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Planning a Fun Wedding

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Guest involvement is one way to bring more fun into the wedding. When the guests become engaged in the activity, they are transformed from quiet spectator to feeling like they are part of the big day. Planning a fun wedding isn’t difficult. Here are some ways to turn up the fun by getting guests involved.

When all the guests feel appreciated, they are more relaxed and ready to embrace the event. Some ideas for appreciated guests before the ceremony include serving light cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks before the ceremony and a make your own corsage or boutonniere table. Give guests a chance to mix and mingle before the ceremony. For a corsage and boutonniere table, provide guests with sturdy flowers, ribbon, and easy to follow directions. This is a nice way of showing guests that they are important to you.

Set up a small table at the reception with a board that says, “Plan a Date for the Newlyweds.” Pens and something for guests to write on should be on the table. Some people have used large popsicle sticks for guests to write their ideas and then place them in a mason jar. Another idea is to use cardstock shape cutouts to write on with a decorated box for guests to put their suggestions.

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An outdoor reception can be transformed to an art studio for guests to create a masterpiece for the newlyweds. A large canvas can be set up in an outdoor area with balloons attached to the front. The balloons should be partially blown up with a bit of paint inside. When setting this up, the couple should choose colors that work well together and match the room decor where the finished art will be displayed. The guests stand a safe distance away from the canvas and throw darts at the balloons.

Not all guests like to dance. If a guest attends the wedding and doesn’t want to dance, the guest is often left to sit at the table. Give non-dancing guests a comfortable lounge space for enjoying each other’s company rather than sitting at the tables like they are waiting for it to be over. Another option to encourage everyone to get involved is to hire a dance teacher to teach a simple dance to the guests. Then, guests can have fun trying a new dance together.

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While many couples are banning social media from their weddings, others are embracing it. Perhaps you don’t want guests tweeting during the ceremony. Set up guidelines for including social media in your special day. By doing so, you are including guests in creating an additional record of the wedding day. Couples start a Twitter or Instagram account for the wedding and give guests the username and password. They post the information on signs encouraging guests to contribute.

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A wedding should be a joyous event. Some people seem to forget that it’s okay to have fun at a wedding. Creating a fun environment is one way to make your wedding memorable. For more fun wedding ideas, browse the Best for Bride blog for ideas.

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  1. I was at a wedding one time where there was a dance floor separate from where the reception was, but for those that did not want to dance but observe, they were not able to sit anywhere.

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