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Make your wedding truly memorable by adding your own personal touches to it

Wedding planning is one of the most stressful tasks anyone can undertake. There are a zillion details to take care of, and it can overwhelm even the most level-headed bride. This is why most couples choose to go with a wedding planner or delegate part of the wedding planning process to someone so they can stay sane.

There is no issue with this as long as you still do your part to ensure your wedding is unique. One of the main problems with delegating party planning and other details is that it can easily become impersonal. If the weddings in your planner’s portfolio look pretty much the same, this should be what your wedding will also end up like.

It is alright if you don’t mind having a wedding that people will soon forget. But, if you want a memorable wedding, which is one that everyone will remember long after the event, you need to inject some personality into your wedding plans. Only then will the memories linger, and you can say that your wedding was a grand success.

Even if you work with a wedding planner or book an all-inclusive wedding package, here are some details you can focus on and add your personal touches to.


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Personalize your wedding favours

This is one easy way to ensure your guests will remember your wedding for years. Choose a wedding favour that is representative of the people you are. It could be anything like a traveller’s kit if both of you love travelling, or a CD with your favourite songs if you are avid music fans. Ensure it is not just another pretty-looking favour that matches the party’s theme and can be tossed after use. Instead, choose a practical gift to remind the receiver of the two of you whenever they see it. Personalize it to match the theme of your party, and Voila! You have a gift that makes your wedding all the more memorable.

Involve the guests in an incredibly fun activity

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Your wedding is all about you. Nevertheless, make it an exciting and entertaining occasion for your wedding guests by adding an exciting element to it. This could be an instant photo booth that ties to the theme of the wedding. Or it could be a variation to the traditional guest signing booth. You could use our petal wishes kit to have the guests leave their special message for the couple, and they will likely remember spending some time with jotting down a small note for you.

Use your creativity to plan unique additions to your wedding

Think out of the box, and find ideas to inject a unique message into your wedding décor. Display pictures or interesting messages that you can identify with. This is the opportunity to proudly bring forth your family’s traditions, and display it creatively with it. Bring out family heirlooms, add portraits to your décor, or incorporate family dishes into the menu. Some couples choose to even include their furry friends in their ceremony, and even this can be interesting. Just remember to keep it meaningful and well-planned, and you will do it right.

If you want more interesting ideas to make your wedding one-of-a-kind, we suggest you head over to the offbeat bride website, which is chock-full of winning ideas.

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3 thoughts on “Make your wedding truly memorable by adding your own personal touches to it

  1. In addition, plan to hire a wedding Officiant who will work with each couple to create a unique, personal and memorable wedding ceremony that will be long remembered after the cake is eaten!

  2. I like to see the custom touches of the couple at the wedding. It really means they put some time into planning the wedding and that is a great thing!

  3. We added a lot of personal touches to our wedding and the guests loved that!

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