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Bridal Beauty Blunders: Common Makeup Mistakes Every Bride Should Avoid!

Many brides are unsure whether or not to hire a makeup artist for their wedding day or if they should do their makeup themselves. Still, wedding professionals suggest taking the pressure off yourself on your special day and hiring a makeup artist. But, there are some mistakes brides can make on their wedding day, with or without a professional.

Not Getting a Trial

There’s a reason there is a rehearsal before the wedding day, and the same goes for makeup (and hair); you want to know what to expect, how long it will take and whether the artist can provide you with the look you want. What is a natural look to some isn’t always the same to others. If you cannot book a trial, bring reference photos and have a very good idea of what you want from your artist.


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Forgetting a Touch Up Kit

Sometimes, your makeup artist will provide you with a touch-up kit, but if they don’t, this is something to keep in mind. Some items in the kit may include a couple of extra bobby pins, a mini can of hairspray, some setting or mineral veil powder and an application brush, blotting papers and your lipstick of choice.

Requesting Airbrush Makeup

Everyone wants that flawless airbrushed look we all see in magazines, and while application of the foundation takes less time this way, it is a lot harder to set airbrush makeup, and it tends not to wear as well. If you have oily skin or want a matte finish to your look on your wedding day, please consult with your makeup artist; they’ll recommend the best foundation.

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Not Booking Your Artist Soon Enough

While picking out your dress, you should also think about picking out a makeup artist. Most popular artists book dates 18 months in advance, and you don’t want to miss out because you have waited. Check out their portfolio of work to get a good idea of whether or not this artist is good for you, and be mindful of the price point. Makeup artists can be expensive, but they offer a priceless experience and are worth their charge. Make sure you ask about the products they use in their bridal kits (if it’s brands you can get at your local drug store, they’ll likely be charging much less than the artists that use brands like Smashbox, NARS, Dior and Make Up For Ever to name a few) and make mention of any allergies you may have.

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3 thoughts on “Bridal Beauty Blunders: Common Makeup Mistakes Every Bride Should Avoid!

  1. Too much makeup? Is that a bad thing?

  2. Being able to touch up your makeup is a great thing and one that should be considered for sure! Great makeup tips!

  3. Useful post about makeup, It’s best to learn from other’s mistakes than to feel the urge to commit one by oneself & then think of learning. I think we’ve all made some of these mistakes to some degree or another. I’m glad that you have shared all these mistakes here.

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