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5 Tips For Planning A Wedding On A Budget

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You don’t need a lot of money to plan a beautiful and elegant wedding! In fact, you can still plan the wedding of your dreams on a budget. Many brides make the mistake of going over budget because they fall in love with an idea and want it no matter how much it costs. If you’re determined to stay on budget and even come in under, here are a few money-savings tips to keep in mind as you’re planning your wedding:

1. Choose an off day

Everybody chooses a Saturday for their wedding, but did you know that by having a Friday or Sunday wedding, that you can save almost 30% or more? Many venues offer steep discounts for having functions on off days, so why be like everyone else? Change things up and have your wedding on a different day, which will say you in the end.

2. Go with a buffet

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Having a sit down formal dinner can end up costing you more in the end, so if you’re trying to make budget, why not try a buffet style? This way, your guests can get up and mingle with each other and pick out food options that they want. Also, opt for chicken rather than beef and go with seasonal veggies since those choices are usually less expensive.

3. Trim the guest list

It’s understandable that you’d want to invite everyone you know to share in the joy of your wedding, but if you’re trying to save money, you’ll have to trim the guest list a bit to only those that you actually want there. If you have friends you’ve never seen or family that doesn’t come around anymore, axe them from your guest list. Also, let your parents know that space is limited and they can’t invite all their own friends no matter how much you’d like to extend them an invitation.

4. Sample sale dresses

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If you still want a designer dress, but don’t want to pay a designer price tag, research for sample sales in  your area. You’ll be able to get amazing brand name dresses for nearly a fraction of the original cost! Just make sure that you examine the dress for any defects since you can’t usually return sample sale items. Or, go to a bridal boutique and ask to see their sale dresses. Most of the time, they’re from last season and still just as beautiful as this season’s styles.

5. In-season flowers

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Best for Bride

Flowers that in season are less expensive than those that aren’t, which have to be imported. Also, roses and carnations are always inexpensive options that are beautiful and will look great in your bouquet or center pieces.

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  1. We scheduled on a Friday wedding. We made sure that our way through wedding season is gracefully while carrying our budget. Intelligent tips so much useful.

  2. Fantastic and from quite talented. I like everything here. I’m so excited for my weddin. Look forward to future TIPS. Great ideas – great post! Saving tons of money we really wanted!!

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