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Simple Tips for Budget Wedding Planning

Every bride dreams of having an amazing and memorable wedding. Yet, planning out the perfect wedding can be quite costly. In order to save some money while still having a dream wedding, you might want to implement some simple wedding planning tips.

Go Secondhand

One of the best moneysaving tips you can follow with your wedding planning is to purchase a secondhand dress or to use the dress a family member wore. Some brides are apprehensive about wearing a secondhand dress because they fear that it won’t be quite so special if it was worn by someone else. Remember, it is now up to you to create new memories with this dress and the memories of its past don’t taint the memories you are creating in any way. You can actually purchase a very extravagant dress that you may not otherwise be able to afford if you choose to go with a secondhand dress.

Let the Family Pitch In

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One of the biggest expenses of a wedding is the food and the cake. By enlisting in family members to help with the cooking, however, you can save a significant amount of money on your wedding day. You might also want to consider having an early afternoon reception so you can serve finger foods rather than a sit down dinner, which will be much easier for your family and friends to prepare for you.

Bypassing the DJ

Rather than hiring a DJ, you might also want to consider preparing your own mix of music and setting up your MP3 player to play the tunes for you. With the help of your MP3 player and a good sound system, which the venue may be able to provide for you, you can shave hundreds of dollars off your wedding expenses.

Reducing Your Guest List

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By reducing your guest list, you can save a great deal of money while also making your wedding celebration cozier and more intimate. In fact, by eliminating your 2nd cousin’s best friend from the list, you may find that your guests enjoy your special day even more.

Choosing Your Venue Wisely

Selecting the right venue is another great way to save some money. Having your wedding outdoors at a beach or in your own backyard are two options that can save money while also making your wedding unique and romantic. You might also ask a family member or friend if you can have your wedding at their home.

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By following these simple budget wedding planning tips, you will easily be able to have an incredible wedding while keeping more money in your pocket.

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