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The ultimate checklist on how to prepare a gay wedding

Thanks to the Australian legislation to make same-sex marriage a legitimate affair. This true liberalization on the exchange of love came into the process since 9th December 2017, through the Marriage Amendment Act 2017. It has also received royal acceptance on the same day from the governor-general. The antiquity of the same-sex wedding has suffered a great vetoing by the Howard government in the year 2004. But thanks to the legislation, for making the gay wedding a legal affair after a long fight, it has been finally approved in the year 2017.

Of course, bygone days have also witnessed some strong same-sex affair but, we can see a distinctive focus in the present time. More liberalization also making the liberal hearts speak their liberal minds. The whistleblowers were up with their support and it all happened with all grace. Today we can see many same-sex couples have discovered their comfortability in the prevailing society and accepting their friendship amongst all. Though we cannot deny the fact of being differently engaged. There are still lots of challenges that a gay couple face getting their union done right with praise.

Within this infinite emotional pool, one should understand and value the emotions of others. Well, the world is changing, but still, some part of society is against the idea of a same-sex wedding, especially when it comes to parents and other relatives. While planning a gay wedding, it could be very challenging to make sure everything falls at a place with no sentiment hurt. This is a serious matter and one should not compromise with the time required to plan a same-sex wedding and you can enjoy altogether a different type of wedding. There are many examples of same-sex marriages that have shown to this world, that feelings do not come with a sex card, it just comes for a  person and they could be anyone same-sex or opposite sex and it is as normal as an opposite-sex alliance.

There are some expectations always, from our loved ones, in case of a wedding. But for a same-sex wedding, things might not seem so simple. You might have sleepless nights but believe! Trust your feelings and don’t let any kind of noise hinder your peace. Getting married to the person of same-sex could not be your family’s decision initially, but those who love you will always support you sooner or later. Remember it’s your life and you will celebrate your love at this wedding.

Let me tell you, a different kind of wedding needs a different type of attention. For the same, you need to understand what is different in a gay wedding. Even though the favours are coming from all corners, there are some serious questions to ask for and some serious conclusions to search for.

  1. There is a universal mindset for weddings. There is a bride and the other one is the groom. When it doesn’t go like how it should be, it might create some mood spoil shows.  You need to accept first who you are and what you ever wanted. Understand yourself and be confident about what you do.
  2. Ask yourself; are you ready to face the world? This is some serious concern. Every out of the box decision comes with some different challenges. It is quite not normal but you should be happy, you are turning faces with your unique choices.
  3. You are breaking some traditions, the couples should be aware of it. The world might not offer you love initially, but there is always something better in being different.

Don’t worry! Today in this blog we have decided on an ultimate checklist, to prepare a gay wedding. We understand everything and this is what makes our relationship special.

Choice matters

It is okay if it is same-sex but the choices of an individual might differ. Here to make the wedding preparation gets started, it is prominent for the couple to learn each other’s choice and pour their hint of choices in the preparation. After all, it’s something that the couple waited for a long time.

Wedding Budget

Everything depends on the budget; you need to check your pockets first to get started with your preparations. You should be well aware of the funds that you will require and your priority areas should be focused first. The couples should be mature enough to know, how well a wedding could be done with effective and efficient budget planning.

Say yes, to the click time

You know, what results you want from your actions and they are known as moments when you really enjoy each other in the process. Capture those moments, which you would love to enjoy in the future. Being same-sex couples, the answers to your questions won’t be that obvious. When you think about a photo shoot, you need to pay attention to the poses that display the originality of your affair and affection. It would be completely your choice to decide the type of photoshoot. You can go rustic to romantic it’s your choice just be little prepared for the type of poses you are going to give.

Wedding venue

If you are thinking about a destination wedding in some alien country, you need to study about their law, because there are many countries that are still against same-sex marriages and maybe you need some extra paperwork for the same. And if you are planning to get married in your own country, you still need to make sure to inform your venue owner about same-sex marriage.

