionally good job.


Gratuity may be one area of your budget that gets overlooked when you are setting up funds for your wedding. While most of these areas are not required, it is still standard to offer a gratuity to the vendors after the wedding.

In order to make sure you have the funds available, you should make sure that you add the proper amounts to your budget so that you can properly thank your staff for their hard work.

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