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Alternatives to Open Bar Receptions


Not every bride is interested in having an open bar at their reception. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fun alternative. Open bars are expensive and they can easily put your budget over the top. Instead of going for one of these lavish affairs, try out one of these options that are budget friendly. With the dangers that alcohol places on drivers, you will also be keeping your guests safe as well.

Juice Bar

Another fun option is a juice bar. With this, you can offer different types of juices and flavors for your guests to choose from. Offering a sparkling water option to mix with the juices can also be a fun way for guests to enjoy the bar. You can also offer water, coffee, milk and soda as well so that everyone will have something that they enjoy drinking.

Coffee Bar


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Coffee is one thing that many people have in common. Instead of serving alcohol, try this option instead. You can offer different types of coffee along with special flavors and things that people can add to their coffee, like special creamers. Don’t forget about the kids that will be attending as well and add a hot chocolate option for them to enjoy.


Punch has long been a staple for parties and other events. You can easily make a punch that matches the colors of your wedding and display it in a pretty punch bowl. Don’t worry about buying a punch bowl that is large enough for all your guests, because you will be able to rent one from a part supply store. Just make sure that you have plenty to restock he punch bowl as it becomes empty.

Alcohol Options


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For those who are still wanting to offer alcoholic beverages at their wedding, but do not want the expense of an open bar, there are many things that you can do. For example, you can only offer champagne when it comes time for the toasts. Another great idea is to only have the bar open during certain times of the reception.

You can also have a limit that your guests can consume from the bar. For example, you can give guests tickets that they can turn in for drinks or only allow alcohol to be served until a certain price is reached. Another option is to have signature drinks to choose from and if your guests want something different, they must pay for it themselves.


There are many options that couples can use to replace an open bar at a wedding. While many couples choose to have an open bar at their weddings, they are definitely not a requirement and you should never feel obligated to offer one to your guests. Instead, you should choose an option that fits with your budget and wedding style.

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2 thoughts on “Alternatives to Open Bar Receptions

  1. I believe my husband and I had an open bar for the first 3 hours. Then after that it was cash bar. Coffee bars great too!!

  2. This has always been a concern for us. We do not want a bunch of drunk people driving away from our reception, so we decided to keep things to a minimum and only off drinks in limited manner with most of them being juices and healthy options.

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