What’s with your guest list

Not everybody would conform to your idea of getting married to a same-sex partner. You might not get accepted by your family or friends. This is one of the biggest challenges you would face about whom to call and whom to not. You need to check out your guest list before you think about food or other stuff.

Wedding attire

Well, deciding on what to wear is a very personal choice. It’s your wedding and you can get yourself dressed up as you want. You need to keep in mind, the absence of the opposite sex by your side. You can go in sync with each other or can have that difference celebrated in swag.

Wedding vows

What is the most important thing in a relationship? I call it honesty. Wedding vows are very special and if they are created by you that becomes more special. You might not like to take your partner as your lawful wedded wife or husband. But you can definitely decide one for yourself and exchange every feeling away from the standards made.

Venue decorators

Whenever and whatever, it is most appreciated if you keep the things transparent to your service providers. You should take care of the information that you transfer to your service providers. Venue decoration for the hetero couples is way different than what they will plan for gay couples. It is also important to tell them about the gay wedding because many of the agencies might mind taking up gay wedding projects.

Go gifting

You must have heard about the ring ceremony, gifting rings to each other and promising a bond that has got an ever ending validity. But it doesn’t sound much obvious when it comes to a gay wedding, you might feel awkward exchanging rings like a stereotype bride and groom. I would rather suggest going very candid. Gift something that your partner always strived for. This would make your ceremony more everlasting and mesmerizing.

Think smart music

Accept and be exclusive is what we have got to say. Music in itself is a big challenge that a gay couple might face. But dancing on peppy numbers is one favorite choice of every couple during their wedding. For a same-sex wedding, one needs to be very smart in choosing songs, you cannot go random. Random songs might kill your mood or might make the whole place go awkward.

Bridesmaid and Groomsman

Follow everything, every ritual and why not? You are doing something different but real. Think about bridesmaid and groomsman. Be the partners for life not restricted to what category you belong to.

Wedding day rituals

The wedding day rituals script might not go the same as other straight couples, you might need to flip the script and rethink the same. Here are a few challenges that you need to cut through:

  • The common scene of a bride holding his father’s hand and walking down the aisle is not something that would fit in your case. Your choice, don’t mind the pressure game, either walk down the aisle together or decide who would walk with whom for whom.
  • The important ingredient of any wedding rituals is readings and proceedings. The common is no more common to you; the standard readings might not be suitable for your relationship. No worries customize your own wedding with what your heart wants to speak, rather than expressing something that doesn’t speak your heart and emotions.

Bachelor or Bachelorette party

Engagement to be followed up with a bachelor/ bachelorette party, the idea itself enchants everyone’s ears with fun and great pleasure. This is a must as soon as you get engaged. You might be wondering as to how to throw this party, you might be sharing common friends too. Go party together, be the boss of the night and live your single days to the best.

Something that is good about weddings is, in spite of being so stressful and confusing, the feeling of getting hitched to your darling is at another level. Among the chaos you find peace. But it is more stressful if you are a gay couple. The thought of getting discriminated against, bullied might result in making your wedding feel lose its grace. There are challenges that are of another level if you are a gay couple.

Firstly it might be difficult for you to express it and letting your people know about this. We would suggest having an open talk about your situation, take time and don’t react.

Secondly, if you are engaged, you should be prepared for encountering rejections. Not all wedding planners support this kind of wedding. Be confident and look for the vendors that treat the couple as a couple and not by their sex. Be open about yourself from the very beginning, transparency will be celebrated. You should not always have wrong feelings about vendors, there might be some vendors who would like to take up the same-sex wedding as an experience and enjoyment, whereas some vendors might be very professional and don’t mind about same-sex wedding. Positivity is a must.

