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Make your wedding truly memorable by adding your own personal touches to it

Wedding planning is one of the most stressful tasks anyone can undertake in their lifetime. There are a zillion details to take care of, and it can overwhelm even the most level-headed bride. This is why most couples choose to go with a wedding planner or delegate part of the wedding planning process to someone, so they can stay sane.

There is no issue with this, as long as you still do your part to make sure your wedding is unique. One of the main problems with delegating party planning and other details is that, it can easily become impersonal. If the weddings in your planner’s portfolio look pretty much the same, this should be what your wedding will also end up like.

As long as you don’t mind having a wedding that people will soon forget all about, it is alright. But, if you want a memorable wedding, which is one that everyone will remember long after the event, you need to inject some personality into your wedding plans. Only then will the memories linger, and you can say that your wedding was a grand success.

Even if you work with a wedding planner, or book an all-inclusive wedding package for your wedding, here are some details that you can focus on and add your own personal touches to.


Personalize your wedding favors

This is one easy way of making sure that your guests will remember your wedding for years. Choose a wedding favor that is representative of the people you are. It could be anything like a traveler’s kit if both of you love traveling, or a CD with your favorite songs if you are avid music fans. Just make sure that it is not just another pretty looking favor that matches the theme of the party, and can be tossed after use. Instead, choose a practical gift that will remind the receiver of the two of you, every time they see it. Personalize it to match the theme of your party, and Voila! You have a gift that makes your wedding all the more memorable.

Involve the guests in an incredibly fun activity

Your wedding is all about you. Nevertheless, make it an exciting and entertaining occasion for your wedding guests, by adding an exciting element to it. This could be an instant photo booth, that ties to the theme of the wedding. Or it could be a variation to the traditional guest signing booth. You could use our petal wishes kit, to have the guests leave their own special message for the couple, and it is likely they will remember spending some time with jotting down a small note for you.

Use your creativity to plan unique additions to your wedding

Think out of the box, and find ideas to inject a unique message into your wedding décor. Display pictures or interesting messages that you can identify with. This is the opportunity to proudly bring forth the traditions of your family, and display it creatively with it. Bring out family heirlooms, add portraits to your décor, or incorporate family dishes into the menu. Some couples choose to even include their furry friends in their ceremony, and even this can be interesting. Just remember to keep it meaningful and well-planned, and you will do it right.

If you want more interesting ideas to make your wedding one-of-a-kind, we suggest you head over to the offbeat bride website, which is chock-full of winning ideas.

Visit us on Best for Bride, and we can help you realize your wedding vision in the most unique and interesting way.

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Bridal Accessories for a Beach Wedding

Is your wedding to be held on a tropical island or a sun-kissed beach with soft golden sand and frothy waves blending into the décor?

The beautiful thing about beach weddings is the casual and fun air about them. Such weddings are both relaxing and exciting at the same time. Since your wedding is a big step away from being a formal event, everything about you—the bride, should be different too.

Your wedding dress choices range from light breezy A-line gowns and mermaid-inspired dresses to short frocks that are more appropriate for the sea and sand. If you don’t want the traditional white gown, you can even go with the current trend of ruffled dresses in light breezy or tactile fabrics. Styles on the runway this year, showcased designs with feathers and extreme embellishments on sheer fabric—ideal ideas for a fun beach wedding.

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Once you choose your wedding dress, it is time to find the accessories to complete your look. Read on to find out more about the choices that will transform you into a beautiful beach bride.

Messy hairdos, beach waves and floral headpieces

Traditional tiaras and veils are absolute no-no’s in a beach wedding. Capture the essence of the natural skies, blue waters and warm sands with headpieces that are casual and fun. A messy hair updo, loose chignon, braids or gentle finger waves would look stunning. Dress up your hairstyle with an oversize bloom, or let your curls loose and opt for a floral headband instead. You could even choose a floral hair clip instead of fresh flowers, but make sure that it looks real and not plastic.


Bangles and bracelets

Not essential, but bangles and bracelets can be superb accessories when chosen well. We prefer the oversize chunky ones that have a rustic charm, instead of ornate and traditional ones. Bracelets made with wood or natural gemstones like quartz, sandstone and turquoise have an unfinished rustic feel and look the best. You can also choose bracelets with nautical charms like anchors, ships and dolphins, or thick bangles with beach-motifs for a simpler choice that gels well with the wedding theme.


Necklace and earrings

If you have chosen a bigger headband, you should go easy with your necklace and earrings, or it would end up looking too cluttered. A chain with a shell or dolphin pendant would be good enough. Consider choosing studs that match your bracelet, or go with pearls for your necklace and earrings for an authentic beach effect.

Peep-toes or beach sandals

Since you cannot consider heels for your wedding, cover your toes gorgeous in a pair of bright peep-toes or practical sandals. Choose embellished sandals to dress up your feet, or pair your choice with an interesting anklet or toe-rings.


