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From Disaster to Dream: Why Hiring the Right Makeup Artist is Crucial – A True Story

Please Note: The following has been written by a guest blogger.

A makeup artist may be one of the last things that a bride thinks of, but it’s no less important a choice than a hairstylist or even a florist. It takes research to find the artist that will be the right fit for you and who will make you look exactly how you want to look and not caked in makeup. Another important thing to consider is a trial – during the trial, your makeup artist can look at photos of what kind of makeup you are looking for and will do an application. From there you can judge how you’d like to change the look, or if you like it how it is. Also, you may discover you have sensitivities to some products that you didn’t know you had.

I cannot stress the importance of a trial enough. Why? Because I didn’t have one for my wedding, it left me in tears on the most important day of my life, and I would never want another bride to go through the same thing.

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Back then I didn’t know what I know now. No one told me that I needed a makeup trial and I would never have even thought of it. This was before the mobile makeup for brides became so popular, and also before I had even given any kind of thought to becoming a certified makeup artist (that came a couple years later).

Don't let this be you on your wedding day.
Don’t let this be you on your wedding day.

When the hairstylist and makeup artist showed up at my home, the first thing I noticed was the disorganized way the makeup artist was transporting her materials. In her small train case, it was clear eyeshadows had been broken and not cleaned up. She proceeded with my makeup application and I found out then I was very sensitive to foundation formulas. So sensitive that I had an allergic reaction. In fact, the makeup was so bad, I looked like a raccoon with black lining my eyes and spread across my eyelids, despite asking for a ‘natural look with gold and brown tones’.

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Now I look back on my wedding photos and while I love them, the redness from the allergic reaction is still there. I don’t love the photos any less, but it did make me realize the error in my ways. Years later when I became a certified artist, I realized that this girl had probably been nothing more than someone with a lot of makeup.

Don’t make the same mistake I did, ladies. Bite the bullet, pay for the trial (or at the very least make sure the artist is using products you are familiar with) and make sure you get exactly what you want on your wedding day.

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  1. Thank you for sharing, all we knew how important beauty and makeup is in every woman, we wanted to be confident and look fabulous in our wedding day- need to find a really quality makeup artist. Wedding is just for once!

  2. Great article! Thank you for posting this!

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