Do you know what’s best about having a same-sex wedding? Well, everything. You can have a personalized wedding, with all the rituals customized by you. You can actually go offbeat and do not follow the standard rituals and traditions. You can make your day special and enjoy it like you ever wanted. You can have everything designed and owned by you. The basic idea is to throw away every tension out of the window and making the day exactly as you want to.

Just remember, if getting together was your personal choice, then making the day special with your personal traditions are not to be bothered about. A wedding is all about celebrating your love and happiness of getting your querida in your life for the rest of your life. What matters is how special you feel with your beloved. Whether you plan a grand wedding affair or a small private get together, it is completely your choice but what matters is your bonding with your partner and your promise that you do with all your heart for the rest of your life. React to happiness, it’s your wedding and nobody could take that freedom of choosing your partner from you.

Author Bio:-

Shantanu works as an inbound content marketer at GayCelebrant.Melbourne & has helped develop it to cater to the LGBTIQ Wedding industry since 2018. He has closely worked with Bronte Price to learn the traits of the Australian wedding industry and loves to share his acute observations through blogging, weaving them into a brand story. He also loves to cook, trek, travel, dance and claims to have found his “why” in helping small business owners bloom into established brands.

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Pointers on how to dress as a guest for a gay wedding

We all have that set of friends who host the best parties for the rest of us throughout the year. They make for a wonderful gay couple. They are the ones who help us through times when the other couples in the circle go through their own issues. They have the most infectious smiles and the tightest hugs when we need them most. We cheered for them and partied with them when the government passed the laws allowing them to be married, after a long struggle. We have all laughed and cried along with them. We have seen their bond grow only stronger with time.

The world is becoming much better and richer for lots of countries that have embraced marriage equality, isn’t it? And we all know there’s still lots of work to be done before genuine equality is achieved. As if weddings weren’t good enough, we now have gay weddings to be a part of! They are a little different from straight weddings and are fun-filled, given the untraditional and unique themes they have. Gay weddings are filled with love like any other wedding on the planet. However, the emotions run particularly high when a couple is finally united after fighting a struggle together. These weddings don’t have gendered roles and have a lot of space for creativity, energy and pure joy.

And one fine day our gay friends decide to be together, they decide to get married! Now you want to be the perfect wedding guest but you don’t know how to be. Perhaps you haven’t yet been to a gay wedding. What to expect?

Being a guest at a gay wedding – though extremely fun-filled – is not always an easy task to pull off. If you are a guest at a gay wedding, consider yourself fortunate for the fun time awaiting you. But you have multiple things to think about: your attire and the perfect gift for the gay couple, to name a couple of things. Always make sure you acquaint yourself with the culture and etiquettes revolving around the gay community. This will make you more confident at the wedding and make sure you don’t create any awkwardness for the gay couple.

This particular article is focused on what to wear to a gay wedding as a guest. Wedding attire makes for a very crucial aspect of any gay wedding. This is why it demands a complete Blog to itself.

Here are some pointers on how to dress as a guest to a gay wedding:

1.      Shoes

As the saying goes, shoes can make or break an outfit. They play a very big role in every attire. Though basic, they are the most neglected aspect when people choose to dress up. Always remember that gay individuals are typically the most fashionable among the lot. They have an eye for detail. The “typical” couple would invite the best of their friends from their tribe, making up for a hilarious yet observant and discerning gay gang. You don’t want the coolest gang at the wedding to judge you on your shoes, do you? Besides, gay weddings are known to play the best of sound tracks to encourage their guests to leave their inhibitions and shake a leg. This is what makes it so important to select a pair of shoes that are trending and are extremely comfortable. Investing in a good quality shoe that pairs well with your attire, is an extremely wise choice. Remember don’t buy a brand new pair of shoes before the big event, as you’ll be on your feet for a number of hours. You want to be comfortable. You don’t need to spend a fortune on the latest pair of Jimmy Choos or Zegna boots. A great fitting pair of Oxfords, or a nice fitted heel will speak volumes and your feet will thank you. Try and buy something in a neutral colour tone so you can wear them again. Whilst a pair of shoes can make an outfit, wearing the wrong shoes with the outfit is a no-no, too.  However, these rules can be broken – for example, a suit can be dressed down with a canvas belt and a pair of Converse sneakers. Or match your suit with a great pair of loafers that have a no sock look – you can get invisible appearance socks or at least give your feet a spray with some deodorant to keep them fresh all day

