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There is no denying that a wedding is a very serious event. The day is life-changing. The stress building up through the wedding planning process along with trying to make this monumental event be the epitome of perfection can turn the jolliest couple into somber shadows of themselves. It’s time to laugh and remember that weddings can be fun. Yes, really. They can be! Consider these funny wedding ideas to enjoy the day with your guests.

You don’t have to wait for the wedding day to use your sense of humor. You can add a little fun to the RSVP cards. Instead of the standard RSVP, create a mad lib card asking guests to fill in adjectives, adverbs, and exclamations on the card. Don’t forget to include a space for the guest to put how many people will be attending.

There are many ways to create some fun during the ceremony. Instead of having a young girl as a flower girl, include your grandmothers as flower girls. Traditional flower girls or ring bearers can hold signs with a humorous touch. The signs are especially fun if they are written as the children might say such as, “Hurry up! I want cake” or “Last chance to run!”  People often include their pets in the ceremony. A dog might have a small sign that says, “My humans are getting married.”article-2627145-1DC8949600000578-517_634x759

Fun signs can be used in other ways during the ceremony. One couple had a friend hold cue cards during the ceremony to give the audience direction. Keep in mind that such activity is likely to distract the audience from the ceremony. Another option is to have wedding programs that are lighthearted and fun.

While couples love to have romantic photos of the wedding day, some couples also appreciate the funny ones. The bride can stand close to the photographer with the bridal party standing farther away. If the bride holds her dress up a bit and lifts her foot, the resulting image can look like she is getting ready to step on the bridal party. The members of the bridal party can add to the effect by acting if they are afraid of their impending doom. This photo brings new meaning to the word “bridezilla.”

Being funny at the wedding is often the process of not taking ourselves too seriously. One couple decorated their chairs with signs that said “Mr. Right” on his chair and “Mrs. Always Right” on her chair. In addition to having a band or DJ for dance music, why not hire a local comedian for entertainment?

The guests can get involved in creating the humorous touches to the event. They may just need a little help to get the fun started. Some couples create displays that ask for guests’ input such as “What should we name our first child?” or “What marriage advice would you like to share?” Some guests will be very serious with their input while others may approach it with humor. Either way, the finished sign can be fun to read after the wedding.

For some couples, a sense of humor is an important part of their relationship. Sharing laughter at the wedding makes the wedding very personal for them. For more ways to have fun and personalize the wedding experience, browse the Best for Bride blog.

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