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Most Popular Wedding Styles

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Have you been bombarded with different wedding style trends and were not really clear about what they mean? From vintage to rustic chic, wedding styles that reflect a particular decorating theme are becoming all the rage. However, many of the terms get confusing. What’s the difference between retro and vintage? Is rustic chic and country the same thing? These wedding style definitions may help clear up some of the confusion.

Classical vs. Romantic

While these terms are often confused, there are some distinct differences. Classical weddings are described as timeless. The classical style can be defined as simple elegance. Classical weddings are generally very formal and sophisticated. Romantic style is characterized by flowery or flowing fabrics, lace, and floral accents. Romantic styles can have a storybook feel or be reminiscent of an English garden.

Shabby Chic, Rustic Chic, and Country

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The shabby chic style is characterized by including worn, well-used items. This can be furniture with distressed wood. The items may be new but made to have an aged appearance. Country style describes the use of items that are typically thought of to be used in a country setting. The style is simple, down home, rugged, and useful rather than decorative. A country wedding may also be held at an outdoor country venue like a barn or orchard. Accents relating to farm life might be including in a country wedding.

Rustic chic combines the decorative with natural and country items. For example, a weathered wooden table partially covered in lace would be an example of rustic chic. It’s common for those who want to emulate the rustic chic style to combine things like mason jars, dried flowers, worn wood, and burlap with roses, lace, strings of pearls, and draped white fabric.

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Retro vs. Vintage

Vintage and retro are two terms that are often used interchangeably. In fact, many businesses such as antique stores may have their own definitions of what is retro and what is vintage. One store classifies everyone made before 1960 as vintage. They call things made in the past but after 1960 retro. Another retailer calls anything before 1950 “antique” and anything made after that is called “vintage.” So, as you can see there are different opinions about the uses of these words.

A Retro wedding might highlight a particular period of time in the past such as a 1960s theme. A vintage wedding could display antiques and old-fashioned dishes. Other wedding styles like rustic chic and classical weddings include vintage or antique accents. The way the bride and groom define their wedding is completely up to them.

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I hope you find these definitions helpful in learning about the different wedding styles. For more tips about wedding decor, please browse the Best for Bride blog. There you will find helpful descriptions about reception decor, centerpieces, and wedding themes.

3 thoughts on “Most Popular Wedding Styles

  1. We are going to go with a retro wedding. We both think it would be very romantic and now I just have to find a dress that fits that occasion.

  2. Romantic all the way. Small, country-like and romantic, that is all I care about!

  3. I want a country wedding and so does he. That keeps things simple, now we just have to agree on everything else 🙂

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