2.      Accessories

Accessories can make or break your stance at gay weddings. I remember some wedding guests just because of the bright yellow clutch they were holding or because of the shiny bow they had paired well with their blue suit. If you are someone who wants to look their best at a gay wedding but doesn’t want to spend a lot, this is your playground. Be smart by investing in any good accessory that you can pair differently. It could be an eye-catching watch, a great bag, a fetching bow tie, subtle but gorgeous lapel pin, or just classy earrings. When done right a good accessory can steal the attention your slightly dull dress doesn’t need. While men can choose from a fabulous leather bag, a stand-out watch etc. Women have many different accessories to choose from. It could be a watch, a hairpin, a clutch, an earring or a statement neckpiece. Always make sure to check which styles are trending at the present and which colours will go with your ensemble.

3.      Finally, your attire or ensemble

Gay weddings are all about drama. But not to the extent where you steal the limelight away from the stars of the day, the couple. This is one of the many basic wedding etiquettes for guests at every kind of wedding. There’s a fine line between being plain bland and being overly dramatic. It’s certainly tricky but you’ve got to do this right to fit in perfectly at the wedding party of your life, don’t you? The outfit needs to be the centre of all your focus and can’t go wrong. You don’t want to be the odd-person out in a party full of good looking and well-dressed people. Gay people are renowned for always being in line with the latest trends. You can always check which trends did well during the last fashion week and which colours were predominant. A velvety violet suit is a serious no-no for a summer wedding at the beach. It will make you and the guests feel extremely uncomfortable; whereas pastels are hard to go wrong with. As a woman, you can choose to wear a simple & elegant dress or a good pair of shirt & smart pants. Remember, gay weddings don’t stick to gendered lines, so go have fun!

Always remember not to overdo or you’ll be remembered as the guy who wore the same suit as the couple or the girl who wore the fluorescent see-through one piece. It’s always wise to check with a gay friend or simply run your plans through the couple before their big day.

Now, on the clothes – this can be a pitfall for many men. You want to dress comfortably and be dressed as if it was effortless. If you’re dressed fussily you will tend to feel self-conscious and not comfortable.  This will carry with you all day – for example, if you’re tugging at a poorly -fitted shirt. You need to first find out the dress code: is it formal., and you don’t have formal wear? If so, hiring is a great option as you’ll be able to find a suit that not only fits your shape but also is cost effective.

Is it neat casual? Then a great pair of Chinos and perhaps a linen jacket with a pair of loafers or again the Converse sneakers will work perfectly – always a comfy look and you will be feeling cool, calm and collected all day. The best advice I can give is “don’t overdo it; be yourself”.  You’re the guest. You’ve been invited as you mean something to the couple. They want you to enjoy the day; much more than they will be caring about what colour socks you have on or how high your stilettos are!

Author Bio – Australia’s Bronte Price is the first ever certified gay celebrant from the continent that now boasts of marriage equality. He is also the co-founder of an Equality Network that caters any LGBT wedding needs by creating a better experience through wedding suppliers. As a member of the GLOBE (Gay and Lesbian Organization for Business and Enterprise), he works tirelessly to empower the LGBT community. His website Gay Celebrant Melbourne is a stunning example of his dedication for celebrancy that unites the power of love. Apart from that, his fiancée Clint and their four-legged fur baby – Bingo are Bronte’s quintessential lifelines. He is also passionate for volunteering as a newsreader at Joy 94.9 and spending time in his organic backyards comes a close second.