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Fun Games for Wedding Receptions


Couples are embracing the fun by including games at their wedding receptions. Games can break the ice and help guests relax. Wedding reception games are designed to get the group involved. Some fun games for wedding receptions can get the group laughing. If you’re looking for ways to make your wedding more fun, you may want to include a wedding reception game.

When should you play a game at a reception? One DJ recommends that there is a game early in the reception. Getting people to laugh towards the beginning of the reception helps to set the mood for the whole reception. It’s important to get guests to feel engaged and have a good time.

The shoe game is becoming a fast favorite among wedding reception activities. For the shoe game, two chairs are placed back to back on the dance floor or other area where they are visible to all the guests. The newlyweds sit on the chair and take off their shoes. They trade one shoe with their spouse so that they each have one shoe belonging to themselves and one of their spouse’s shoes.

A designated speaker or audience ask questions to the couple. It’s fun to see if the answers match of if there is some discrepancy. If you are having a designated speaker, you might want to ask the audience to write suggestions for questions first. The speaker also can have a set of questions ready.

Sample questions include:

Who is the better cook?

Who is smarter?

Who is the better kisser?

Who will be in control of the TV remote?

Another wedding game uses a large wheel that the guests spin. On the wheel, there are activities that the guest needs to do if the wheel stops on that space. The activities are usually silly actions. Musical chairs can be a fun wedding reception game.

Carnival games can be great activities for outdoor receptions. The couple can set up a squirt gun spraying game or ball toss.  Balloon darts can be easily set up by stapling the ends of partially blown up balloons to a white board. Croquet, bean bag tosses, and hola hoops are common outdoor wedding reception activities.

Wedding mad libs can be used at the reception or even before the reception starts. Some couples create RSVP cards that contain mad libs for their wedding invitations. One couple used mad libs for their guest book entries. As for the reception, the mad libs can be a fun activity, but often mad libs are done individually. These can be great for helping people fill in any lag in activities like waiting to be served.

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5 Ways to Make Your Reception More Fun

Receptions are always a fun thing to attend, but there are ways that you can make them even more fun and interactive, allowing your guests to get to know one another if they don’t already, give them a chance to move about the hall or yard and spend some time having fun before sitting down for dinner.

Wedding Mad Libs

Wedding Mad Libs (or Wed-Libs) have been a huge hit recently. Many sites online are offering free templates that you can print off and leave at every place sitting with a pen or pencil for your guests to fill out. Not only are these a great way for your guests to share stories about the bride and groom at the table, but you can keep them and read them afterwards as well.

Ring Toss

Having an outdoor wedding? Have friends and family challenge one another to a ring toss! All you need is a wooden crate, some bottles you can paint with your wedding colors, and some embroidery hoops decorated with ribbon and you have a fun and simple game for everyone of all ages to play.

Oversized Boardgames

These can be played outdoors and indoors if you have the room. You can rent all kinds of games like Connect Four, Jenga, Checkers and even Scrabble from many local game companies that also rent them out for stag and does. When you are putting a stag and doe together, see if they’ll give you a better price for renting more than once.


Wedding Bingo

Another great icebreaker! Get a blank Bingo card and fill it in with conversation starters like “has known the groom more than 5 years” or “was born in June”. Place them at every person’s seat so everyone can start some conversation and have some fun! (And don’t forget to let them know to yell out BINGO!)

The Kissing Game

Don’t want people clinking their spoons against their glasses to make you kiss every ten seconds? Offer the Kissing Game, where you fill a fishbowl with suggestions like “Sing your favourite song” or “get your table to play duck-duck-goose with you”. They have to perform the task successfully or forfeit and try again later. If they are successful, the bride and groom kiss.

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