Remember to experiment with a variety of accessories, till you find the perfect mix for your wedding day. Make sure you wear your wedding dress along with the rest of the accessories and see how your look comes together, before you head for your wedding destination.

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Planning a Fun Wedding

lounge area
Guest involvement is one way to bring more fun into the wedding. When the guests become engaged in the activity, they are transformed from quiet spectator to feeling like they are part of the big day. Planning a fun wedding isn’t difficult. Here are some ways to turn up the fun by getting guests involved.

When all the guests feel appreciated, they are more relaxed and ready to embrace the event. Some ideas for appreciated guests before the ceremony include serving light cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks before the ceremony and a make your own corsage or boutonniere table. Give guests a chance to mix and mingle before the ceremony. For a corsage and boutonniere table, provide guests with sturdy flowers, ribbon, and easy to follow directions. This is a nice way of showing guests that they are important to you.

Set up a small table at the reception with a board that says, “Plan a Date for the Newlyweds.” Pens and something for guests to write on should be on the table. Some people have used large popsicle sticks for guests to write their ideas and then place them in a mason jar. Another idea is to use cardstock shape cutouts to write on with a decorated box for guests to put their suggestions.

An outdoor reception can be transformed to an art studio for guests to create a masterpiece for the newlyweds. A large canvas can be set up in an outdoor area with balloons attached to the front. The balloons should be partially blown up with a bit of paint inside. When setting this up, the couple should choose colors that work well together and match the room decor where the finished art will be displayed. The guests stand a safe distance away from the canvas and throw darts at the balloons.

Not all guests like to dance. If a guest attends the wedding and doesn’t want to dance, the guest is often left to sit at the table. Give non-dancing guests a comfortable lounge space for enjoying each other’s company rather than sitting at the tables like they are waiting for it to be over. Another option to encourage everyone to get involved is to hire a dance teacher to teach a simple dance to the guests. Then, guests can have fun trying a new dance together.

While many couples are banning social media from their weddings, others are embracing it. Perhaps you don’t want guests tweeting during the ceremony. Set up guidelines for including social media in your special day. By doing so, you are including guests in creating an additional record of the wedding day. Couples start a Twitter or Instagram account for the wedding and give guests the username and password. They post the information on signs encouraging guests to contribute.

A wedding should be a joyous event. Some people seem to forget that it’s okay to have fun at a wedding. Creating a fun environment is one way to make your wedding memorable. For more fun wedding ideas, browse the Best for Bride blog for ideas.

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Funny Wedding Ideas

There is no denying that a wedding is a very serious event. The day is life-changing. The stress building up through the wedding planning process along with trying to make this monumental event be the epitome of perfection can turn the jolliest couple into somber shadows of themselves. It’s time to laugh and remember that weddings can be fun. Yes, really. They can be! Consider these funny wedding ideas to enjoy the day with your guests.

You don’t have to wait for the wedding day to use your sense of humor. You can add a little fun to the RSVP cards. Instead of the standard RSVP, create a mad lib card asking guests to fill in adjectives, adverbs, and exclamations on the card. Don’t forget to include a space for the guest to put how many people will be attending.

There are many ways to create some fun during the ceremony. Instead of having a young girl as a flower girl, include your grandmothers as flower girls. Traditional flower girls or ring bearers can hold signs with a humorous touch. The signs are especially fun if they are written as the children might say such as, “Hurry up! I want cake” or “Last chance to run!”  People often include their pets in the ceremony. A dog might have a small sign that says, “My humans are getting married.”article-2627145-1DC8949600000578-517_634x759

Fun signs can be used in other ways during the ceremony. One couple had a friend hold cue cards during the ceremony to give the audience direction. Keep in mind that such activity is likely to distract the audience from the ceremony. Another option is to have wedding programs that are lighthearted and fun.

While couples love to have romantic photos of the wedding day, some couples also appreciate the funny ones. The bride can stand close to the photographer with the bridal party standing farther away. If the bride holds her dress up a bit and lifts her foot, the resulting image can look like she is getting ready to step on the bridal party. The members of the bridal party can add to the effect by acting if they are afraid of their impending doom. This photo brings new meaning to the word “bridezilla.”

Being funny at the wedding is often the process of not taking ourselves too seriously. One couple decorated their chairs with signs that said “Mr. Right” on his chair and “Mrs. Always Right” on her chair. In addition to having a band or DJ for dance music, why not hire a local comedian for entertainment?

The guests can get involved in creating the humorous touches to the event. They may just need a little help to get the fun started. Some couples create displays that ask for guests’ input such as “What should we name our first child?” or “What marriage advice would you like to share?” Some guests will be very serious with their input while others may approach it with humor. Either way, the finished sign can be fun to read after the wedding.

For some couples, a sense of humor is an important part of their relationship. Sharing laughter at the wedding makes the wedding very personal for them. For more ways to have fun and personalize the wedding experience, browse the Best for Bride blog.